Disturbing Views

UK Leader of the opposition:


Nick Clegg  promotes  “Joyful Call” to murder unbelievers….

THE Lib Dem leader is in favour of mosques being able to broadcast calls to prayer from loudspeakers in towns and cities across Britain.

Daily Express

“White man’s burden”

He says the Islamic “muezzin” cry should be allowed to ring out just like Christian church bells. He described it as “a joyful thing”, and British people have “a more insidious cross to bear than Germany over the Second World War”.

His remarks emerged yesterday as another gaffe, just hours after he was exposed as saying British people have “a more insidious cross to bear than Germany over the ­Second World War”.


Mr Clegg spoke out two years ago after the Bishop of Rochester, Dr Michael Nazir-Ali, told of a “creeping”Islamification of Britain.

He also admitted that he was not a practising Christian. Tory MP Mark Pritchard said his views were “disturbing” for “someone who seeks to lead a country based on Judaeo-Christian principles”.

9 thoughts on “Disturbing Views”

  1. I am now 70 years old, and served my country for 9 years for what so Glegg can cosey up to a bunch of Muslims. Glegg you plonker.

  2. the muezzin cry
    come and worship the holy paedophile
    lets legalise sex with nine year old girls
    stone women to death in public for sport
    judicial limb amputation
    learn how to hate and murder
    how to kill the infidel
    how to live for free at the taxpayers expense
    how to be a mysogenistic woman beater
    Nick Clegg gets my vote (for dhimmiwit of the month)
    come to britain and kill the locals at the taxpayers expense
    thank you for protecting your citizens you democratically elected traitor

  3. What a moron..the bnp leaders said in this TV speech he said what his party would not do , not what they would do . Apparently, he has said elsewhere that he would grant citizenship to all illegals.
    I can’t believe that this is the first televised leaders debate in the UK…..this kind of thing has been a big influenece here for years. The other leaders must have been ill prepared. Clegg seemed to use a lot more hand gestures which probably works on telly.

  4. The photo is a classic with all these babboons smelling each others arses.
    Clegg, fall and break a leg, you imbecile, you traitor to the land of heroes past and present. Clegg obviously wants to be the next PM by hook or by crook and he is approaching it from the crooks side, the muslims.

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