Brother Tariq's America Tour: "There is only one Islam"

Julia Duin from WaPo gushes:

Tariq Ramadan, the Swiss-born Islamic scholar snake who was just allowed into the United States after a six-year ban instituted by the Bush administration, told American Muslims on Tuesday to get involved with all sectors of American society, instead of being “obsessed” with whether they’re considered terrorists.

“It was a silly decision of the Bush administration to prevent me from entering the country for ideological reasons…”

He used the recent debate over health care reform as an area where Muslims could have stepped up, saying it’s time they came up with a “new applied ethics [that] is rooted in Islamic tradition.”

Rooted ethics? Islamic tradition?  Health care reform? WTF?  Do Islamic countries do health care or reform?

Pamela rips him a new one:

The Abysmal Failure of Tariq Ramadan’s Propaganda Tour

Stealth jhadist nonpareil Tariq Ramadan’s books are not selling at all, despite the onslaught of press he’s been getting — coupled with the extra PR support from a freelance publicist that the ACLU hired for him on his whirlwind tour of America. Not to mention  the tacit support of the jihadist in the White House. His publisher seems to think that this is all well and good and that Oxford should continue to shell out money to schlep him across the US. I think they are fools.

He’s a subversive scumbag who seeks to destroy all that is good in the West. Remember, he despises you.

Robert has this: Tariq Ramadan manages simultaneously to deny and affirm that he’s a stealth jihadist

But somehow, the truth seeps out: The long and foggy war

Tariq Ramadan, a Swiss-born academic last week told The Washington Post that jihad “has nothing to do with holy war. … Where you are trying to resist bad temptations and reform yourself with good aspirations that you have, this is a jihad of the self.”

What makes this lie so brazen — the Post did not think to question it — is Ramadan is the grandson of Hassan al-Banna, who in 1928 founded the Muslim Brotherhood.

Al-Banna himself stated clearly the Qur’an and other Islamic doctrines “summon people … to jihad, to warfare, to the armed forces, and all means of land and sea fighting.” In addition: The Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood is Hamas. Among Hamas’ founders was Sheikh Abdullah Azzam, who also was Osama bin Laden’s mentor. As Andy McCarthy relates in “Willful Blindness,” Azzam “galvanized Muslims worldwide with his call to jihad — traditional, unreservedly violent jihad.”

None of this should be surprising. What is: the obstinate naivete, the determined ignorance, the continuing willful blindness of so many of our political and media leaders in the face of the 21st century’s most daunting and deadly threat.

Clifford May/American Republican

3 thoughts on “Brother Tariq's America Tour: "There is only one Islam"”

  1. If someone was to enshrine paedophilia,barbarism and generally being a c.nt , frame a religion round it, it’s name would be Islam.

  2. Posted by Dumbles:

    I will share now something very striking that I have just come across in the comments field to an online article that Mr Fitzgerald flagged over at New English Review.

    The article itself, which may be read here

    was a hostile review of a book about Tariq Ramadan.

    But in the comments field, which you will find if you scroll down to the end of the article, the second comment stood out, and I will reproduce it here, because the story it tells, the testimony it contains, about Islam, especially Persian Islam, deserves to be spread far and wide.

    2. ellenhunt – May 24, 2010 at 12:00 pm

    ‘There is no point in asking people like Tariq Ramadan to “explain” themselves. All anyone will get is lies.

    ‘He is a man who is following the letter of islam. Islam instructs to lie to infidels, to deceive in the cause of conquest.

    ‘That is what Ramadan is doing. Ramadan is working on the conquest of the nations of the western world from within.

    {Now comes the part I want everybody here to read, and re-read, slowly and attentively; and as you read, bear in mind all those glowing testimonials about lovely Sheikh Leghaei and his ‘interfaith’ efforts and his ‘community’ work, and all the rest of it – dda}. 

    ‘Many years ago I was talking with a Zoroastrian refugee from Iran who fled the Khomeni’s revolution.

    ‘I made some silly remark the exact content of which I don’t even remember.

    ‘But I will never forget his response. He sat back, is eyes widened, and he stared at me saying,

    ‘”You do not understand. These men are incredibly dangerous. You have no idea how dangerous. You cannot imagine it. **You cannot imagine what they are capable of while smiling at you** {my emphasis – dda}.”

    ‘He did not raise his voice, but the intensity with which he spoke gave it more power.

    ‘He spoke to me after that for about 10 minutes **warning me about the way these men walk and speak with total self-assurance, apparently normal, kind, honorable, soft spoken** {my emphasis – dda}.

    ‘And he told me what they did.

    ‘He told me how they calmly ordered the slaughter and of neighbors.

    ‘**He told me how they lied for years, pretending to be friends and then betrayed those friends to their deaths** {my emphasis – dda}.

    ‘He told me how in their minds, because they are fanatics, they never have any qualms or human feelings about it.

    ‘To them, if a person is not a muslim, they are nothing.

    ‘To them, if a person is not a good muslim (fundamentalist, following to the letter) then they are a heretic.

    ‘He asked me to never forget what he said because he had seen it.

    ‘I had some contacts with such people later.

    ‘When I refused to convert after one of them worked on me, he told me calmly that he would kill me on the battlefield.

    ‘I also remember reading the description of the behavior of the 9-11 hijackers given by the people who used a cell phone before the plane went down in PA.

    ‘The hijackers were very polite, smiling, apologetic to the passengers.

    ‘Tariq Ramadan is a man to be feared. He is exactly the kind of incredibly dangerous man that the Iranian refugee warned me about.

    ‘He is exactly the kind of man I met later.

    ‘This is not a game.

    ‘He has one purpose here in the west. He has the goal of destroying our society and everything we believe in. He has the goal of replacing it with Sharia and fundamentalist islam.

    ‘That means that you, anyone who is not a muslim, are to be killed, or utterly subjugated. 

    ‘Do not be taken in by his pleasant manner, by his atmosphere of certainty. Know where it comes from. Understand him.

    ‘He is so much farther into fundamentalism than the most notorious southern baptist that you who read my words here cannot imagine it.

    ‘ I know this. I could not have imagined it. He is a fanatic, and a liar extraordinaire because of his fanaticism.’ END.

    I read this description of Tariq Ramadan, as connected by the poster with the words of the Zoroastrian refugee from Iran who had warned and instructed her, and I thought at once of dear sweet Sheikh Leghaei whose Christian ‘inter-faith’ friends were so distressed when hard-hearted ASIO and the hard-hearted government, put him on that plane back to Iran, with his wife.

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