Mohammedan Demands Rejected

Islamization Watch:

Texas: Trinity U diplomas keep ‘our Lord’, derailing Muslim student’s requests to have it removed

“It has made us at Trinity examine who we are as individuals and what this institution stands for.”

Exactly what is happening in Europe. Muslim requests demands, have also made Europe re-examine what it stands for. And it is hoped that rationale will emerge victorious, here as well!

What will it take to ship these ingrates all back to where they came from?

Trinity University’s board of trustees announced Thursday they will not grant a student group’s request to drop the phrase “our Lord” from diplomas, saying that while Trinity welcomes all religions, it is right to honor its Christian roots.

“The board’s decision reflects its desire to continue a Trinity tradition, and the words ‘in the year of our Lord’ are appropriate for the diploma, given Trinity’s history and heritage,” said Walter Huntley, vice chairman of the board and an Atlanta businessman.

In Britain, a hotbed of dhimmitude, the caving in  is taken to new heights:

Atlas Shrugs:

The Trinity Diversity Connection, which requested the phrasing be dropped, issued this statement:

TDC “respects the decision the board of trustees made and appreciates their time and concern on this issue. While this was not the decision many of us were hoping for, we realize that this is a complicated issue. (TDC) will continue to represent, and advocate for, diversity on our campus.”

Trinity was founded in 1869 by Presbyterians; its name signfies joint efforts of three Presbyterian synods in the name of the Holy Trinity. Since 1969, the university has been governed by an independent board of directors, maintaining a “covenant relationship” with the church.

In the past decade, school officials have sought to diversify the student body, recruiting more international students and fostering a campus environment that’s accepting of all backgrounds and faiths.

The TDC requested last year that officials drop the reference to “our Lord” from diplomas, arguing that a degree is a personal document and that not all students believe in Jesus Christ.

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4 thoughts on “Mohammedan Demands Rejected”

  1. When I first came across this story a few weeks ago, I really worried that the University would actually cave in to the scarved barbarian’s demand just as so many across the globe have fallen victim to this type of theological aggression. What I find quite odd about the whole affair is the misguided logic of her attending TRINITY University and finding offense in the world “Lord” and not the word TRINITY to begin with. Did she not make a conscious decision to attend the Universiy? Her application should have been denied on the basis of her religious affiliation.

    My main concern is that Christians, their unique heritage and their cultural institutions are on the defensive instead of them carrying Christ’s banner and leading the cause of freedom of conscience without faultering and giving in to cultic intimidation.

    Hip, hip, horray, for Trinity University inspite of their sickening and loose doctrinal stand and liberal theology.

  2. if they don’t want the phrase ‘year of our lord’ on their diploma, exactly what date do they want on it? as the calendar that we use is the Chrisitan calendar, so I guess they object to the date as well?

    these cultists need to STFU.

  3. How would these buffoons react if outsiders living in their countries demanded that their mosques stopped disturbing the peace with their mournful dirge 3 or 5 times a day? How would these jackals react if their women were ordered to remove their head dress and their men were ordered to stop wearing their pyjamas in public? Can’t these stupid morons understand that they are living gratis on the generosity of the people in the West? What would it take to remove them from our scene once and for all.

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