KRudd announces a plan for a plan after the next election…

A man with a plan…. thanks to Dhumme Dhimmi

UPDATE from Tim Blair: The First Lady appoints a new minister:

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has appointed Tony Burke as the nation’s first population minister, amid growing concerns the number of Australians will rise to unsustainable levels.

Mr Burke will be responsible for drawing up a national population strategy and will retain his other portfolio of agriculture, fisheries and forestry.

So now Burke is the Minister for Cows, Fish, Trees and People. Who’ll get Insects? Maybe that responsibility will fall to the underemployed bureaucrats previously involved in emissions trading.

Actually not. Just more spin and flip flop. He was for it before he was against it and visa versa….. No, the plan is not to stop the thousands of illegal welfare seekers who burn their boats on arrival in Australia, the plan is to appoint another bureaucrat to establish another bureaucracy.

Yes, the boats keep coming: Yet another, like never before and there are yet more asylum seekers on their way to the island, with a boat carrying 79 passengers and four crew “intercepted” on Friday.

KRudd flips on ‘big Australia’

Josh Gordon/The Age

THE federal government will consider slashing Australia’s annual migration intake to help tackle concerns about traffic congestion, housing, hospitals, water and the environment.

Just months after declaring himself in favour of a ”big Australia”, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd yesterday warned of ”legitimate concerns” with population growth and appointed Agriculture Minister Tony Burke as Australia’s first Population Minister.

Mr Burke has been given a year to develop the country’s first population plan, including a review of immigration levels.

The announcement came as another boatload of asylum seekers – the 102nd to be intercepted since Mr Rudd took office – was placed in detention at the Christmas Island facility, which has reportedly reached capacity.

Mr Rudd denied the new strategy was a smokescreen to divert attention from the recent boat arrivals, saying the idea for a population plan had come after ”extensive deliberations of the cabinet over the last month”. More

Growing KRudd in all the right places

5 thoughts on “KRudd announces a plan for a plan after the next election…”

  1. Typical of the frustration felt by the Australian Population is this letter to the editor
    Daily Telegraph 3 4 2010
    “Realist” writes
    “Typical Rudd and his “lets workshop it and form a comittee” response to anything that requires leadership and immediate action to protect Australians and their interests.

    Rudd and his Bejing Masters have big plans for Australia,however apart from paying taxes to fund his and his party’s International Socialists agenda,AUSTRALIANS are not included in them.

    Call the election now you numb nutted moron,you have done enough damage already, simply put, get out of the way NOW.

    $25 MILLION a week to support illegals “No Worries cobber,fair suck of the sauce bottle” while Victorias “working families” rely on each others charity to keep a hospital running.

    How Rudd can look a camera in the eye and appeal for taxpayers to donate to a Hospital while he is peeing $25MILLION a week of taxpayers money against the wall so that he and the ALP can honour THEIR obligations to THEIR Ideological Masters in Beijing the UN.and Australia’s Multicultural Industry.

    I wonder how soon Rudd’s “new best friends” will be able to vote once he has settled them all in their new homes on mainland Australia or will he allow them to use postal votes from Christmas Island.

    I think its safe to say that Realist did not vote for”Fresh thinking” and “Change” “New Ideas” and “Getting the Balance right” in 2007

    1. Realist is a friend of mine, I met him in Bangkok last year. Nice guy. Hope you’re reading this!

      KRudd is not popular in China, his diplomatic skillz don’t count for much there. They can see right through his empty suit. A bit like the insufferable Condollllleeeeezzzza Rice who was an “expert” in Russian history/politics (she didn’t know f*#c and made herself and America the laughing stock of the world) But who other than GWB would hire a Piccanninni to solve the problems of the Middle East?

      No. KRudd follows UK’s Nullabour traitors who wanted to replace Britain’s natives with a Mohammedan proletariat. Its not like he ever had an original idea. (A guy who copies Michelle Obama’s Vegie gardens madness, what do you make of that?)

      Now the chickens are coming home to rrrrrooooooosst!

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