Yusuf, the bedrock of civilized society

Yusuf is disturbed.

Disturbed by “police attacks on other new Australian communities such as Afghans”.

Because he cares. They are his Muslim brothers, you see.  Yusuf is caring and compassionate when it comes to that:

“… disturbing stuff. Citizens should be treated as individuals in a liberall (sic) democracy, not lumped together and mistreated based on personal characteristics beyond their control. Allegations of police racism and brutality also undermine the rule of law which forms a bedrock of any civilised society.”

But here’s the good news: fearful of thunderbolts & lightning, Yusuf braves the elements and takes “a break out of his break” to disabuse us about “racism” against Africans. And then, after  a  deep sigh,  his heart goes out to Afghans as well, as we can see here... but Yusuf never tells us why they are here, or why he’s so sure that they are citizens…

Why did they come to Oz, Yusuf? To become Australians?

Right. Here:

Yusuf discovers “a great few lines” by atheist slimeball Richard Dawkins, which seem to please him enormously:

“I don’t think we should go out of our way to insult Islam because it doesn’t do any good to get your head cut off,” he continued. “But we should always say that I may refrain from publishing a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed, but it’s because I fear you. Don’t for one moment think it’s because I respect you.”

Enough Dhimmi for ya, Yusuf?

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  1. Mr Bennet, the slime bag left-wing creep, has been arrested after his thugs and their muslim allies tried to instigate violence against the Brits during a demonstration in Bolton.

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