KRudd Saves Country by Passing Cigarette Tax

Canberra Times

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is making a panicked ”tax grab” to pay for his addiction to spending, according to critics of his plan to ensure Australia becomes a world leader in “tobacco control.”

Mr Rudd unveiled yesterday a four-pronged strategy designed to reduce tobacco use but denied it was a smokescreen to divert attention from the debate over the Government decision to put off plans for an emissions trading scheme.

Smokers would pay $2.16 more for a 30-pack of cigarettes from today after the Government decided to raise the excise by 25 per cent.

The move was expected to encourage 87,000 Australians to quit smoking and generate $5billion over four years, helping to offset the cost of the Commonwealth’s reforms to the health and hospital system.

Kevin Rudd and Nicola Roxon announce a tobacco tax hike and new laws to put  tobacco companies have blasted Kevin Rudd’s new cigarette packaging plans,  The Australian

Rudd promised the world but has delivered nothing

IT is hard to believe that the climate has changed so radically for Kevin Rudd since he signed up to the Copenhagen Accord last December, let alone since the 2007 election. Piers Akerman:  ‘Rudd promised the world but has delivered nothing’

Italy: Imam of Milan's "central mosque" jailed on terror charges

Islam is what Muslims do.  Every Muslim is a soldier of Allah. Allah commanded Muhammad to make the world Islamic and to strike terror in the hearts of unbelievers. “The cell’s mission is believed to have been recruiting suicide bombers, trafficking illegal immigrants and indoctrination.” How dare these filthy kafirs stand in way of Islamization? Don’t they know that Islam is a mercy to all mankind?

“The Viale Jenner mosque has been linked to Islamist terrorism several times but has so far managed to avoid closure, despite a July 2008 order from the government.”

Why? “Italy: Imam ‘arrested’ in Milan after terror conviction,” from Adnkronos International, April 29 (thanks to JW):

“I have been ordered to fight the people till they say: ‘None has the right to be worshipped but Allah’” – Bukhari (8:387)

Milan, 29 April (AKI) – A radical Muslim preacher was arrested in the northern city of Milan on Thursday, sources close to Milan’s Muslim community told Adnkronos International (AKI). Italy’s top appeals court on Wednesday jailed Egyptian-born Abu Imad on terrorism charges.The imam, who previously led prayers at Milan’s central mosque was taken to police headquarters and was to be transferred to the city’s San Vittore prison, the sources told AKI.Imad was the imam at Milan’s Viale Jenner mosque until early 2009 but was not previously arrested. Under Italian law, suspects can remain at liberty until they have completed their appeal, if a judge does not consider they are likely to flee the country or tamper with any evidence against them.

Flashback: Undercover Mosque

Italy’s highest appeals court, the Court of Cassation, on Wednesday upheld a previous prison sentence imposed on Imad by a Milan court in December 2007.

The court sentenced Imad to three years and eight months in prison for conspiracy to carry out a terrorist act.

Ten other people were also jailed for the same offence, receiving sentences that varied from two to 10 years, while four others were acquitted due to lack of evidence.

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Its not torture when Muslims do it to each other…

Are the lefties and the “Yuman Rites” organizations done yet with “Abu Ghraib?” Strange that they never notice real serious human rights violations. What is it that makes it so much easier for them to soil their own nest?

Falafel Mafia/Neal Ungerleider

Rape and sex torture in an Iraqi prison (NSFW)

The big news today is that prisoners were routinely raped, sodomized, forced to engage in sexual acts with one another and tortured at the Old Muthanna secret prison in Iraq. Old Muthanna was operated by the Iraqi government, prisoners were mostly Sunni Arabs and day-to-day maintenance of the prison was handled by the Iraqi Prime Minister’s office.

Basically, the Iraqis operated a jail that out Abu Ghraib’ed Abu Ghraib, according to a new Human Rights Watch report:

Human Rights Watch described the prisoners’ accounts of abuse as “credible and consistent,” said there must be an independent and impartial investigation, and called for prosecutions at the highest level.

“The horror we found suggests torture was the norm in Muthanna,” the watchdog’s deputy Middle East director Joe Stork said, referring to the west Baghdad prison where the men were held until recently.

How bad was the torture? We parsed HRW’s report for the worst.

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Iran & Women's Rights? U.N. Elects Iran to Commission on Women's Rights

Iran, the UN’s new guardian of women’s rights

Beyond parody:

Without fanfare, the United Nations this week elected Iran to its Commission on the Status of Women, handing a four-year seat on the influential human rights body to a theocratic state in which stoning is enshrined in law and lashings are required for women judged “immodest.”  Andrew Bolt has more>>

Auch! Who would possibly qualify more than the  killer mullah’s of the Islamic republic where women have the right to breathe  under shrouds and  are stoned for adultery after being raped in prison?

