Pauline Hanson Experiences "Backlash"

Sometimes, the Lame Stream Media is not lame at all. Especially when it comes to totally destroy a person that doesn’t buy  the  politically correct opinions manufactured by leftist progressive elitists who know what’s best for us.

Sydney Moonbat Herald

Hanson takes Qld home off the market

Former One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has taken her Queensland home off the market, following a backlash against her decision not to sell to Muslims.

Ms Hanson has been forced to shelve plans to sell her million-dollar property in Coleyville, southwest of Brisbane, and move to Britain.

Her decision comes amid widespread outrage, prompted by remarks from the former politician that she’s not prepared to sell to Muslims or foreign investors because the buyer has to be compatible with the Australian way of life.

(Where is this manufactured “outrage” coming from? Any idea?)

Ikebal Patel is delighted:

”If she feels even in her final shot in selling her house she can still discriminate against the greater population of the world, then that’s one person we don’t need to live in this country,” Mr Patel said.

In February, when a number of his fellow jihadists were convicted of plotting terrorist attacks, Patel was “alienated”…..

Her LJ Hooker real estate agent, Keith Edwards, on Thursday said he’d received an onslaught of emails and calls following the controversial comments.

“Pauline withdrew the property from the market, and I no longer represent her and LJ Hooker no longer represent her,” Mr Edwards told AAP.

“Some of (the emails) have been pretty upsetting…

“I got the abusive and threatening phone calls last night (Wednesday night), I didn’t sleep.

“I got swags of abusive emails, with non-returnable addresses, just cowards.”

Network Ten reported that LJ Hooker had received calls from other clients threatening to take their business elsewhere.

Ten reported Mr Edwards had also been ordered by head office to drop Ms Hanson but the outspoken Queenslander got in first, pulling her property off the market late on Thursday.

“If I’ve upset Keith and his business, LJ Hooker, I didn’t mean to do that,” Ms Hanson told the network.

“(But) if someone turns up to my doorstep that I’m not happy with I won’t allow them through my house”.

Although she said she’s sorry if the comments upset LJ Hooker and Mr Edwards, Ms Hanson didn’t offer an apology to Muslims or foreigners.

Ms Hanson’s hardline views on race sparked a national debate over immigration policy and Aboriginal disadvantage from the time she entered parliament in 1996.

Queensland Anti-Discrimination Commission Neroli Holmes said Ms Hanson’s latest stance against Muslims and foreign investors puts her at risk of breaching the state’s discrimination laws.

WTF are the states discrimination laws?

And then this:

Former One Nation leader Pauline Hanson would be breaking the law if she refused to sell her home to a Muslim buyer on religious grounds, the Queensland Anti-Discrimination Commission says

11 thoughts on “Pauline Hanson Experiences "Backlash"”

  1. I have no recollection of Pauline Hanson threatening Australians following a court descision, however Ikbal Patel was very disgruntled following the conviction of five of his co religionists (Islamic conspiritors?) earlier this year.

    So now the Multiculturalists want the right to decide who Australians are able to sell their property to and trade with?
    I guess this is another example of Labor’s,Lu Kewen’s aka.Kevin 07 ‘s “getting the balance right”

  2. * Queensland Anti-Discrimination Commission Neroli Holmes said Ms Hanson’s latest stance against Muslims and foreign investors puts her at risk of breaching the state’s discrimination laws.

    If I am not mistaken, the Rudd Govt has recently announced its intention to bar foreigners from buying properties in Oz.

    Something like this:

    FOREIGN students and temporary residents will face tough new rules when trying to buy a house and will be forced to sell when they leave Australia under a crackdown to be announced today by the Rudd Government.

  3. I don’t think so – simply don’t state openly that you are not selling to a muslim.
    Find another reason – these ridiculous A.D. laws can be circumvented with a little imagination. Despite the fact that I respect and understand Ms. Hanson’s motivation, she still has not learned to think before speaking which is a great shame.

    These laws are sorely due Mullah – now lets see what happens with foreign ownership of Australian business.

  4. This clown Patel has the cheek of saying ‘that’s one person we don’t need to live in this country’ Who is this turd patel and how did he get into our country? It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if this poppinjay came to our beautiful country Australia by boat as an illegal? How dare this bloody upstart speak thus about a true blue Aussie? He and his bloody kind should be deported from our shores. These bloody sponges live on the generosity of our tax payers. I reckon, since we have such a lame, gutless government, someone should take the initiative and start a home grown army to deal with these arseholes. It’s time for these blood suckers to know who is the boss.

  5. “Ms Hanson’s hardline views on race”
    Did she mention race? I must of missed that – I thought it was a religious affiliation/patriotic decision.

    Is this a storm in a tea-cup? In the country I live in, you need special permission to sell land to people who do not live in the country and/or have no residency permit.

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