PC Alert: Rev. Franklin Graham Banned by the Pentagon for Telling the Truth About Islam

Update from the rabidly anti-Christian News Hounds:

In an interview with the rabidly (?) anti-Islamic John Hagee fave, Brigitte Gabriel and Juan Williams, Sean Hannity claimed that Graham’s comments were taken out of context because he was speaking “specifically about radical Islamists that strap bombs to their children and kill innocent people.”

Comment: As Fox fave Michelle Malkin would say, this is a “crap sandwich.” Graham did not distinguish between peaceful and non violent Muslims in his comments which he has never backed off from. (neither should he. While there might be some peaceful and non violent Muslims,  Islam itself  is not peaceful or non violent)

Five years after 9-11 Graham told ABC News that he still held the belief that “Islam is a very evil and wicked religion.” Last year, he told CNN that Islam was “a very violent religion.” Only this week, he told Gretchen Carlson that if Muslims accepted Jesus they didn’t have to be killed in a car bomb and that they would no longer be enslaved by Islam. Graham has neither qualified nor apologized for his comments despite what Fox “opinion” News says. (Why should he? He is right. He read the Koran. He knows what he’s talking about. News Hound doesn’t)

America in the age of the O-bastard:

Flashback: Hussein Obama: US “one of the largest Muslim countries in the world”


Franklin Graham, distinguished Christian minister and son of an American evangelical treasure (i.e. Billy Graham) was banned from praying at the Pentagon for their upcoming May 6th National Day of Prayer event because he called Islam “evil.”

Apparently Franklin didn’t get the memo that we can’t say squat about Islam anymore. Oh, hell no. Muslims are groovy no matter what they do, and anyone who says otherwise … is … well … evil … in the eyes of the thought police who’re heading up the United States of Political Horse Smack.

Muzz in the house….

Check it out: When Muslims kill 3,000 Americans, we can’t call them “wicked.” When they abuse women, cut off little girls’ clitorises, stone unruly wives, honor kill their teenage daughters for texting someone not named Achmed, and keep precious women in stone-age bondage worldwide, we can’t say that’s BS because that might offend them. And God forbid we should offend folks who’re six bubbles off level and don’t get basic women’s rights.

I’m scratching a bald spot on the back of my head on this one because we won’t put up with that bollocks with any other people or religion except with Islam; they get a free pass. Yes, we’re being whipped into believing that we’re misjudging them even though the preponderance of historical evidence indicates that those who believe they’re bogus are spot on.

I think it is legitimately safe to say—and extremely sad to say—that Political Correctness has officially seeped its fetid sewage into the brass inside the beltway.

Matter of fact, I’m wearing black today because I’m in mourning. As far as I’m concerned, it’s calamitous when the U.S. Army bans a solid Christian minister and upstanding citizen (who has added much to America’s Christian heritage and the well-being of millions of suffering people worldwide) from praying for our troops just because he called Muslim crap crap. You can read the full horror story here.

Lastly, I’d like to thank Franklin for having the holy testosterone—amidst the many craven and neutered capitulating clerics, pundits and politicians across our land—to call Islam’s actions wicked because … duh … they are. Good job, old chap. It seems as if only South Park, Robert Spencer, David Horowitz, a smattering of other analysts (mostly women) and Graham will come out and verbally hammer these cats for their “faith”-inspired atrocities against non-Muslims and their own women.

Oh, by the way: If you’re not convinced Islam is evil, check out this video.

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