Crackpot on Steroids

Looks like Charles Johnson has gone so far over the cliff that he  can’t remember  whether he wants to be a lizard or a spiderman. (I crossed the “man” out for a reason)

The symbol-chasing loon will write  stories about “how I broke with the right” until the day when he converts to Islam and becomes a suicide bomber.

The great Nazi-hunter Charles Johnson bags another

Libelblogger Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs is dead and buried as a source that anyone takes seriously — even the New York Times did a post-mortem — but Johnson’s latest ridiculous discovery of neo-Nazis warrants a revisit to this whole sad affair.

Robert Spencer points out:

Weasel Zippers has found the comment above, in which Johnson says that he is “fairly sure” that the Tennessee state flag is a neo-Nazi emblem. Johnson himself is seething and whining about this: “the comments that followed minutes later in the same thread…I clearly concluded that the flag was a Tennessee flag.”

Well, that’s mighty generous and perspicacious of him, but he only did it after speculating about the Tennessee flag’s alleged resemblance to various neo-Nazi insignia:

Weasel Zippers:

Charles Johnson “Fairly Sure” the Tennessee State Flag is a Neo-Nazi Logo..Update: Someone Call the Waaaambulance, Charles Johnson is Being “Smeared by a Wingnut”…

Khaled, poor thing!

German “CIA rendition victim” sentenced to jail for assault

Looks like the reporters from the Local ( are watching too many Hollywood flicks….

Poor Khaled!

Khaled el-Masri, a Lebanese-born German citizen mistakenly abducted and tortured by people working for the CIA, has been sentenced to two years in jail for attacking the mayor of a Bavarian city.

That’s after causing millions in damages to property (arson) and a long history of involvement in jihad terrorism.

You can’t make this s*#t up.

Who said kill all the lawyers? I say while you’re at it whack the far left journo’s and the corrupt polit props too. This is unbearable.

The Local

Khaled el-Masri, a Lebanese-born German citizen mistakenly abducted and tortured by people working for the CIA, has been sentenced to two years in jail for attacking the mayor of a Bavarian city.

A court on Tuesday said the traumatic events surround his so-called “extraordinary rendition” in 2004 did not lessen el-Masri’s transgression against the Mayor of Neu-Ulm on September 11, 2009.


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Money for nothing….


Paying the jiziya with willing submission:

ATHENS/RAMALLAH (inn) – Bankrupt Greece   wants to support the “Palestinian authority ”  (PA) with 150,000 euros. The money is to help the Pali  leadership to settle their debts in (whatever) the private sector.

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Switzerland is also eager to pay the jiziya:

On Tuesday  Switzerland promised the PA financial assistance of 23 million dollar for this year. This money is particularly for  education,  improvement of  human rights, social development, for ecology and humanitarian assistance.  Palestinian press agency Ma´an” reported….

Report that Hamas robbed Gaza bank (updated)

If the unbelievers don’t pay (enough)  jiziya with willing submission,  the soldiers of allah are quite determined to go out and collect it themselves…..Elder of Ziyon has more

UNHRC says Israel must compensate Hamastan

From Arab News:

Israel should pay Palestinians reparations for loss and damages suffered during last year’s war in the Gaza Strip, the UN Human Rights Council said Thursday.

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Jihad group claims "credit" for Moscow bombings

Big surprise. Note that he says that these attacks were “revenge.” Jihad attacks are always framed as revenge, because from the standpoint of Islamic law only defensive jihad is justified at this point — also, to frame mass murder in this way helps take the sting out for sympathizers to the cause who may be stopped short by the barbarity of attacks like these. “Islamist group claims Moscow bombings,” from World News Australia, April 1;via JW

Usman is behind the brides of allah homicide bombings which killed 39 people and injured 70.

A Chechen militant leader has claimed responsibility for twin suicide bombings on Moscow’s Metro that killed 39 and wounded scores of others.

In a video statement recorded on Monday, Dokka Abu Usman, the leader of the Islamist “Emirate of the Caucasus”, said the motive for the deadly blasts was revenge. More from JW

U.S. supporting Islamic jihad against Russia

This weeks jihad harvest

Stubbornly ignorant and unwilling to investigate the jihad doctrine, State Department officials led the U.S. into war to support jihadists in Bosnia and Kosovo. Now the same mistake is being repeated. “U.S. Supports Islamic Terror Against Russia,” by Julia Gorin at Republican Riot, March 29 (thanks to Pamela):

We don’t yet know the whole story behind the two female suicide bombers who killed 38 people in Moscow and injured scores of others. Although their affiliation is unclear, the working assumption is that the bombers were tied to the Chechen rebel movement in the North Caucasus.There is, however, something which we do know for sure, and which we paid no attention to despite its clear connection to the kind of terror Moscow witnessed yesterday morning.

There was a little-noted meeting that took place in December 2009, in Tbilisi, the capital of U.S. ally Georgia. That month Georgia hosted a conference of jihadists to plan “operations” against Russia. There was no news coverage of the event, and so it took a paid advertisement in the Washington Times to make it known. Stubbornly, still no news organization or blog picked up on it. And so here we are.

Yes indeed. But all news organizations beat this one up like a dead horse:

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