NPR archive describes Obama as 'Kenyan-born'

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Jewicidal Jews (still) love him: Poll: Obama’s Approval Rating Among American Jews Still Sky High, 57%…

Description accompanies interview about ‘son of Africa’

Bastard Son of a Gramskian whore & a Kenyan Marxist Muslim, that’s what he is.

Editor’s Note: Shortly after this WND report was posted, NPR changed its web page to delete the reference to “Kenyan-born” Sen. Obama.

Those crazy “birthers” are citing National Public Radio.

Really? NPR?

Archives for the tax-supported organization reveal that a 2008 report described then-Sen. Barack Obama as “Kenyan-born”  and a “son of Africa.”

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7 thoughts on “NPR archive describes Obama as 'Kenyan-born'”

  1. Son of a Gramcian whore?
    Gramscian philosophy is a combo of Marxism and Capitalism.
    It is the dominance of one social group over another, i.e. the ruling class over all other classes. The ideas of the ruling class come to be seen as the norm; they are seen as universal ideologies, perceived to benefit everyone whilst only really benefiting the ruling class.
    So who is the ruling class going to be in his case? Islam? Sharia law?
    The world government that Obama has planned will no doubt be Islamic government and he will once again try to push the start of this through, including health care, with cap and trade legislation. He wont need legislative approval because he will do an “end route” via the EPA.
    This will bypass the house and the senate and he’ll get his way.
    The man is a bastard, a fox in the hen house and the American public and for that matter, the world, is in deep trouble because he has all world governments behind him, with the exception of N. Korea of course, and perhaps China. He’s working on relations with Iran and if that succeeds we can say goodbye to Israel. So the way will be clear for Islamic world government with Obama as the head of the caliphate.
    My prediction may need some adjustments and I am hoping some one corrects me before I lose it totally.
    We shall see come June or July 2010 if I am right.
    Watch the prices of gold and silver. When it comes time to cash in the paper contracts for the real thing how is the US going to pay when all they have is counterfeit currency? They’ve been printing trillions of phoney paper money. It’s no more valuable than monopoly money because they haven’t back it up with gold.
    So where will Obama and his crimnal gang get the gold and silver to back up these contracts?
    I think athat is when the panic button will be pushed and you’ll see gold and silver go through the roof and the US dollar decline to zero or near zero.
    The US is in deep doo-doo and so is the Euro and the British pound.
    They’ve all been following in Obama’s footsteps thinking they can turn this recession around.
    World government is right around the corner and Obama will have to move fast with and election coming in November.
    June or July. Mark that on your calendars, folks!

  2. “Gramscian philosophy is a combo of Marxism and Capitalism.”

    Not. Gramscian philosophy strategy is subversion, the goal to undermine the Capitalist society and to replace it with Marxism/Communism.

    Obama’s grandparents moved 2,000 miles so Obama’s mother could attend a school where communism was openly advocated and whose chairman testified to being a member of the Communist Party. Obama’s grandparents also attended a church known as “The Little Red Church” due to its promotion of communism.

  3. “Vaclav Havel, the president of Czechoslovakia and then Czech Republic for 13 years, was not invited to the signing of the START II nuclear arms reduction treaty by President Obama”

    Did we really expect Obama to be sympathetic to an “anti-communist”? Come on, now!

  4. “So the way will be clear for Islamic world government with Obama as the head of the caliphate.”

    I think this is a smokescreen for something more sinister, a-K. The ultimate goal is a world government with the Beast and False Prophet at the top, and muslims consider Mo to be the final messenger (prophet).

    How will muslims cope with another “prophet” even more deceptive than Mo, or are they simply disposable useful fools? Time will tell.

  5. What I am getting at, a-K, is a bit offtopic in this thread, but in the Fethullah Gulen thread it goes beyond islam (at least what i see in the koran) and is more New Age:

    The New Man and Woman

    [History has carried us to the threshold of a new age open to the manifestations of Divine favor. Despite (or in parallel with) advances in science and technology, the last 2 or 3 centuries have witnessed a global break with traditional values and, in the name of renewal, an attachment to different values and speculative fantasies. It is our hope, strengthened by promising developments, that the next century will be the age of belief and moral values, an age that will witness a renaissance and revival for the believers.

    Among wavering crowds lacking in sound thinking and reasoning, a new type of people will appear. They will rely equally on reason and experience, and give as much importance to conscience and inspiration as to reason and experience. They unfailingly pursue the perfect in everything, establish the balance between this world and the next, and wed the heart to the intellect.

    The coming-to-be of such people will not be easy. All births are painful, but these blessed births will take place and provide the world with a new, brilliant generation. Just as rain pours out of long gathering clouds, and water wells up from underground, so will the “flowers” of this new generation one day appear among us. ]

    This appears to be more than an islamic caliphate – the Age Of Aquarius / New Age, the transition from the Piscean Age with Jesus Christ to the Aquarian, with a new (counterfeit) christ, who will appeal to “everyone”, regardless of race or religion. The new man / woman may be described as Homo Noeticus.

    Gulen appears to be very dangerous, beyond a mere muslim following allah and Mo.

  6. I have known all along who Obama really is. Your article confirms that this evil spawn is the anti-christ. You have mentioned islam or sharia law. Yes, the muslims are the army of the anti-christ. osama is the forerunner for this evil man of sin. The days of the tribulation are fast approaching.

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