Australia: "Colorful Language" Worse Than Crime

Andrew Bolt:

Andrew Bolt:

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Rights shock: poor crook is called a crook

Janet Albrechtsen nails it:

A FUNNY thing happened in the nation’s capital recently. ACT Supreme Court judge Richard Refshauge ordered the release of Gim Em Moh, a convicted criminal, after finding that the sentencing magistrate had failed to treat Moh with the “inherent dignity” he deserved as a human being under the ACT Human Rights Act.

Moh pleaded guilty to using fake credit cards and a fake driver’s licence to buy electronic goods. In sentencing Moh, a Malaysian national, to six months’ jail, magistrate Grant Lalor said that Moh “was turned loose to burgle the stores of Canberra with false credit cards” and “turned loose to rape and pillage the stores of Canberra”.

Refshauge ordered Moh’s release, claiming that sentencing obligations had not been met, and chastised the magistrate for his “exaggerated and extreme language”. The judge said “anyone deprived of liberty must be treated with humanity and respect for the inherent dignity of the human person”. What was Lalor thinking when he said a fraudster and thief had behaved like a fraudster and thief? Moh must have fallen about laughing as he left Canberra not so much a convicted criminal as a victim of a human rights breach.

However, the real joke is on Refshauge. By treating colourful language as a breach of Moh’s rights, the judge has unwittingly delivered a useful sermon, not on the inherent dignity of human beings but on the inherent folly of a human rights act.

Refshauge has demonstrated the irresistible seduction that happens when judges are given the chance to impose their personal preferences using a list of ambiguously worded “human rights”.

Beware Kevin Rudd’s plan for a human rights charter.

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  1. The sooner they are turfed out the better. Make KRudd a one-term PM like Americans are going to make Obama a 1/2 term POTUS!

  2. Does anyone think KRudd will get back in? There are political analysts who believe the PM Brown will return to lead Britain down the tube.
    So I suppose KRudd could also be allowed back in. After all, he’s got enough Mushtards and lefties to vote for him.

  3. Difficult – I would say he still has the majority on his side. It may well be that the ALP runs a second term.

  4. Indonesia advertises that easy access is available to Australia for a fixed sum of money. Indonesia takes the money and simple headed Krudd goes across to bambam offering him a billion dollars to keep them there. A double whammy for Indonesia any way you look at it. Third world countries can see it, but, good old Krudd has his head so far up his own behind that he seems oblivious to the bleeding obvious. This will be the major issue and his waterloo in the next elections and he WILL go into the forgotten sunset, where all morons belong.

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