We got mail!



“anticult”  has been inundating us with hatred for Jews & Christians all morning. “anticult” appears to be a Mohammedan parasite in the UK where kafirs generously take care of his needs…. (jiziya)

Here’s a small selection of anticult’s hate mail:

How very convenient for the supporters of inciters of hatred. Someone who spews racism and ignorant brutal 21st century imperialism is a journalist and is a brave person and someone to admire etc.
So what is all this about freedom of speech, democracy etc that the west sings about so much. It was the west who gagged the rest of the world with their grandiose butchery and barbarity so now the west finds another grandiose imperialism of 21st century and that is attack the culture, tradition and religion of those with rich resources so we can once again ripe them off?
Fallaci a journalist?
Really ?
Only a Cepu graduate with one exam one Euro would call Fallaci barbarity and racism a piece of journalism!

She spewed rotten cancerous mentality of bigots, mass murderers, serial killers, rapist and the psychopaths in the houses of western governments who are now at work in Palestine, Irak, Afghanistan, Somalia and the Muslim world.

Is it any wonder that she finds the likes of Butiglione her admirer.

What short memories the admirers of vile bestial barbarity have. Why is a western terrorist like Fallaci someone to admire and those in Palestine and the rest of Muslim world defending their right to democracy, their land, their culture, their tradition and their way of life a terrorist?

Italy has journalists? Where were these journalists when Guzzanti was being gagged alla Viva Zapatero.
Who cared about freedom of speech & journalism?
With 11,000 family members working in RAI; Mr Grillo calls mentana a journalist to admire. While showing the Italian contingent’s barbaric repulsive conduct on his ridiculous program Matrix, this Mentana asked Rula Jabreal not to say who stopped her from showing the film made by “Italian soldiers occupying Irak, Nassiriya, the butchery with Pink Floyd noise for the entertainment of their families”.The idiot Rula Jabreal – I want to be loved by the viewers, obliged.
This will certainly get Sig. Grillo an invitation from the Veltroni gang.

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The same poster also posted this:


Submitted on 2010/03/26 at 1:12am

*bible -*John 8/44

*U jews belong to ur father the devil*

*QUESTION what a devil jew breed???*

*ANSWER more deviljew LOL!!*

*IS THERE a better witness than Jesus?*

*WHAT IS BETTER AN APE or bacon or the devil ?*

on “Only a Madman Would Think Jews, the Brothers of Apes & Pigs, Are Human…”

Submitted on 2010/03/26 at 1:07am

oy sheikyermami you jewish propaganda won’t make you keep Palestine jew boy

Submitted on 2010/03/26 at 1:05am


you are still stuck in the mud ya virmin jew

Once again, anticult aka jewsAREsatan proves that Islam stifles mental growth. How did this bugger sneak into the UK?

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  1. And they left thinking they did their ‘good deed’ and hope their scales are balanced for the day.

    islam is a sickness of the mind and soul.

  2. “How did this bugger sneak into the UK?

    I think ol Gordy may have given him a lift in his personal limo, this lot are being invited en masse and have been ever since labour got in, no sneaking required!

    There are thousands like this in the UK, in fact I was working in a warehouse when news of the 7/7 bombings broke, and we had three muslim employees, two of which came strutting about the warehouse with great big smirks on their mugs saying: “you lot deserved it, ya know”.

    Complaints were made, but no action was taken… except against those who made the complaints… go figure?!?

  3. “…Muslim world defending their right to democracy…”
    They have democracy? Who knew?

    Sharia and democracy are like oil and water,,poor uneducated bastard!
    Doesn’t even understand his own religion,,,like most of them.

  4. Sheik,
    can you send me the rest of anticults emails – I would like to pass them onto some folks.

  5. If we are virmin jews then what does that make him?
    He is centuries, in thought, behind us. Would we classify the Islamic “b@stard” as an amoeba? A paramecium? A single-celled creature living in the ancient muck never to advance with the rest of civilization?
    Why? Because he still abides by a 1400 yr-old ideology, created from the mind of a psychopath, that forces him to live the way he does, and he can’t escape it but only through apostasy and a possible death fatwa.

    I feel for this lowly creature that lives in the darkness. If only he could see the light of day. Perhaps then there could be peace on earth.
    But it will never happen because he has been brainwashed, with hatred towards Christians, Jews and any non-believers of his cult, from birth.

  6. This guy is someone who needs direction, who desperately needs the simple things in life explained to him. Unless, of course, he feels that living 1400 years in the past has some sort of appeal.

    Walid Shoebat had a similar attitude to this moron, but check out his (Walid’s) web page:- http://www.shoebat.com/

    It’d be a nice thought if this guy could do the same, but I doubt if he has the intelligence…

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