Whole lotta global warming going on…. or maybe not….

Tim Blair reports:

Mighty storminess across Melbourne:

Roads were blanketed in ice so thick it looked like snow.

Cars were forced to a halt in the city centre.

Emergency services were in meltdown.

Reports of damage started flooding in from across the city, including caved-in roofs. Early reports were that Etihad Stadium’s roof had partially collapsed.

Highpoint shopping centre was evacuated.

A car was reportedly stuck under a bridge on Kensington Rd, Ascot Vale. The West Gate Freeway on-off ramps were in gridlock.

Most train and tram services were cut off.

At Flemington racecourse there were reports that a champion horse had been spooked by the storm and broken its neck. The Super Saturday meeting was abandoned.

The 3pm AFL NAB Cup game between Brisbane and Geelong at Visy Park was cancelled.

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Kangaroos fighting clowns?  Someone has to fight them. Its all happening. In Texas!

3 thoughts on “Whole lotta global warming going on…. or maybe not….”

  1. The true effects of global warming are finally beginning to show. This week the EU proposed an across the board tax of £15 per ton for carbon emissions. Considering that the total supposed carbon emissions in Europe are about 5 billion tons per year, that gives those sycophantic pigs in the trough another £75 billion a year to play with.

  2. This is to all those who believe in global warming. If you believe in fairies, fairies believe in you. There is no such thing as global warming. This was the brainchild of a few aspiring, ambitious men who set about to earn a lot of money in the shortest possible way. The people who fell for this lie are the biggest suckers alive.

  3. Huddie,
    There is such a thing as Global warming. However, we can do little againt it because , firstly, we are not even close to understanding the causes. I agree in principal about how the funding has been used, but to claim global warming does not exist is quite wrong.

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