Weird Reporting: Not a Word About Islam or Muslims….

Woman stabbed to death at Adelaide Convention Centre function

H/T Mullah

A WOMAN allegedly murdered by her husband at the Adelaide Convention Centre last night had taken out a domestic violence restraining order against him.

He alleged the attack was witnessed by “many people” at the event – and the accused was detained by security guards at the centre until police arrived.

The attack was witnessed by “many people” and yet is only “alleged?”

His wife was taken to the Royal Adelaide Hospital but died a short time later.

The Convention Centre was locked down as police gathered details from witnesses. Police are also checking to see if the stabbing was captured on security cameras.

The couple have three children – two in their 20s and a 12-year-old.

Farhad Noori, spokesman for the Persian Association, said the function had been a celebration of peace and that violence was “condemned”.   Sure. We all kill for peace and condemn it afterwards, its quite normal….

“Certainly we’d like to condemn any act of violence to anyone, particularly in the domestic situation,” he said.

(Could we at least mention the possibility of an honor killing?)

Victim Support Services chief executive Michael Dawson said while there would always be exceptions, domestic violence restraining orders were effective when put in place properly and monitored adequately.

Police had implemented new protocols and strategies to deal with orders and were much more proactive now than previously, he said.

“There are still examples of restraining orders being broken, but sadly that will always be the case given the nature of offenders breaching their order,” he said.

Domestic violence expert Dr Charmaine Power said that, for many, such orders could be an effective deterrent.

“The problem with a restraining order is that a person actually has to breach it before action can be taken,” she said.

“With these people who are so determined nothing is going to stop them”.

Ya think?

8 thoughts on “Weird Reporting: Not a Word About Islam or Muslims….”

  1. I have a suspicion the “alleged” perp might be Afghani (“non-Persian”) – will try & follow him up with the variant of Zia Abrahimzadeh (?).
    Media Release:

    The Persian Cultural Association of South Australia is disturbed by the tragic loss of life last Sunday the 21st of March at the Adelaide Convention Centre.
    During the New Year’s celebrations of International day of Nowruz, a traditional time of reconciliation and peace making, a non-Persian individual is alleged to have stabbed his estranged wife.

  2. The Persian folks I know in Oz are great people (yes there are good muslims) so I suspect that this is just an islamic looser, Let us know what you find out.

  3. Mark,
    There was a description and the description fitted the leb muslim thugs that live in the region. I will see if I can find it again.

  4. Sheik.
    can we get an ip address for the twit that calls itself John. Please cross check across several posts to see if the same IP has been used.

  5. Iranians define themselves as Persians. Persia as a country no longer exists although many Iranians still privately practice their pre islamic beliefs.

  6. Not a part of Islam. How long will the Pathological Altruist elite keep their jackboot of ‘Freedom of Religion’ on the neck of reason by allowing this foundation text of hate against Other particularly women to continue to be allowed in civilized society?

    How many more bodies how many sold sex-slaves sacrificed to a failed human construct ‘Freedom of Religion’ which Islam never signed onto at all anyway.

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