10 thoughts on “Wacademia Nutz”

  1. * Richard Littlejohn explains how the diversity Nazis have ruined our town halls …

    Will he be censured by the Press Council for telling the truth?


    [THE UK’s press watchdog has censured a journalist’s blog for the first time because it breached the rules on accuracy.

    Sky News reported journalist Rod Liddle caused controversy when he used his blog on the Spectator magazine’s website to blame young black men for the bulk of violent crime in London.]

  2. Associate Professor Barbara Baird, head of Flinders University’s Women’s Studies Department, appears from her/his/…whatever profile page to have taken his/ her/…whatever studies to heart.

    Yep! That’s queer enough for me.

  3. This one apparently isn’t a leg-pull – instead of smoking a Camel, they could puffing on a Porky:


    Cigarettes could contain pig’s blood
    30 Mar, 2010 04:33 PM

    Cigarettes may contain traces of pig’s blood, an Australian academic says with a warning that religious groups could find its undisclosed presence “very offensive”. […]

  4. I feel Sick!!
    What Academic’s saw fit to award this creature from the sexual misfits lagoon a Professorship?????
    If my kids came home telling me this was their new lecturer (letcherer?) then I would have no choice but A) to kill this demon from Hell, or B) just find a Real University.
    Flinders always was a bit of a joke in the Queer Capital of Australia (my apologies to all the normal, G-d fearing people in SA)!!
    Hell is sure gonna be an interesting place for those bent on going there!
    For me, I will take the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – not an Ishmael nor it’s “wild donkey’s) to be seen!!
    AP Baird, forget you makeup, it is Sunburn Cream you are going to need!!
    Hiya to The Sheik!! I need to have a frosty Margarita after that as recommended by my friend Scooter!!

  5. إلى الأبد سحب ساقك Out of curiosity what does ‘إلى الأبد سحب ساقك ‘ mean?
    I have tried to translate it on ‘google’ and end up on many varied websites with not a clue as to where to apply it.

  6. LOL. Thanks Mullah.

    إلى الأبد سحب ساقك LOL. Vewwy cwevver, indeed!

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