Islam in Europe

Malmö: Pre-school closed down for fear of youth gangs

Swedish newspaper Sydsvenskan reports (SV) that children, parents and staff were dealing with threats and harassment. Amal Chekaidem, who has five children, all of whom went to this pre-school says: “Now they’re moving the children, but those who live here, what should we do? It’s a big problem for all of society. why don’t they remove those who cause the problems?”

Some parents think it’s good that the children will go to another school. Mahmoud Selman: “It’s good they move and hope they’ll get somewhere where they feel safe.”

Austria: Investigators link Chechen leader to Vienna murder

Austrian investigators believe that Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov ordered the kidnapping of an exile in Vienna that went awry last year and ended in the man’s killing, the Vienna prosecutors’ office said on Tuesday.

France: Salad manufacturer to launch halal line

The Pierre Martinet group, specializing in the salads found on the shelves in major supermarkets, announced Wednesday they’re launching halal dishes, a promising market in France, where they’re in first place.

Hague: Neighbors upset about Turkish festival on Queen’s Day

“Queen’s Day is simply being bartered away,” said an angry man who lives by the park. “I’m proud that we live in a country where tolerance reigns, but this festival is in Turkish and for and by Turks. That isn’t suited for a national holiday like Queen’s Day. The day has a certain character and is for everybody. You shouldn’t organize any event that is only aimed at a limited group of Turks.”

Geert Wilders: The Heresy Trial by the Dutch Court Goes Forward/Atlas Shrugs

What could be more important than  the witch hunt against a man who puts his country, culture & civilization first?

Damage Control: Germany: Muslim group comes out in support of crucifixes in school

…but only if Muselgirls are permitted to wear hijab in exchange…..

“Religion needs to be visible in public space. That applies to all religions,” Ayyub Axel Koehler, the German-born president of the Council, told the German Press Agency dpa in an interview in Cologne.  (What he is really saying is this: we allow you infidels to display your cross, but don’t stop  us Mohammedans force  the headscarves on our females…/ed)

A look into the future: Reichstag in 2020, thanks to PI

Salma Yaqoob “spearheads quiet revolution” to get Muslim women involved in politics

Whatever it takes to make the UK more Islamic, faster.  What could be more important than giving the shrill, hysterical Jew-hatin’  scumbag Salma  political power?

“She is the most prominent Muslim woman in British public life. She wears a headscarf, a powerful symbol of a faith she has accommodated with her passionate leftwing politics. She is standing as a candidate for the tiny and fractured Respect party”- (‘Respect’ is the party of Marxist-Stalinist closet Muslim George Galloway/ed)

Viva Palestina, George Galloway’s Hamas support operation, has confirmed that it will join Turkish charity IHH this May in an aid convoy to Gaza by sea from Turkey. Sailing For Hamas/Harry’s

Remember: “Freedom” for Hamas means permitting these genocidal lunatics to kill Jews and cheering them on, like this guy here…..

6 thoughts on “Islam in Europe”

  1. “why don’t they remove those who cause the problems?”
    Because, since it has become legal to cover one’s face completely – even when the weather does not require it, it is very difficult to identify them.

    Used to be, if you dressed like a bank robber – off the ski-piste, you got arrested. This is another reason for not accepting religious exceptions to established civil laws.

    1. Which Jews? Jew-hating Jews from Neturai Karta?

      Salma is a genocidal jew-hater, that’s what she is and what she does.

      That’s why she is in the same party with gorgeous George Galloway and Azzam Tamimi.

  2. Just had a good read and there is nothing in any of thos elinks to suggest she is anti-Semitic in any way.

    You need to be honest with readers. Fair anough if she’s anti-Israel or anti-EDL or occassionally has double standards but anti-Semitic, she isn’t and there isn’t any proof.

    She also can’t be anti-semitic by association with someone who is. Conjecture shouldn’t be how we conclude a person’s views. If she has said something anti-Semitic, place it on here.

    I can’t remember when any Jewish person or Jewish community has been up in arm sover Salma, in any sense.

    And Neturai Karta aren’t really affiliated with Salma. She has numerous accounmts of being on stage, at meeting and engages progressively with numerous member sof the Jewish community in Birmingham and the UK, be they progressive, orthodox etc. regardless of their views on Israel.

    1. LOL!

      So by your standards this Salma-creature who spends all her energy to destroy Israel and rants against “Zionists” 24/7 must be a friend of the Jewish people?

      Those who side with Azzam Tamimi, Yvonne Ripley, Anjem Chaudary are anti-Semites. That makes Salma one and it makes you one too.

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