Indonesia: Thousands of enraged Muslims attack Christian center, destroy cars, burn buildings

Why? There were rumors that the Christians were going to build a church. Sharia forbids Christians to build new churches or repair old ones. “West Java, thousands of Islamic extremists attack a Christian center,” by Mathias Hariyadi for AsiaNews, April 28 (thanks to JW):

Jakarta (AsiaNews) – Thousands of Muslim extremists attacked a Christian educational center in Bogor regency, West Java province, Indonesia. The toll from yesterday’s attack is three destroyed cars and several buildings damaged or burnt. The wrath of fundamentalists was unleashed, and encouraged by the local Council of Ulema (MUI), by unsubstantiated rumours that the Christian community BKP Penabur were planning “to build a place of worship” within the complex.

But the burning churches of Indonesia do not stop Australia’s Socialist progressive PM KRudd to send another Rp 1,1 billion to Indonesia, for Islamic schools and schools in remote areas. “Not only for religious studies but also for general knowledge…” according to this article here. (Australia also funds mosques to the tune of hundreds of millions in Indonesia, in the hope that they will produce “moderate Muslims…”)

Catholic Schools do better, isn’t it strange?

Targeted attacks against the Christian community continue in the regency of Bogor, coupled with the impotence of the Indonesian authorities unable to stop the violence with a religious background. Yesterday morning, thousands of Islamic extremists attacked and set fire to the center of the Foundation Penabur BPK, despite the garrison erected earlier by hundreds of police.

The fundamentalists destroyed and burned three cars a part of the 10 buildings that make up the whole Christian complex. The Muslims anger was spurred on by rumours that the leaders of the foundation wanted to construct a chapel. The rumours were groundless, but were enough to ignite minds and incite the crowd. Local sources, on condition of anonymity, tell AsiaNews that the attackers were “people from the neighbouring sub-districts Cisaura and Ciawi. One detail that, in reality, shows the attacks were well orchestrated….

4 thoughts on “Indonesia: Thousands of enraged Muslims attack Christian center, destroy cars, burn buildings”

  1. What a display of tolerance
    zenith of peace
    there is no compulsion in religion;
    you your religion, me my religion
    so destroy, burn and intimidate is real religion
    according to the interpreters of i slam.

  2. When I lived in S.E. Asia, the Catholic schools were the premier schools. Hindu schools also did well, but muslim schools were never in the running. I cannot see why we are wasting billions on muslim morons when our own people could use these monies far more effectively. Why are we giving these scum anything??!!!!

  3. Hey Hey Hey,
    Settle down now you querky Islamaphobes, take a deep breath for a minute and then ask yourselves,what was it these racist Christians did, to evoke such a response from these pious members of the “Religion of Peace” ?
    See now once you look it that way its a case of No harm done, “nothing to see here , move along, nothing to see here.”
    There ya go I bet you are feeling better already.
    The Religion of Peace coming to a street near you, sooner than later.

  4. Aussie, you are quite right. We never look at the provocation by the Christians but just rush to judgment that Muslims are violent.

    We must be even handed. We had the same problem in earlier generations, when people blamed Hitler for the genocide of the Jews.

    What we should have done was ask : “What did the Jews do to Hitler to provoke him?”

    Give Islam and the Nazis a fair go (or in Ruddspeak, a fair shake of the sauce bottle) I say!

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