Multicultural Adjustments

A crap sandwich from Bloomberg Business News:

Anything, anything to screw Wilders in the next elections:

“Dutch Labor Party’s Rise May Hinder Anti-Islam Party”

“Keeping the Peace”

Cohen, whose popularity rose after he helped keep the peace following the killing in Amsterdam of filmmaker Theo van Gogh by an Islamic extremist in 2004, contrasts with Wilders, who is being prosecuted for comments in his 2008 film “Fitna” in which he calls on Muslims to rip out “hate-preaching” verses from the Koran.

“I want to live in a land where civilization is not an old- fashioned word,” Cohen told the party congress today, “where ambulance staff can work without being harassed, where the elderly can walk the streets safely to visit their children, where nobody is called names; not Jews, not gays, not Muslims.”

Curiously, the ‘peacemaker’ Cohen forgets to mention the native Dutch who had a gut full….

The big “if”:

The turnaround in public opinion, less than two months before elections, may end the eight-year-old government of Prime Minister Balkenende if voters turn to Labor to help the country cut the largest deficit in three decades while preserving its welfare state.

You see, Wilders is the ‘Angry Man’

“People support Wilders because he is an angry man, because he is radical, but you can only enter coalition negotiations if you’re willing to cut deals….”  Any idea what makes Wilders “radical?” More

According to this article from Die Welt there are now 7 million Mohammedans in Germany/official figures are 3.5 to 4 million…..

“We will outbreed you with the bellies of our women”-

Germany,France,Holland muslim states by 2050

2 thoughts on “Multicultural Adjustments”

  1. I am betting they won’t let Wilders run at all.
    They will dredge something up about him still being before the courts.
    I hope it’s not true but they can’t afford to let him be elected.

  2. I don’t know Jenny. The Dutch people are becoming a little fed up with the PC infestation that is their government and they are looking for a change.

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