Palestine: Who Needs It?

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Tom Smith has a question that Americans ought to be asking themselves

Pardon me for asking, but what exactly is our interest in setting up a Palestine?

We need another country we will have to fly predator drones over?  Oh right.  If we set up a Palestine, then the not-to-be-called-Islamo-fascists will not hate us so much, and peace and brotherhood will ensue in the Middle East. My personal view is that if we are going to set up new countries, they should be countries that will not be our enemies.  If the idea is to set up an enemy of the US, why not let Iran or somebody do it?  They have lots of useless desert.  They could put it there.

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Despicable UN “Rights Council” Runs Blood Libel Against Israel

The grotesquely misnamed United Nations Human Rights Council has topped its own high standard of absurd lies about Israel – this time resurrecting the medieval blood libel against Jews with a medical twist.  From the NY Daily News/ thanks to Vlad Tepes

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Pals incite riots in Jerusalem:

Yeah, they really want peace, don’t they?

Lies and denials: The White House has tried once again to claim that it did not snub Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu during a White House visit last week.

Sarkozy Searches for Friendship with Obama that Has Eluded Him

With his power wobbling at home, the timing of Nicolas Sarkozy’s visit to Washington couldn’t be better. The French president’s meeting with Barack Obama will provide exactly the images he needs in France. But in truth, his relationship with the US president is a tense one. By Gregor Peter Schmitz in Washington, DC more…

Obama and French President Sarkozy met in Washington on Tuesday. They agree on one thing: Israel’s control over its eternal capital must go.

I wonder if Sarkozy is even aware that the ‘Palestinians’ claim the entire land of Israel ‘from the River to the Sea.’ Perhaps he is, and he believes that Jews living in that area ‘contribute nothing.’ So where is his ‘commitment to Israel’s security’?

America’s Muslim POTUS Hussein Obama delivered a Pesach (Passover) message that somehow managed to avoid mentioning God, Jerusalem or Israel.
Look how the Pal’s spin it:

“Reformist” Sheikh who is just fine with suicide bombings in Israel condemns them in Russia

A blogtroll on JW:  You refer to this “incident”?

„To Nasrallah with love“ oder „From Israel“? Pictures are from 2006, by AP-Journalist Sebastian Scheiner.

Fact: Kiryat Shmona, Lebanon War, besieged by a rain of Hizbollah-rockets. For the firste time in five days kids are allowed out of the shelters, because the IDF has arrived. With them comes a pack of journos, gives the kids crayons an encourages them and their parents to vent their anger. Two dozen telephoto lenses focus and go “clickclickclick.”

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