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The Suckers of Ipswich

Catholic Priest Adresses Mohammedan Congregation With ‘Allahu Akbar’

Admittedly, this happened in 2006, but not much has changed since then. The sucking up, the “reaching out” of the “interfaith” merchants are unstoppable. Here we have  a Catholic priest  who addresses  a  Mohammedan congregation with “Allahu akbar” and closes with “inshallah”, while  police and politicians praise the  soldiers of Allah in the most delirious ways.


An inspiring speech was then given by Reverend Denis Scanlan, the Catholic Priest for Leichardt and North Ipswich. The Reverend was a very strong supporter of the establishment of the Mosque in Ipswich and began his speech with Allahu Akbar.

The Crescent of Brisbane

The full post is on Moe’s Jihad News

Hanson Bashing is Cool

The Australian/Lanai Vasek

Pauline Hanson won’t sell home to a Muslim

Former One Nation leader Pauline Hanson is back in the headlines after saying she will not sell her house to a Muslim.

  • AN IPSWICH Islamic leader has dismissed Pauline Hanson’s anti-Muslim comments as a blatant publicity stunt to sell her Coleyville home.   Islamic Society of Ipswich vice president Jemele Deen said Ms Hanson was desperate to cash in and sell the $2.15 million property. More

Once Again, the Lame Stream Media beats up the pariah they love to hate. The comments reflect the ignorance of  many Australians re  Islam….

FORMER One Nation leader, Pauline Hanson, has issued a warning to any Muslims or overseas Asians that may be looking to purchase her home: don’t even bother.

The controversial Ms Hanson, famed for her anti-immigration policies and mistrust of multiculturalism, made the statements in an interview with the Seven Network’s Sunrise this morning.

The 55-year-old gave the program a tour of her multi-million dollar home at Coleyville, southwest of Brisbane, which she is currently trying to sell and spoke candidly about her plans for the future.

GALLERY: Hanson’s house for sale

But while her property is on the market, Ms Hanson made it clear not everyone was welcome to make an offer.

“I have no intentions of selling my home to a Muslim,” she told Sunrise.

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"God is not Allah"

Surprise, surprise! Germany’s churches are coming out:

Churches take stand: Allah is not God

Kirchen stellen klar: Gott ist nicht Allah

Thanks to Politically Incorrect

Aygül Özkan after  swearing an oath to uphold the constitution of  Germany, which she is religiously obliged to replace with sharia, Islamic law…..

She is now the new minister of social affairs of Lower Saxony on behalf of the Christian Democratic Union, a party that was once considered Christian & conservative.

Surprisingly, Germany’s two official churches came out with clear statements that the God of the Christians is not identical to Allah. This much clarity one would like to see across the board….

In the UK,   Nigerian fraudsters work in the Home Office handing out fake passports, and Pakistanis work in the Foreign Office distributing memos which insult the pope. Pakistani forgers manufacture visas for tens of thousands, and hate preachers prepare the soldiers for the coming jihad.  More>>

Its happening in Germany too:

Aygül Özkan became world famous with her demanding that crucifixes be removed from classrooms and certificates from Mohammedan title mills recognized in Germany. She also demanded Turkish judges in the judiciary, so that Mohammedan rapists would feel better integrated. Multicultural enrichment at its best…….

In German:

Anlässlich des Amtseides der neuen niedersächsischen Sozialmnisterin Aygül Özkan haben die beiden Amtskirchen mit überraschender Deutlichkeit klargestellt, dass der Gott der Christen nicht identisch mit Allah ist. Soviel Klarheit wünscht man sich sonst auch. [mehr]

The World of Gordon Clown

A Pound for a Brown

Nigerians in the Home Office and Pakistanis in the Foreign Office: No Wonder Britain Is the World’s Laughing Stock

It comes as no surprise  to learn that what the media call “British Pakistani” Anjoum Noorani was the leader of the Foreign Office’s Papal Visit Team which drew up a document mocking the upcoming papal visit.

According to reports, Mr Noorani has been moved to “other duties” after he gave authorisation for the memo to be sent to Downing Street and three Whitehall departments.

It would not even be possible to conceptualise British people working in the Pakistani Department of Foreign Affairs, or Yorkshiremen running the Nigerian Department of Internal Affairs and issuing permits for other people to enter Nigeria.

