Happy ANZAC Day!

G-d Bless Our Fighting Men & Destroy Our Enemies!

PC is killing us:

UK: Politically Correct Reporting Reaches New Heights of Absurdity @ Rochdale Observer:  “Man was attacked by a gang of eight”

Fartwa Worthy Moe-toons

First results:

Shem’s Moe comes complete with Kalashnikov & rocket launcher

Everybody Draw Mohammed Day



If you’re on Twitter, give these guys a follow. And let me know if there are more Mohammatars of distinction.

Click here for more NewsReal Blog coverage of the Islamist threats against South Park’s creators, Comedy Central’s reaction, and of course, Everybody Draw Mohammed Day.

First Annual Everybody Draw Mohammad Day

Mullah’s links:

Via Dan Savage’s blog at The Stranger, some clever chappie (I don’t know who) has declared May 20, 2010 “Everybody Draw Mohammad Day,” in support of Matt Stone and Trey Parker and in opposition to religious thuggery. Why May 20? I haven’t a clue, though it could have something to do with Otto ascending the throne of Greece. Or, more likely, King Sancho IV of Castile’s founding of the Study of General Schools of Alcalá. reason has more>>

CAIR: RevolutionMuslim.com May be ‘Anti-Muslim Conspiracy’…


….Ibrahim Hooper, a spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, characterized Revolution Muslim as a loosely-organized group with such outrageous beliefs he believes it may be a “setup” to smear Islam.

“They say wild and irresponsible things periodically,” Hooper told FoxNews.com. “There’s a strong suspicion that they’re merely a setup to make Muslims and Islam look bad. They say such wild and crazy things that you have to wonder.” (Ya think?)

Fibbi blames da Joooozzzz….

An atheist who left leaflets mocking Jesus Christ, Islam and the Pope in an international airport’s prayer room has been given an Asbo.

Harry Taylor, 59, left home made posters at Liverpool John Lennon Airport three times in November and December 2008.  The self-styled philosopher denied three counts of causing religiously aggravated harassment, alarm or distress but was convicted in less than an hour by a unanimous jury.


Al Reuters Promotes Freedom Sack:

Most French want burqa law, but not total ban /Just another BS poll….

TROP Links:

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