Between a rock & a hard place…

French polygamous butcher, said to have beaten his wives and locked away children, forcing them to learn the Koran, is now being sued by Muslim group for saying mistresses allowed in Islam

Thanks to Islamization Watch

Should have paid the small burqa driving fine, it would have been about the same as he could get for a side of lamb, in his butchery.


His aim was to challenge the French system ~ but because of people power the system  challenged  him. He also likes to visit Pakistan, and has appeared on the terror suspect radar after a visit to London ~ all while keeping several women, each collecting money from the state as single mothers to his 12 children.

There are also some serious charges of abuse that have arisen. Abuse and beatings of  pregnant women. He is now suing one of the ex-wives/mistresses for defamation for speaking out on her blog! Some of the women are reported to have converted to Islam.

In an article published Wednesday in the newspaper Le Monde, the Minister Brice Hortefeux said he was ” ready to go all the way “” I will not give the advocates of political correctness, still prefer to say nothing, nothing do not think anything, to take any risk.”    Read more…

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  1. * Minister Brice Hortefeux said he was ” ready to go all the way “”

    France has pretty well “gone all the way” (in the colloquial sense) with its muslim invader lover – much like Britain – both are … stuffed.

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