Yet this is precisely what is happening in Britain today, courtesy of decades of insane immigration policies pursued by both Tory and Labour parties. Read it all

The British National Party has announced its plans to launch a last minute newspaper advertising campaign in key areas to focus voter attention on the contempt with which Gordon Brown and the Labour Party hold the public, as revealed by the “bigot” gaffe, Nick Griffin MEP has announced.  More

Brown and the bigot

Andrew Bolt

Gordon Brown demonstrates the arrogance of the committed high-immigration politician:

BRITISH Prime Minister Gordon Brown was forced to make a humiliating apology today after he wascaught on microphone calling a senior citizen “bigoted”.
Mr Brown was confronted by the 66-year-old woman, Gillian Duffy, while election campaigning in Rochdale, northern England.

After spending nearly five minutes answering her questions about immigration and migrant workers from Eastern Europe, he told her, “It’s been very good to meet you,” before getting into a car.

However, a Sky New wireless microphone picked up his words to an aide as he was driven away.

He said, “That was a disaster … You should never have put me with that woman … Whose idea was that?”

Brown went on, “It’s just ridiculous.”

His aide then asked, “What did she say?”

He replied, “Oh, everything, she’s just a sort of bigoted woman who said she used to vote Labour.”

Ms Duffy, who worked for 30 years at Rochdale’s local council and still works with handicapped children, told reporters: “I’m very upset … He’s an educated person. Why has he come out with words like that?

Why? Because if you don’t can’t explain why you’re importing so many people that the country is changing its very character, and not altogether for the best, then at least by abusing your questioners as racist or bigoted, you can escape not just with your dignity intact but your self-regard enhanced.

Pat Condell: Vote small, think big

Thanks to eye on the world blogspot

Other News:

Muslims Reach Majority in Britain/Muslims have finally reached a majority in Britain – representation on Scotland Yard’s Most Wanted./(The Opinionator) via TROP

Muslim Brotherhood Blames Sara Palin for "Islamophobia"


Sarah Palin on Islamaphobia watch

The Brotherhood, and many Islamic leaders across the world, believe that  that “the phenomenon of Islamophobia is still omnipresent in the West.”

Really? Who would have thought!  Western governments are already so submissive,  all pay the jiziya with willing submission and Muslims get just about everything they demand. Is there still resistance? Oh wait, once KRudds internet filter comes on  we’ll get rid of  these nasty bloggers too….

This is of course the same Muslim Brotherhood that proclaims that  Muslims “must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands … so that … God’s religion [Islam] is made victorious over all other religions.” The Brotherhood listed some 29 likeminded “organizations of our friends” seeking to realize the same goal and controls more than 90% of all mosques in the US. (In Australia too, btw)

CAIRO: Egypt’s leading opposition group the Muslim Brotherhood lashed out at former America Vice-Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin over her defense of an American preacher’s claims that Islam is “a very evil, wicked, and violent religion, which must be fought.” The Christian leader, Franklin Graham was uninvited from a multi-faith prayer meeting at the Pentagon in Washington, DC, after US officials said his statements did not help to foster a sense of unity and tolerance.


The Zebiba Boyz (click to enlarge)

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Indonesia: Thousands of enraged Muslims attack Christian center, destroy cars, burn buildings

Why? There were rumors that the Christians were going to build a church. Sharia forbids Christians to build new churches or repair old ones. “West Java, thousands of Islamic extremists attack a Christian center,” by Mathias Hariyadi for AsiaNews, April 28 (thanks to JW):

Jakarta (AsiaNews) – Thousands of Muslim extremists attacked a Christian educational center in Bogor regency, West Java province, Indonesia. The toll from yesterday’s attack is three destroyed cars and several buildings damaged or burnt. The wrath of fundamentalists was unleashed, and encouraged by the local Council of Ulema (MUI), by unsubstantiated rumours that the Christian community BKP Penabur were planning “to build a place of worship” within the complex.

But the burning churches of Indonesia do not stop Australia’s Socialist progressive PM KRudd to send another Rp 1,1 billion to Indonesia, for Islamic schools and schools in remote areas. “Not only for religious studies but also for general knowledge…” according to this article here. (Australia also funds mosques to the tune of hundreds of millions in Indonesia, in the hope that they will produce “moderate Muslims…”)

Catholic Schools do better, isn’t it strange?

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Paul L. Williams, Ph.D./The Last Crusade



Thanks to former CIA operative Graham Fuller and members of the U.S. State Department, Fethullah Gulen, dubbed “the most dangerous Islamist on planet earth,” has obtained permanent residency status and may remain within his mountain fortress in Pennsylvania for the rest of his life.

Mr. Fuller submitted a petition in favor of Gulen’s application for a green card to a federal judge in Philadelphia.

The ex CIA official said that Gulen merits shelter and protection within the United States because he is an individual with “extraordinary ability in the field of education.”

Gulen lacks a high school diploma.

Why would Fuller endorse an émigré who fled Turkey to escape charges of sedition for his attempt to overthrow the government and establish a New Islamic World Order?