By Joseph Abrams –

Without fanfare, the United Nations this week elected Iran to its Commission on the Status of Women, handing a four-year seat on the influential human rights body to a theocratic state in which stoning is enshrined in law and lashings are required for women judged “immodest.” More>>

Meanwhile, the revolutionary guards are chasing after suntanned women. Maybe they’re feeling tremors in Tehran. Sharia Alert from the Islamic Republic: “Suntanned women to be arrested under Islamic dress code,” by Damien McElroy and Ahmad Vahdat in the Telegraph, via JW.

The mental midget in chief, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,  has applied for a visa to visit the United States next week.

In other news: Weasel reports that   Obama Wants China and Russia Exempt From Sanctions on Iran…

For all the talk of pressing sanctions against Iran, the Obama administration is quietly seeking new provisions to make it easier for China and Russia to sell Iran gasoline. For all of Iran’s oil wealth, the country lacks enough domestic facilities to convert oil into gasoline for their population. Iran has traditionally relied on neighbors such as Russia and China for that job… and, well… you do the math.

Wives of Islamic terrorists 'CAN claim benefits', say European judges

Daily Mail/thanks to Davey

Hmm, just wondering if they also can claim an annual vacation thanks to the EUro dhimmies?

More proof that the Islamization of Europe is a done deal.

Benefits win: The three women are married to terrorist suspects believed to be linked with Osama bin Laden

Treasury restrictions on State handouts to the wives of terrorist suspects are illegal, European judges ruled today.

The decision may force the Government to change anti-terrorism rules following a legal case brought by three women whose husbands appear on a list of people said to have links with al Qaida, the Taliban and Osama bin Laden.

People on the list, drawn up by a UN sanctions committee, have their funds and other assets frozen, in a bid to cut off terrorist funding.

(This is something that bothers Hussein Obama greatly: “I am committed to working with American Muslims to ensure that they can fulfill zakat” – he declared in his Cairo speech/ed)

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"This country has a problem with Islam."

Burqa Katzenyammer in France

“Burqa ban riles French Muslim women”

For the perps from APF its all about “practicing her vision of Islam”. If that was all that’s to it, we wouldn’t have a problem with it.

Another one of these  deliberatily clueless articles that assumes we are all bigots, ignorant, ‘Islamophobes…’ for rejecting something so cool……..


An update to this story, here

VENISSIEUX, France – French leaders may be queuing up to promise to protect her rights, but Samira would rather they left her to wear her veil and to practise her vision of Islam in peace.

“I’ve nothing to apologize for and I respect everyone else. Democracy is more than just a theory for me,” the 36-year-old told AFP as she shopped at a market in Venissieux on the southern outskirts of Lyon.

The area has a strong Muslim population, but in two hours in the Miguettes market Thursday only four women pass wearing the niqab, a black full face veil that leaves only Samira’s eyes showing through a narrow slit.

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“PIGS’ stands for Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain.

These countries are in deep doodoo.

Financially, that is. Desperation makes strange bedfellows.

The sooner the EUrabian utopia and the Brussels circus collapses, the better.  The hangover will be painful, and the measures to reverse the idiotic megastate  allures of the Brussels bureaucrats  will cost dearly, but it will happen.

For now, however, HOPE still beats  reality, and Spain, one of the PIGS states, is trying a new trick that will only exacerbate the disaster. We only need to look towards the US to see how all that hopenchangin’ is working out. Sharia finance cannot work and will not work. The concept  doesn’t even work in Arabia. It is unworkable. But Western politicians, most of whom never held a job and couldn’t run a coffee shop, are selling the future of our kids down the gurgler. Signs of things to come:

Spain to be hub of Islamic finance – Examiner

Richard Shulman

Spain is close to the Islamic world, a gateway to Europe, and a connection with Latin America.  Saudi Arabian businessmen plan to establish Spain as a hub of global Islamic finance (IMRA, 4/27/10).

Islamic rules of finance are laid down by Sharia, Islamic law.  As I have reported, a speaker at a rally in New York explained that Sharia requires Muslim business to donate to charity, but these charities often are terrorist fronts.  Does the Spanish government realize this?  Does Spain know that Islamic doctrine holds that areas formerly conquered by Islam, including Spain, must be returned to Islam?  The same goes for Israel, but the Spanish king, Barry Chamish points out, has been traveling all over for years, on missions to assist Muslim claims to Israel.  He would be better advised to work with Israel to preserve his own country.  His country faces not just a simple change of religion, as it would be for, say, leaving Catholicism and entering Protestantism, but a loss of freedom and all sorts of cultural restrictions.

They Don't Have to Silence Us, If We Silence Ourselves First

Sultan Knish

What is a free country? Is it a country that is free of being ruled by any other country, or is it a country of free people who are not afraid. The truth is that no country can be free, unless its people are free. Not freedom as embodied in legal documents or stirring anthems, which nearly every country has, but free in their minds. Unafraid to believe, to speak and to live.

