Its not torture when Muslims do it to each other…

Are the lefties and the “Yuman Rites” organizations done yet with “Abu Ghraib?” Strange that they never notice real serious human rights violations. What is it that makes it so much easier for them to soil their own nest?

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Rape and sex torture in an Iraqi prison (NSFW)

The big news today is that prisoners were routinely raped, sodomized, forced to engage in sexual acts with one another and tortured at the Old Muthanna secret prison in Iraq. Old Muthanna was operated by the Iraqi government, prisoners were mostly Sunni Arabs and day-to-day maintenance of the prison was handled by the Iraqi Prime Minister’s office.

Basically, the Iraqis operated a jail that out Abu Ghraib’ed Abu Ghraib, according to a new Human Rights Watch report:

Human Rights Watch described the prisoners’ accounts of abuse as “credible and consistent,” said there must be an independent and impartial investigation, and called for prosecutions at the highest level.

“The horror we found suggests torture was the norm in Muthanna,” the watchdog’s deputy Middle East director Joe Stork said, referring to the west Baghdad prison where the men were held until recently.

How bad was the torture? We parsed HRW’s report for the worst.

Graphic account of torture below (NSFW):

Detainee A was captured with 33 others in Mosul on the night of September 17, 2009: “The interrogators would tie my arms behind my back and blindfold me before they would hang me upside down and beat me. They would suffocate me with a bag until I passed out and would wake me with an electric shock to my genitals. Even after they forced me to confess that I killed ten people, the torture never stopped. Ten days before I was transferred out on April 8, I endured a horrific beating for speaking to an inspection team from the Human Rights Ministry. After they left, the prison staff beat me so badly that I urinated blood.”

Electric shocks to the genitals and pissing blood? Not good.

Detainee D, a formal general in the Iraqi army and now a British citizen, who is in a wheelchair, was arrested on December 7, after he returned to Mosul from London to find his son, who had been detained. His jailers refused him medicine for his diabetes and high blood pressure. “I was beaten up severely, especially on my head,” he told Human Rights Watch. “They broke one of my teeth during the beatings. … Ten people tortured me; four from the investigation commission and six soldiers. …. They applied electricity to my penis and sodomized me with a stick. I was forced to sign a confession that they wouldn’t let me read.”

Being sodomized with a stick? Not good either.

Iraqi soldiers arrested Detainee E, a 21-year-old, on December 19 at his home in Mosul: “During the first eight days they tortured me daily. They would put a bag on my head and start to kick my stomach and beat me all over my body. They threatened that if I didn’t confess, they would bring my sisters and mother to be raped. I heard him on the cellphone giving orders to rape my sisters and mother.” During one torture session, the man, who was blindfolded and handcuffed, was stripped and ordered to stroke another detainee’s penis. After he was forced to the floor, the other detainee was forced on top of him. “It hurt when it started to penetrate me. The guards were all laughing and saying, ‘He’s very tight, let’s bring some soap!’ When I experienced the pain, I asked them to stop and that I would confess. Although I confessed to the killings, I mentioned fake names since I never killed anyone. So the torture continued even after I confessed because they suspected my confession was false.” One of the guards also forced him to have oral sex.

…What the f**k. What the f**k.

Detainees G and H, father (59) and son (29) respectively, were arrested at their house in Mosul on September 30. Both endured sessions in which interrogators hung them upside down and beat them. During one session the father was stripped naked in front of the son, and the son was told they if he did not confess they would rape his father. The father was told that if he did not confess they would kill his son. The son was subsequently sodomized with a broomstick and the guards’ fingers.

What the holy f**k. What the holy f**k.


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  1. According to the accounts of women prisoners this is routine in Iranian prisons since the year dot. There is nothing new in this item. They can accuse them of Lewd behaviour and they can hang them or have them stoned to death and thats the way the cookie crumbles with these bastards.

  2. I should have said Iraq and Iran. The same goes with all or most Islam countries. Ask women in Somalia, Coptics in Egypt, anywhere in the world where Islam hides and perhaps the big spending Saudi Arabia is one of the main culprits. Lest we not forget UAE, they are on a crime spree right now. Dont go there. The money is not worth it.

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