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Pauline Hanson won’t sell home to a Muslim

Former One Nation leader Pauline Hanson is back in the headlines after saying she will not sell her house to a Muslim.

  • AN IPSWICH Islamic leader has dismissed Pauline Hanson’s anti-Muslim comments as a blatant publicity stunt to sell her Coleyville home.   Islamic Society of Ipswich vice president Jemele Deen said Ms Hanson was desperate to cash in and sell the $2.15 million property. More

Once Again, the Lame Stream Media beats up the pariah they love to hate. The comments reflect the ignorance of  many Australians re  Islam….

FORMER One Nation leader, Pauline Hanson, has issued a warning to any Muslims or overseas Asians that may be looking to purchase her home: don’t even bother.

The controversial Ms Hanson, famed for her anti-immigration policies and mistrust of multiculturalism, made the statements in an interview with the Seven Network’s Sunrise this morning.

The 55-year-old gave the program a tour of her multi-million dollar home at Coleyville, southwest of Brisbane, which she is currently trying to sell and spoke candidly about her plans for the future.

GALLERY: Hanson’s house for sale

But while her property is on the market, Ms Hanson made it clear not everyone was welcome to make an offer.

“I have no intentions of selling my home to a Muslim,” she told Sunrise.

“I don’t believe they are compatible with our way of life, our culture and I think we are going to have problems in this country further down the track.”

Ms Hanson said she would also not contemplate selling her home to “an Asian who lives in another country”.

“To an Australian who is of Asian background: no problems whatsoever,” she said.

The former MP also revealed she wants Tony Abbott to be the next Australian Prime Minister in the interview.

Ms Hanson is selling her property with plans to relocate indefinitely to Britain.

Her racial views come just days after it was revealed Ms Hanson was held by immigration officials in New Zealand on a recent hiking trip and asked to explain her jail time as “Australia’s first political prisoner”.

Ms Hanson has struggled to shake the spotlight and accusations of being a racist since entering federal parliament in 1996 with the warning “we are in danger of being swamped by Asians” that she delivered in her maiden speech.

During a television interview that same year, in which Ms Hanson was asked if she was xenophobic, she famously asked the journalist to “please explain”.

Last year, she made an unsuccessful tilt for the Queensland state seat of Beaudesert as an independent before revealing to Woman’s Day her plans to move overseas.

“I’ve really had enough,” Ms Hanson told the magazine last year.

“I want peace in my life. I want contentment, and that’s what I’m aiming for.

“It’s pretty much goodbye forever.”

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  1. I was never a “Hansonite”, but I do agree with Pauline, in that she can choose to whom she wants to sell her home. We all have this right. What is the pity is that so many people who hate Islam, accept their money. You don’t have to deal with them at all. Who would even want to take money from these evil people. It is tainted with the blood of others.

    Good on you Pauline Hanson for taking this stand. I wish you would come back to Australian politics. You are the only person who has ever stood up for our country. You had the courage to say out loud what we are all thinking. Right now you country needs you more than it ever did before. Don’t leave us please Pauline. You are the lone voice who can speak for us now. If you knew my story you would listen to me. My story is one of many who have been told to shut up or risk death.

    Our country has come to this. Come to any Sydney Suburb and get a seat here, and you will have a landslide victory. Our suburbs are being run by these murderous bastards. We cannot take much more. No one will listen to us. But, we know they will listen to you.

    I have many skills and I would work for you for free if you run.
    Come on Pauline, give it a go. For Australia

  2. “She doesn’t seem to realize that there is no place to run to anymore.”

    You got that right, Abdullah.

    Whatever she is chasing, she won’t find it over there.

  3. She is probably just trying to make a point. All the muzzies and commies have to do is send in a useful idiot – maybe that priest in the previous article I read – and buy the property and hand it over to them in the end. useful idiots seem to be plentiful in Australia. I know two and both are Christian and both are about as stupid as the priest who said ‘allahu akbar’.

