Australia Checking Its Tax Laws to Ensure They Don’t Offend The Koran…

Words fail me.  What do you call the MF’s who sell the country down the gurgler for 30 pieces of silver….?

Our friend Aussie from Aussie News & Views doesn’t hold back: Australian’s don’t give a RATS ARSE who or what offends Lu Kewen’s new best friends Terror Manual, the Koran.

H/T ZIP, By Malcolm Farr/Daily Telegraph

AUSTRALIA will check our tax laws to ensure they don’t offend the Koran and prevent our access to the $1 trillion Islamic financial market.

The toughest restrictions are linked to Islamic law, or Sharia, which prohibits the payment of interest, known as riba, and bar investment in gambling and alcohol products.

However, the most complex issue relates to finding compatibility between Western tax systems, which concentrate on the details of a transaction, and Islamic “instruments’ which looks at the “economic substance” and can have another outcome.

At stake is the vast network of  the Islamic banking and insurance market worth almost $1 trillion and calculated to soon expand to reach $5 trillion.

“Accessing this major source of capital could assist Australian businesses to diversify their funding base in the future,” Corporate Law Minister Chris Bowen said.

Assistant Treasurer Nick Sherry yesterday announced the launch of the tax law review during a visit to the United Arab Emirates.

“This is not about special treatment or concessions for Islamic finance or its providers, but about ensuring that our system doesn’t unfairly disadvantage or preclude such instruments and, in doing so, deprive Australia of capital, jobs and growth,” Senator Sherry said.

“Islamic finance is a rapidly growing part of the global financial system and Australia is in an excellent position capitalise on that growth, but we have to identify if our tax system doesn’t unnecessarily prevent that from happening.”

The review will be conducted by the Board of Taxation.

6 thoughts on “Australia Checking Its Tax Laws to Ensure They Don’t Offend The Koran…”

  1. Surely they should be forced to accept the countries system of doing things?
    I am just so sick of al this religious BS.

  2. Why don’t they check if us real Aussies are offended by the taxation we’re forced to pay to keep these illegals fed & clothed?

  3. Muslims are bleeding our country dry. As they now run the illegal drug trade in our country and have the biggest “grass houses” in our country our government has capitulated to these thieves and murderers. Last Sunday, on the most “Holy” day in the Australian Calendar Anzac Day where we honour our war dead, Muslims youths threw rubbish all over a war memorial swung on the flag pole and broke it in half. These are some of the nasty horrible actions these people do every day in Sydney. Besides this many of them have pack raped our young women. They break all the norms of society, and they can get away with it. They rip off our social security system and when it was bought to the attention of our government – they did nothing. We have collectively had enough. But our government will not listen. If Muslims dont like it please go home.

    Of course they wont and why – because they never had it so good and we have never had politicians so stupid and corrupt

  4. Agreed Theresa, and this is why the politicians have to be brought in front of the people and forced to accept their responsibility.

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