Antwerp: "Islam is a completely intolerant system"

Update from Antwerp: Lecture shouted down by radical Muslims

Islam in Europe

An Update from this:

Dutch author and notorious critic of Islam, Benno Barnard, gave a lecture last night titled: “The Islam Debate: Long Live God, Down with Allah!”. It was part of a series of lectures about the Enlightenment, organized by the secularists in Antwerp University. Several radical Muslim organizations called beforehand via websites to come to the hall and disturb the lecture.

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When the lecture began at 8pm, forty Muslims were among the public. The organizer of the lecture tried to get them to change their mind, but once Barnard began his speech, the youth stood up and started shouting. “I barely said a few words, and the leader stood up and shouted ‘[you] don’t make fun of Allah’,” says Bernard. “Afterward he and his followers started shouting ‘Allah Akbar’, and stormed the podium. If I hadn’t had bodyguards, I wouldn’t be able to talk to you now.”

Several police-agents in plainclothes were present in the hall and quickly intervened. Twenty rioters were escorted out, but nobody was detained.

Rector Alain Verschoren of the University of Antwerp regrets the incident. “It bothers me greatly that they stopped the lecture after just two minutes. Those youth didn’t even listen what the lecture was about. That can only mean that they were either afraid of the contents or that they didn’t want to hear the contents.”

The website of the radical organization Sharia4belgium took issue particularly with the title of the lecture. “The title is yet another slap in the face of the Muslim community,” it said. Rector Verschoren tones it down: “The lecture indeed had a provoking title, but I think that extreme views should be allowed. As long as there’s a possibility for an answer and discussion something like this is allowed at a pluralist institution like the UA.”

Barnard himself was unhappy about the incident: “Isn’t it appalling that an intellectual wants to give a lecture in the year 2010, and needs police protection? Actually, this is my best lecture ever. This incident shows what I’ve been trying to make clear for years: that the Islam is a completely intolerant system.”

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9 thoughts on “Antwerp: "Islam is a completely intolerant system"”

  1. I believe that a lawsuit is in order against Islamic intolerence.
    Why hasn’t anyone launched a lawsuit?
    Given a crack team of lawyers I am sure we could come up with a perfect case against Islamic “apartheid policy”.
    If I were a lawyer I would gratefully devote my time for free.
    Of course I would probably have to have suicidal tendencies to take the case. LOL

  2. OT, but who might be responsible for firebombing & shooting at buses in Tremblay-en-France, one of the “cités sensibles” around Paris.

    France, another of Europe’s failing states.

  3. The piece ends with “nobody was arrested.”

    That’s the thing that should be addressed first and foremost. For that islo-morons will try to disrupt such a speech is inevitable. Whenever some unpopular leader/politician comes to a country, the police are out in force to protect him against the opinions of the citizens of that country (“Hu Jintao met with angry protesters shouting “Free Tibet” – 25 arrested” “Mugabe’s wife’s shopping spree stopped by demonstrators – 17 arrested” etc)

    Why is it suddenly not the duty of the police to stop people from disrupting a lawful lecture? Based on what we’ve seen happening in Europe over the last few years, if it was indigenous Belgian residents protesting against some imam’s hate speech in the mosque, I think they’d be hauled in front of the magistrate post-haste.

    The citizens of Belgium should be really pissed off and “protest peacefully” outside every police station – it could be themselves not being allowed to speak (or walk somewhere, or be) by islamo-thugs next time.

    1. Keep an eye on Spain, cecilie.

      Even after the Madrid train-bombing Zapatero’s police arrested very few, let many loose, gave amnesty to a million illegal invaders and generally looks the other way when Mohammedans are involved. Zapatero came to power because the ruling party at the time was too cowardly to call a spade a spade.

      The Socialists are even bigger cowards, but have sadly been elected because they told Spaniards that jihad terror was caused by being involved in Iraq, that fighting jihad terror causes…. more jihad terror, that its all our fault etc., you know the drill…

  4. I think we should bomb all the mosques in Europe … see what the muslim extremists will do then ?

  5. One thing more … I have been brought up as a christian. Let’s see if this works. I escape from my country and go and live in a Muslim country and I DEMAND a church to be built so I could go and pray …. I think the Muslims will kill me where I stand… so how come that Muslims invade Christian countries and DEMAND everything to be changed to their Islam traditions, if not they bomb the place ! … so who is fair and tolerant …. ? Allah ? don’t think so … what a joke … if we do the same things that the Muslims are doing in their countries, we will be stoned to death ! Hypocrits !!!!

  6. K, why are you surprised? Look at it this way, you invite a total stranger into your home and soon enough this person discovers and takes full advantage of your weaknesses. He’s now in your bedroom about to violate your wife … would you let him? I would think not and instead would seek to EXPEL by any means available to you.

    I am afraid the Western world has succumbed and is facilitating this very same type of abuse to go on.

  7. What the muslims did in Antwerp is exactly the same as what the
    nazi’s did in Germany in the 1930’s shouting down the opposition
    in their own gatherings. it shows the facism within islamic circles,
    their intolerance lack of intelectual honesty, bias and lack of
    spiritual freedom (the one who serves sin is a slave to sin).
    Barnard’s mistake was to put “long live God, away with allah”
    which should have been “long live YHWH away with ALL false gods”.
    God,allah and elohim are only titles, not the Name.

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