Italy: Imam of Milan's "central mosque" jailed on terror charges

Islam is what Muslims do.  Every Muslim is a soldier of Allah. Allah commanded Muhammad to make the world Islamic and to strike terror in the hearts of unbelievers. “The cell’s mission is believed to have been recruiting suicide bombers, trafficking illegal immigrants and indoctrination.” How dare these filthy kafirs stand in way of Islamization? Don’t they know that Islam is a mercy to all mankind?

“The Viale Jenner mosque has been linked to Islamist terrorism several times but has so far managed to avoid closure, despite a July 2008 order from the government.”

Why? “Italy: Imam ‘arrested’ in Milan after terror conviction,” from Adnkronos International, April 29 (thanks to JW):

“I have been ordered to fight the people till they say: ‘None has the right to be worshipped but Allah’” – Bukhari (8:387)

Milan, 29 April (AKI) – A radical Muslim preacher was arrested in the northern city of Milan on Thursday, sources close to Milan’s Muslim community told Adnkronos International (AKI). Italy’s top appeals court on Wednesday jailed Egyptian-born Abu Imad on terrorism charges.The imam, who previously led prayers at Milan’s central mosque was taken to police headquarters and was to be transferred to the city’s San Vittore prison, the sources told AKI.Imad was the imam at Milan’s Viale Jenner mosque until early 2009 but was not previously arrested. Under Italian law, suspects can remain at liberty until they have completed their appeal, if a judge does not consider they are likely to flee the country or tamper with any evidence against them.

Flashback: Undercover Mosque

Italy’s highest appeals court, the Court of Cassation, on Wednesday upheld a previous prison sentence imposed on Imad by a Milan court in December 2007.

The court sentenced Imad to three years and eight months in prison for conspiracy to carry out a terrorist act.

Ten other people were also jailed for the same offence, receiving sentences that varied from two to 10 years, while four others were acquitted due to lack of evidence.

Milan prosecutors had asked for jail terms ranging from four years and six months to 15 years for all the defendants.

Imad and his co-defendants had allegedly set up a Salafite cell that was active in Milan and elsewhere in the northern Lombardy region.

The cell’s mission is believed to have been recruiting suicide bombers, trafficking illegal immigrants and indoctrination.

The Viale Jenner mosque has been linked to Islamist terrorism several times but has so far managed to avoid closure, despite a July 2008 order from the government.

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  1. Three years ten years, that is not real punishment. What islamists fear and dread the most is that will be expelled from Infidel lands where they have ready access to wage war on Infidels and the Infidel state.

    Deport is the best punishment.

  2. Irfan the one man Ummah strikes again

    Irfan Yusuf, the one man Ummah wonders about the death threats to the South Park creators in an article in the Melbourne Age. He contends the network over-reacted to a threat issued by some Muslim group in America because Comedy Central are’Islamophobic’ . Do you get that? If you react to a death threat by a Muslim, then you’re just a big old Islamophobe!

    In their threat, they mention Theo Van-Gogh (who was brutally murderded by a Muslim in the Netherlands and pinned a death-threat against Ayaan Hirsi-Ali to his chest), Irfan’s response is that most Americans have probably never heard of him, therefore represents no precedence for ‘Comedy Central’ to be concerned about.

    Ifran also of course forgot to mention the death-threats against Salmond Rushdie and of course who could forget the ‘cartoon jihad’ ? The fact is irrelevant that the threat was issued by some fringe group of Muslims, because Muslims have form for carrying out such threats.

    Irfan then goes on to describe Mohammad’s sense of humour, but tends to overlook how Mohammad actually had his critics brutally murdered, Mohammad had his very own ‘dead poets society’ as it were.

    Read more about Mohamad’s dead poet society here.

  3. less than 4 years for an alien – the enemy in fact , who wants to destroy us all, who wants to blow us up . In a sane society , he’d be shot

  4. Quite frankly was any one surprised by this news.

    DP111, Darrin, all
    I think that we need to attack these muslim propagandists openly in the media – and that means disecting their arguments completely and demonstrating the contradictions and fallacies contained within. I am willing to spend time on this because I feel it is important – who else is willing to help. The first place to post is in the letters sections of the respective newspapers but we need to work
    together to ensure that our arguments are clearly understood and unassailable.

    PS. Deportation is the best solution – jail time means nothing and we are not willing to go down the path of state sanctioned executions.

  5. I have had great success writing to the Online Comments sections in our newspapers. When an appropriate article comes along that I can write to, it really gets the message across about the REAL islam. My area, Melbourne, Victoria, has come a long way in a few months.

  6. Woo Hoo! The Roman army 700 BC to about 350 AD or CE as they call it now, were the greatest the ancient world had ever seen. Now, perhaps there is some of the Ancient Romans ticking in the modern Roman Heart. The Ancient Romans would not have put up with these Eastern Thugs for one moment. They were suspicious of anything from the east. Mainly women like Dido and Cleopatra. However, when they did a job on a problem like Catharge e.g. they plowed the fields with salt and drove them into the ground. Well, good to see the spark of sense in modern Rome. Pity about the Vatican guys, not the vatican which is full of the most wonderful treasures and manuscripts. Good on you Italy.

  7. Hey Kaw,

    I love your sentiments, but unfortunately trying to get a letter posted about anything even remotely connected to Islam in Sydney – they wont publish the letter. If I could I would. so, if you have any ideas about this, please share and I am a willing participant. Our local newspaper in a flourishing Muslim area, probably the biggest in Sydney after Lakemba and Punchbowl, regularly posts letters. But, the big papers, unless it is limp or not PC enough – forget it.

  8. Hey Darren Hodges,

    Is it what modern islam does. You agree with them completely or else. Theo van Goch was mentioned in the forward of the book “Infidel” by Hersi-Ali. Anyone who wants to know the suffering of a woman in Islam must read this book and the other by the same author “Caged Virgin”. But the reality is both Rushdi and Hersi-Ali must spend the rest of their lives in hiding from these murderous fiends. We gotta stop em at any price. The only thing funny about Islam is their men. Uugh!!!! O and can anyone tell me where I can get a copy of the Geert Wilders movie. I suppose it is underground as we cant shine a light on knowledge, can we. We would be like Islam then.

  9. kaw

    Agreed. I have been doing so for years in the Times and the Daily Telegraph. Make sure you use very polite language. Couch your language in liberalism, so it is difficult to refute by liberals. In fact make yourself to be an extreme radical liberal that has been disappointed by the behaviour of Muslims, which actually is not far from the truth for many liberals.

  10. Okay,
    I propose the following course of action
    -When an offending article is found, the newspaper and article (link/references) are posted o the web.
    – Those who feel able respond, the response is reviewed and edited with original author (these discussion are open and on blog pages). Note that the
    inter-committee response is private and not open for all
    – The editing proceeds until the review team and author is satisifed that the reponse is clear , articulate and publishable. We have enough expertise to
    choose appropriate newspapers etc for publication.

    Who is on the review board – those of us who are willing to put in the effort but membership needs to be reviewed – we have enough moles here – and for this we need Sheiks help. If people are agreed and Sheik is willing, we can ask people to pass expressions of interest directly to Sheik and not through the blog, Sheik can review and pass to pass on email addresses from those of use who are interested and known to be trustworthy. Those on the team can then take this further behind closed doors freeing the Sheik of any further involvement unless he so desires (as a member of commiittee and not as SA) . However anyone is allowed to ask to review team to examine a response to a particular issue that they have written.

    Thoughts anyone?

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