At Muslim entrepreneur summit, Obambi praises Islamo-comics & "tolerance of Islam"


Barack Obama is using your tax dollars to help Muslims start businesses.  Alhamdillullah [praise allah], Uncle Sam is a sucker.  Read the rest  from Debbie

Camel tickler Obama….

This is rich. The Manchurian candidate, community organizer from Chicago,  a guy who never owned a business or  had a real job, promotes Islamic entrepreneurship. Perhaps he could lecture them how to swindle money from U.S. taxpayers to spread sharia law and jihad?  There’s a course Obama could actually teach.

“Superman and Batman reached out to their Muslim counterparts. And I hear they are making progress.”

Related News:

Washington (CNN) — Kuwaiti publisher Naif al-Mutawa is having a week even his comic book superheroes might envy.

On Monday, President Obama singled him out for special praise for promoting international understanding with his “The 99” comics.

“His comic books have captured the imagination of so many young people with superheroes who embody the teachings and tolerance of Islam,” Obama said.
Erick Stakelbeck on Obama’s Muslim outreach on the Savage Nation

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Brother Tariq's America Tour: "There is only one Islam"

Julia Duin from WaPo gushes:

Tariq Ramadan, the Swiss-born Islamic scholar snake who was just allowed into the United States after a six-year ban instituted by the Bush administration, told American Muslims on Tuesday to get involved with all sectors of American society, instead of being “obsessed” with whether they’re considered terrorists.

“It was a silly decision of the Bush administration to prevent me from entering the country for ideological reasons…”

He used the recent debate over health care reform as an area where Muslims could have stepped up, saying it’s time they came up with a “new applied ethics [that] is rooted in Islamic tradition.”

Rooted ethics? Islamic tradition?  Health care reform? WTF?  Do Islamic countries do health care or reform?

Pamela rips him a new one:

The Abysmal Failure of Tariq Ramadan’s Propaganda Tour

Stealth jhadist nonpareil Tariq Ramadan’s books are not selling at all, despite the onslaught of press he’s been getting — coupled with the extra PR support from a freelance publicist that the ACLU hired for him on his whirlwind tour of America. Not to mention  the tacit support of the jihadist in the White House. His publisher seems to think that this is all well and good and that Oxford should continue to shell out money to schlep him across the US. I think they are fools.

He’s a subversive scumbag who seeks to destroy all that is good in the West. Remember, he despises you.

Robert has this: Tariq Ramadan manages simultaneously to deny and affirm that he’s a stealth jihadist

But somehow, the truth seeps out: The long and foggy war

Tariq Ramadan, a Swiss-born academic last week told The Washington Post that jihad “has nothing to do with holy war. … Where you are trying to resist bad temptations and reform yourself with good aspirations that you have, this is a jihad of the self.”

What makes this lie so brazen — the Post did not think to question it — is Ramadan is the grandson of Hassan al-Banna, who in 1928 founded the Muslim Brotherhood.

Al-Banna himself stated clearly the Qur’an and other Islamic doctrines “summon people … to jihad, to warfare, to the armed forces, and all means of land and sea fighting.” In addition: The Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood is Hamas. Among Hamas’ founders was Sheikh Abdullah Azzam, who also was Osama bin Laden’s mentor. As Andy McCarthy relates in “Willful Blindness,” Azzam “galvanized Muslims worldwide with his call to jihad — traditional, unreservedly violent jihad.”

None of this should be surprising. What is: the obstinate naivete, the determined ignorance, the continuing willful blindness of so many of our political and media leaders in the face of the 21st century’s most daunting and deadly threat.

Clifford May/American Republican

‘It wasn’t a legal marriage but it was an Islamic marriage.’

Metro.UK, via TROP

A thug who abducted a mother and forced her to marry him before raping her on their ‘wedding night’ has been jailed for at least ten years.

Thug jailed for kidnap and rape of his ‘bride’

The Bangladeshi lured his victim to a bedsit, where he got a Muslim cleric to conduct the ceremony before male guests.

A wedding video showing the bride sobbing in a corner during the 3am service was shown to the court. The man later repeatedly forced himself on the already-married 21-year-old and held her captive for two days last June.


“They Raped Me”/According to the woman in this powerful video, “Islam is the most horrible thing I have experienced in my life.”

The woman escaped from the flat in South Woodford, east London, by jumping from an upstairs window as her attacker lunged at her with a kitchen knife.

She suffered injuries that have left her disabled. ‘The defendant made it very clear he was going to marry her whether she wanted to or not,’ said Richard Hearnden, prosecuting at Snaresbrook Crown Court, east London. ‘It wasn’t a legal marriage but it was an Islamic marriage.’

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