Immigration Jihad

An update on yesterday’s story of a driving burqa-momma who was one of four wives of an Algerian imam on welfare. The realization of  widespread exploitation of the welfare system enraged Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux:

“I would appreciate it, should these factors prove true, if you could study whether this individual could be stripped of the French nationality,” Hortefeux said, addressing Immigration Minister Eric Besson.

This abuse and the systematic invasion of the dar-al harb to exploit the wealth of non-Muslims is widespread, if not the rule. Socialist governments all over Europe have  extended unsustainable  benefits on Mohammedan invaders in order to get their (block-) vote and to ensure their political survival. A strategy, which is more like collective suicide.

The Brits have taken this suicidal madness to  breathtaking  hights:

Labour wanted mass immigration to make UK more multicultural, says former adviser

Labour threw open Britain’s borders to mass immigration to help socially engineer a “truly multicultural” country, a former Government adviser has revealed. Telegraph UK

The command to emigrate in Islam: Al-Hijra: The Islamic Doctrine of Immigration

Al-Hijra: The Islamic Doctrine of Immigration – Accepting Freedom or imposing Islam? By Sam Solomon & E Al Maqdisi

The Hijra: Little do they realize that this strategic pattern of demands is part of an insidious, 1,400-year-old proscription for Muslims that originates in the Koran and the Sunnah, the deeds of Mohammed. It is the Hijra or doctrine of immigration. Modeled by Mohammed’s migration from Mecca to Medina, this immigration is not to a romanticized melting pot wherein newcomers gratefully search for opportunities for a better life in liberty and freely offer their talents and loyalty to benefit their new homeland. This is immigration for Islamic expansionism employing ethnic separatism to gain special status and privileges within the host country. Hijra is immigration designed to subvert and subdue non-Muslim societies and pave the way for eventual, total Islamization.In their compelling book, “Modern Day Trojan Horse: The Islamic Doctrine of Immigration,” authors Sam Solomon, a former professor of shari’ah law and convert to Christianity, and Elias Al Maqdisi, an expert on Islamic teachings, explain the migration of Muslims to the Dar-al-Harb, the “land of war,” as a religious edict with a basis in Islamic doctrine. They delineate the step-by-step process of this 1,400-year-old strategy of conquest. It is a transitional strategy which they characterize as the most important step in spreading Islam and preparing for jihad. From their carefully delineated treatise on Hijra, it is clear that migration in concert with military conquest comprise the bookends of Islamic expansionism.

Solomon and Al Maqdisi review the phases of the Hijra and its juristic or legal basis in Islamic doctrine. Under the cover of taquiya or deception, the step-by-step methodology of the migration process is designed to subdue, then, subjugate the host culture, culminating in implementation of shari’ah law.

The beginning phase of Islamization usually includes activities pivotal to building a physical presence. It consists of public calls to prayer; founding of schools, libraries and research centers; and the teaching of Arabic — actions that appear to be reasonable and respectable infrastructure requirements necessary to support the presence of a faith. At this point in the Hijra, it is permissible for Muslims to engage in haram, or forbidden actions, out of necessity to establish and empower the umma or Muslim community. Koranic rules such as the prohibition against friendships with infidels are suspended while the objectives of future Islamization are systematically put into place. In its initial phase, the Hijra passes scrutiny by the West whose citizens erroneously view the migration as mainly economic — a pilgrimagefor a better life.

Solomon and Maqdisi examine the comprehensive strategy that begins with the establishment of the umma or Muslim community. The mosque becomes the locus of power, a strategic base and the center of all activities. They explain how in this embryonic phase, a top priority is the scouting for new arrivals to expand and empower the existing Muslim community. Muslim leaders offer solicitous assistance and helpful suggestions for schools, housing, mosque worship, halal markets and other services to ingratiate themselves with new arrivals and bring them into the local Muslim community. Agents of local mosques, ever alert for new immigrants and potential converts, engage in subtle forms of indoctrination and police local Muslims.

7 thoughts on “Immigration Jihad”

  1. Once the immigration agents and refugee agencies have facilitated their entry, there is more work for “diversity officers” to ensure they are given a head start in industries unfortunate enough to hire them.

  2. Not.

    The social workers and welfare distributers are only there to make them comfy.

    They know already that les muselmans cannot be bothered with profanities like getting a job…..

  3. They’ve “museled” their way into the taxi and securuity industries.

    “Diversity event” in Adelaide:

    Eye lost in Adelaide nightclub stiletto attack

    [The victim, who would give only her first name, Tash, has described how she thought she was going to be killed as up to four women of African descent bashed her in what she maintains was an unprovoked attack in the early hours of March 21.]

  4. If they are not quelled and if the Western countries don’t refuse entry to all Islams, they will bankrupt us and make us more vulnerable and then when we are on our knees, will take over.

    They use our laws and our way of life against us. We cannot go to their countries and do as we like. We cant go there and get social security payments for ourselves and our children. We cant go to their lands and protest in the street and put up signs that offend the host country.

    This is only a taste of what will follow in the future if we don’t stop these people RIGHT NOW. Or do we wait for another 9/11? I fear this will be the case.

    Even now, and in my own personal experience, they cannot be found. If they owe us money – they become unknown and you cannot break into their enclaves. They are hording weapons in a country that does not allow ownership of guns. Not only guns but big time explosives. They run the stolen car rackets, drugs, prostitution, paedophilia – within their own families, any filthy act imaginable they are into it. I know this from a personal experience. However, our rulers, politicians and police are not even remotely interested in knowing about it.

  5. Racial discrimination, political correctness and all such poppycock should and must be thrown out of window when either dealing with or even discussing these scumbags. They are square pegs in a round hole and are incapable of assimilating in our society. Governments are faced with the most enjoyable duty and that is cleaning out the garbage before they get booted out of office. The entire western world is allowing these blood sucking leeches to exploit the system and live work free with more perks than the Queen.

  6. Theresa,
    Then perhaps it is time we start sending our elected representatives a message – do your homework, then drag them in front of the population and question them. And if they don’t answer correctly – tear them to pieces. eg- How much is immigration really costing us? And many of the people who read here can help in the formulation of a solid answer. We should be using this resource to identity problems ie whether e.g. mass immigration has failed, finding solutions, and then dragging the respective politicans through the coals. We live in a democracy – it is about time that we started using this advantage.

  7. Hopefully we will see a paradigm shift in Holland in the June elections.

    The Dutch experience is coming our way – different ethnic groups but the same hate driven ideology.

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