Who is leading the United States these days? The Muslim Brotherhood?

Shawarma Mayor

In what parallel universe is building homes for Jews in Jerusalem an insult to the USA?!

First CNN puts it mildly:

Clinton calls Israeli announcement of new settlements insulting

Then Reuters elaborates on the tone Clinton is taking when talking to the prime minister of a sovereign friendly nation:

Clinton berates Netanyahu over settlements

In an election year, the Obama administration bets that the rest of the nation has been sitting with him listening to Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farahan at church for the last 22 years. Is it too much to think the stance Biden, Clinton and Obama are taking is borderline antisemitism?

Pic thanks to barenakedislam

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  1. I am not sure who you are but will say this….If anyone put a photo like the one you have above about MY President you would be rioting. While we all should be allowed to agree or disagree that photo of MY President is offensive and very disrespectful. We should all try to be civil and again – you crossed the line on that one. Shame on you!

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