Volunteers required for Muslim Interfaith Network

Just in from Jack. Think I should apply?

Islamic Council of Victoria

Shiite women demo near Sydney Harbour bridge….

We are seeking volunteers from both sexes. Persons interested in joining the Muslim Interfaith Network are encouraged to send an email with a short description of themselves to admin@icv.org.au

Any positions for unbelievers available or is it another discriminatory Mohammedan da’awa effort?

Well, look no further:

Who’s behind it:

This programme is organised by the Centre for Dialogue in association with the Islamic Council of Victoria and with the support of the Government of Victoria and the Commonwealth of Australia through the Regional Communities Outreach Programme of DFAT.

The government of Australia & La Trobe university financing, aiding & abetting the Islamization of Australia with taxpayers money? WTF is going on?

2 thoughts on “Volunteers required for Muslim Interfaith Network”

  1. * WTF is going on?

    The fulfilment of prophecy concerning the rise of a false and bloodthirsty religious system, totally opposed to Christianity, and determined to destroy it. “Interfaith dialogue” today; blood-letting tomorrow, once people have been “educated” that (eg) Judaism, Christianity and islam are all “Abrahamic faiths” worshipping the same god (and similar lies). See Revelation 17.

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