  4. Good point Sheik, but she may be a catalyst to inspire some normal UK person to get up and kick the PC government out of office. The level of dissatisfaction with Null Labor bowing to every muslim request is ascending rather rapidly – it is the reason for the significant expenditure on “sensitivity training programs” instigated by the PC mafia. But you can only keep the lid on a boiling kettle for so long if you don’t damp out the fire that is driving the whole process.

  5. My relatives and friends in the UK, tell me they are living in a hell on earth. They have no rights at all, compared to the Pakistan people. They come in by container load illegally from Pakistan and Romania. The Romanian women suffer terribly at the hands of Russian Mafia. Normally put into prostitution on arrival. They are afraid to speak. Anyone found talking will suffer a fate worse than death or death itself.

    I have been told the same thing about my fate. So, Australia is in the same risk bracket only most Australians do not understand their danger. Every country needs to get behind those politicians brave enough to stand up for a stop of immigration from all and any Islamic countries. Geert Wilders, is one. He was once prevented from entering the UK because he had no PC credentials. What a load of codswhallop. They should be following his lead. They will soon. People will only take so much and then God help those who come to bomb and destroy and to ruin the lives of women and children. They are not welcome.

  6. LOL! Alot of our comments being those “I’m not racist but…”, which doesnt make sense because if youre gonna be racist, give people a heads up so that they know to not take an idiot seriously.
    Anyways, yes, i am glad she is leaving (i’m in hope her example will set other racist Aussies to get out). But her leaving for a country which is (sometimes controversial on its racism) is actually more open to immigrants than AU is hypocritical, its stupid! (what you’d expect though :)). Why is she so mean to asians/muslims? I have asian and middle eastern friends, theyre like brothers and sisters to me, and her attitudes towards my “friends” hurt me as much as it hurts them, even more so, seeing someone so “white” can give other “white” people a bad name. 🙁 SO! What do you do when someone threatens your family?>You get them back!
    @Therese: You are just as bad as rotten old cheese. I hope a “white” person bombs your place.
    BTW> Why did the British treat Indians so well in UK!? UM duur, learn your history, they had connections until the british left India 50 years ago. Gosh! Indian food tastes the best, of course they had to bring them over!

  7. Jenny May (This is probably not your real name),
    Lean a bit of history, learn some current affairs, learn to analyse the guff that muslims speak, and learn that we do not have infinite resources. We cannot look after the problems of the world. The most significant muslim contribution to Sydney is now crime – this is not a racist observation .- it is a fact!! Because of people like the idiotic do-gooders, a large group of lebanese muslims were allowed into this country and they were allowed to build their own closed communities. This happened because spineless and stupid politicians listened to people who understood nothing but felt that nothing was worth standing up for. Ask your muslim friends how you would be treated, as a western woman, in their society. We can easily provide more than enough evidence which would show that you would be beaten, jailed of killed if you behaved like a normal person in many muslim countries – not all, but most! Then post their answer back on this site. You might actually learn something from this exercise. I lived in Sri Lanka during two of the 5/6 “little” conflicts that have happened. The vast majority of tamil assylum seekers are young, male and almost certainly have questionable backgrounds (their age means that they are likely to be trained terrorists). I DO NOT WANT THESE PEOPLE IN UNLESS I KNOW MY COMMUNITY IS SAFE. The same goes for muslims!!! I DO NOT WANT THESE PEOPLE HERE IF MY COMMUNITY IS DAMAGED. If you have a problem with that I invite you to live in Saudi Arabia Hanson is merely stating these points, although not particularly eloquently.

    By your language you are NOT Australian. And if you think Indian food tastes the best then your culinary experiences are rather limited. BTW Indian now have a major problem with muslims, and most non-muslim indians I speak to want the muslims removed. Your “peaceful” muslims are not peacful at all, and I suspect that you know this very well.

  8. Commenting adversely on muslims is NOT-RACIST!! Please tell me what race islam is. I/We will continue to be harsh on islam as long as it remains a violent and backward philosophy based on the mumblings of an arab murderer and child molester. One simply cannot be kinder.

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