Tyranny isn’t a man holding a gun to your head and telling you what to do. Tyranny is when you do what you’re told, because you’re holding the gun to your own head. And then you have become a collaborator in your own oppression. It is possible to be enslaved without ever becoming a slave. And it is sadly possible for people to act like slaves without any chains being anywhere in sight.

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Obambi, Islam, Censorship, Insults & Incompetence….

Congressional inquiry into government censorship of Islamic terminology in Gov’t to describe Islamic jihad terrorism

“If government employees are censored in the terminology they can use, then their resulting analysis and plans are also censored…”

Obama Sniper Teams Ordered to Rooftops To Quash “Radical” Tea Party Protest (Video)

Earlier today Team Obama called in the riot squad to deal with the Quincy Tea Party patriots outside the the Oakley-Lindsey/Quincy Community Center.
Team Obama ordered the riot police to march in and contain the violent tea party protesters./Gateway

Barack Obama’s top 10 insults against Britain

The dumbing down of diplomacy: disgraced Foreign Office officials should apply to the Obama White House

Barack Obama’s top ten insults against Israel

Confusion? Not here. Would Malcolm X’s policies differ from Obama’s?

The Washington Post confused Barack Obama today with black radical Malcolm X.
The fact that there was no teleprompter in the photo should have been a dead give-away.
Racists. WaPo Confused with Malcolm X

Perhaps the WaPo perps did it deliberately. What would Malcolm X do differently to Obambi? Tiny minds think alike….

Bagdad Bob causes laughter, repeats most “transparent administration in history…” canard….

Via Weekly Standard/thanks to ZIP

From Politico’s report on reporters’ frustration with White House secrecy:

A few days later, Gibbs said at one of his briefings, “This is the most transparent administration in the history of our country.”

Peals of laughter broke out in the briefing room.

I imagine that some reporters laughed because of the White House’s stingy and selective doling out of scoops–shockingly, the New York Times has a special relationship with Obama–and the fact that Obama “has severely cut back the informal exchanges with the press pool.” Politico reports that “Bill Clinton did 252 such Q&A sessions—an average of one every weekday. Bush did 147. Obama did 46, according to Towson University Professor Martha Kumar.”

But the administration’s stonewalling on national security matters is much worse.

Here’s a headline from April 27: “Administration only partially complies with Ft. Hood subpoenas.

Perhaps the most egregious example of stonewalling is the secrecy surrounding Gitmo detainees. As Steve Hayes reported last month:

The secrecy started early. In early February 2009, The Weekly Standard requested a report on Guantánamo Bay recidivism from the Pentagon. We were initially told that we would have it within days. Then it would take weeks. Then months. The Pentagon finally posted a “fact sheet” on the report in April but only after its contents had been widely reported based on leaks.

An open letter to American Jews

Carl in J’lem

Ben Shapiro writes an open letter to the American Jewish community. This is spot-on.

American Jews, I have one request of you: please pull your heads out of your posteriors.

I mean that in all sincerity. Your continued support for Democrats and an administration that is openly anti-Semitic is a disgrace. Your embrace of a party that seeks to hamstring Israel in the name of a wholly fictitious Middle East peace process is contemptible. Your loyalty to a president who consistently sides with Palestinian and Iranian mass murder-supporters is disgusting.

Your backing of a man who has spent his life surrounding himself with the worst anti-Semites America has to offer — Jeremiah Wright, Rashid Khalidi (former Palestinian terrorist spokesman), Louis Farrakhan (“I don’t like the way [Jews] leech on us”), Samantha Power, Robert Malley, to name a few — is nothing short of reprehensible. Rahm Emanuel’s presence in the Obama cabinet doesn’t ameliorate Obama’s anti-Semitism — it just provides it convenient cover. Al Sharpton wrongly called Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell “house negroes”; Emanuel is a kapo.

Even as you continue to buttress a president who seeks the destruction of your co-religionists, you demonstrate your myopia by rejecting the tea party movement and evangelical Christian Israel-supporters.

Read it all.

Pauline Hanson Experiences "Backlash"

Sometimes, the Lame Stream Media is not lame at all. Especially when it comes to totally destroy a person that doesn’t buy  the  politically correct opinions manufactured by leftist progressive elitists who know what’s best for us.

Sydney Moonbat Herald

Hanson takes Qld home off the market

Former One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has taken her Queensland home off the market, following a backlash against her decision not to sell to Muslims.

Ms Hanson has been forced to shelve plans to sell her million-dollar property in Coleyville, southwest of Brisbane, and move to Britain.

Her decision comes amid widespread outrage, prompted by remarks from the former politician that she’s not prepared to sell to Muslims or foreign investors because the buyer has to be compatible with the Australian way of life.

(Where is this manufactured “outrage” coming from? Any idea?)

Ikebal Patel is delighted:

”If she feels even in her final shot in selling her house she can still discriminate against the greater population of the world, then that’s one person we don’t need to live in this country,” Mr Patel said.

In February, when a number of his fellow jihadists were convicted of plotting terrorist attacks, Patel was “alienated”…..

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