KRudd Saves Country by Passing Cigarette Tax

Canberra Times

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is making a panicked ”tax grab” to pay for his addiction to spending, according to critics of his plan to ensure Australia becomes a world leader in “tobacco control.”

Mr Rudd unveiled yesterday a four-pronged strategy designed to reduce tobacco use but denied it was a smokescreen to divert attention from the debate over the Government decision to put off plans for an emissions trading scheme.

Smokers would pay $2.16 more for a 30-pack of cigarettes from today after the Government decided to raise the excise by 25 per cent.

The move was expected to encourage 87,000 Australians to quit smoking and generate $5billion over four years, helping to offset the cost of the Commonwealth’s reforms to the health and hospital system.

Kevin Rudd and Nicola Roxon announce a tobacco tax hike and new laws to put  tobacco companies have blasted Kevin Rudd’s new cigarette packaging plans,  The Australian

Rudd promised the world but has delivered nothing

IT is hard to believe that the climate has changed so radically for Kevin Rudd since he signed up to the Copenhagen Accord last December, let alone since the 2007 election. Piers Akerman:  ‘Rudd promised the world but has delivered nothing’

2 thoughts on “KRudd Saves Country by Passing Cigarette Tax”

  1. Does that include the water pipes and the half naked belly dances for the Imam Kevie? I am just saying.

  2. By increasing the price of cigarettes, I think Rudd hopes to reduce carbon emissions as Penny Pingpong Wong flounders and struggles with a subject way beyond her comprehension. One way or the other, Rudd wants to be a world leader in Al Gores pet money making scheme. Rudd maybe many things, but the man is not stupid. He knows that smoking is a habit that has a vice like grip and cannot be broken by price hikes. Let us just hope when the elections come up the public will realize that these tax hikes are just the beginning.

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