Feelings hurt: "French muslims [sic] feel stigmatized in veil row…"

Shocker: French Muslims complain of feeling “stigmatized” after woman fined for driving with vision obscured by niqab

The rules of “rock-paper-scissors” are more grounded in reality: here, hurt feelings trump safety behind the wheel. Indeed, this case is so much like others in which practices in the Muslim world, or by Muslims who continue those practices in the West: You can’t criticize without apologists claiming the problem does not really exist even as it stares them in the face, and if you do, you cannot possibly have any motive other than bilious, seething hatred.

‘The muslims of Nantes… are worried by this systematic stigmatisation which goes against the values of the Republic,’ the collective of Nantes mosques said in a statement.

There may be a certain urgency here to deflect attention from the practice of polygamy — that could be an entirely new proverbial can of worms, alongside the ongoing issue of the niqab. And there’s no better diversionary tactic than claiming victim status as loudly and as often as possible.

An update on this story. “French muslims [sic] feel stigmatised in veil row,” from RTÉ News, April 25/via JW

Comedy Gold From Bunglawussi Watch:

French government continues to incite Islamophobia over veil

Resisting Islam causes wars and the infidels are responsible for them….

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Resistance is useless:

The Bristol Evening Post draws our attention to yet another bigoted anti-mosque campaign on Facebook, this one entitled “No we do not want a mosque in Barton Hill“.

Flicks are not doing their job, les Muselmanes complain:

Gunshots fired at French mosque

Mohamed Moussaoui, president of an umbrella organization of French Muslim groups, says the incident deserves more attention. He says media have instead focused on the case of a Muslim man accused of having several wives. How inconsiderate! Don’t they know what their priorities are to be? Straits Times, 26 April 2010

4 thoughts on “Feelings hurt: "French muslims [sic] feel stigmatized in veil row…"”

  1. Muslims,
    You live in OUR countries. Your rapist prophet and your mindless god allah (dogs piss on both of them) play NO role whatsoever in OUR countries. If you cannot accept that you can leave.

  2. It’s only one wife (and three mistresses), and muslims in France are respectful of laws …

    * Man accused of polygamy in France fights back

    [A French muslim man accused by the government of practicing polygamy insisted on Monday that he had only one wife and several mistresses, and was not breaking French law.]


  3. The difference is that a mistress can, and more then likely will, change her lover. I dont’ think a muslima has that option of leaving her ‘unofficial’ husband. Well, she may have, but the chance of survival is slim.
    The lesson here is that a Muslim may pretend to be just like us , but that is merely camouflage. It applies in all manner of dealings with a Muslim.

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