Zakat: Jihad With Money

Muslim Groups Urge Obama to “Remove Legal Hurdles” that Prevent Funding…Jihad

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It’s been almost a year since Obama committed to, and Muslims requested, making the Islamic pillar of zakat easier for Muslims in the U.S. And Obama’s Muslim constituency is losing patience.

Now that they got their man in the White House, Muslims demand that he delivers:

Zakat, as we’ve documented numerous times already, is intended to fund jihad, and Islamic charities have been proven to fund jihad. In fact, the duty of jihad is linked to zakat – or what Obama and Muslim groups in America call charitable giving.

Zakat, however, is not charitable giving in the Western sense. If it were, there are thousands of charities that accept donations and no special exemptions or change in law ordered by the president would be required. Yet, as Raymond Ibrahim pointed out in Why Muslim Charities Fund Jihad, “There is scholarly consensus (ijma`) that zakat cannot be given to non-Muslims.”

Anti-American groups in the U.S. like Viva Palestina openly raise money on U.S. college campuses for terrorist, Hamas-controlled Gaza. Code Pink has done the same in Massachusetts. Muslim groups in the U.S. advertise that they are collecting money via Paypal, and through online fundraisers. Non-U.S. websites, terrorists included, do the same.

Muslims have also received detailed instructions from the IRS and Better Business Bureau on how to donate money without the FBI finding out. The ACLU, joined by a dozen “charities,” successfully challenged a requirement to check employees and expenditures ‘against several government watch lists for “terrorist activities.”’

How much more obvious can it be, and how much easier do Muslims want it to be? Do they want direct deposits to Hamas and other Islamic “charities” automatically deducted from their paychecks?

via Muslim Groups Urge Obama to Ease Giving Restrictions – The Chronicle of Philanthropy:

More than 20 American Muslim charities sent a letter to President Barack Obama this week urging him to move forward on a pledge he announced in Cairo last year to make it easier for Muslims to give.

The charities said that many Muslim donors are still afraid to support charities because they worry about attracting scrutiny from law enforcement. Complex laws about how to provide aid overseas, as well as the surveillance and prosecutions of some Muslim nonprofit groups, have curbed lawful, well-intentioned nonprofit activities, the charities wrote.

Signatories to the letter included local and national organizations such as American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, the Center for Arab American Philanthropy, the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California, and Muslim Advocates.

The charities noted that June will mark the one-year anniversary of Mr. Obama’s speech in Egypt, in which he said he was “committed to working with American Muslims to ensure that they can fulfill zakat,” or their religious obligation to give.

“As the one-year anniversary of your historic commitment to protect religious freedom and charitable giving approaches, it is our sincere hope that you will take concrete steps to remove legal hurdles that have chilled well-intentioned American Muslim charitable activities for too long,” the organizations wrote in the letter.

The same groups who wrote the letter now have members dictating U.S. policy in the Department of Homeland Security, and also forced the TSA to exempt Muslims from going through airport scanners!

So, while Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder work on removing those legal “hurdles,” it’s only fair that Americans understand what zakat, disguised as “charitable giving,” really means.

From Yousef al-Qaradawi, “Fiqh az-Zakat: A Comparative Study,” spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood (a group that calls for the destruction of America but whom Obama requested attend his Cairo speech, and met with in the White House):

“The most important form of jihad today is serious, purposefully organized work to rebuild Islamic society and state and to implement the Islamic way of life in the political, cultural and economic domains. This is certainly most deserving of zakat.

A former Muslim chaplain at George Washington University, whom Obama has greenlighted assassinating, refers to Islamic schools of jurisprudence to clarify that Islamic zakat funds jihad:

Muslim Groups Urge Obama to “Remove Legal Hurdles” that Prevent Funding…Jihad