Alabama, Rednecks & other KRuddish Stupidity…

Australia’s disgraceful,  incompetent parvenu  in charge apologizes, kind of:

“The Prime Minister has no doubt that Alabama is a wonderful state and is sure the people of Alabama will see the comments as nothing more than a light-hearted joke.”

So Alabama is a  “wonderful state”  and the rednecks will forgive him for being stoopid?


“I’m going to go to the zoo and punch a kangaroo in protest,” one reader emailed the Alabama The Birmingham News .

US state of Alabama sees red on Rudd retort

Joe Kelly/The Australian

One thought on “Alabama, Rednecks & other KRuddish Stupidity…”

  1. Yeah, well, what more can I say?

    KRudd’s a dickhead, and this sort of reaction is to be (unfortunately) expected…

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