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A BRITISH grandmother has been heavily fined and electronically tagged for selling a goldfish to a child, triggering criticism of over-zealous use of animal protection laws.

Pet shop owner Joan Higgins, 66, was fined £1000 ($1640) also given a dusk-to-dawn curfew for selling an animal to a person under the age of 16, but her 47-year-old son Mark – also ordered to do community service – slammed the ruling as a farce.   Heraldsun

UK MP: Sharia Councils in Britain are fractious, discriminate against women, and are incrementally establishing a parallel legal system

Common sense. “Blog: Sharia Councils ‘undermine social cohesion,'” by Mark Pritchard in the Shropshire Star,

(UK) 4 Asylum Seekers Arrested for Sex Assault on 13-Year-Old…

Add this to the ever growing list of muslim male sex attacks on British young girls and women. The latest incident involves 4 Afghan “teen” asylum seekers who have been arrested for attacking a 13 year old girl at the Larkfield Leisure Centre in Aylesford, Kent.

Pregnant British Woman Punched in Front of Son…

A five-months pregnant woman was punched in the face in front of her two-year-old son in a vicious road rage attack by an “Asian man”... (Man, If I ever catch the Japanese creep who did that…)

Taxpayers Give £140 Million to Self-Defeating Government “Anti-Islamist” Programme

Prevent has involved itself in the interminable ongoing theological civil wars that plague the Islamic faith, rather than in addressing the actual issue of Islamic extremism.  Not only has Prevent failed to stop extremist preachers from speaking at mosques and universities, it has even failed to stop them speaking at Government (read taxpayer) sponsored events.

Across Britain, Prevent has handed taxpayers’ money to Islamic boxing, karate, judo and five-a-side football clubs.

Yet why should only Muslim groups, clubs and organisations receive hundreds of millions of taxpayers’ pounds when, for instance, Christian or Sikh groups do not?

Why is it that Hindu, Buddhist or, heaven forbid, white working-class kids have not had taxpayers pay for ping-pong tables and karate lessons for them, like their Muslim counterparts?

Bradford targeted by arsonists

Muhammad was an arsonist too. The Koran doesn’t mention anything about curry.  Must be un-Islamic…..

Bukhari:V1B11N617 Prophet said “I would order someone to collect firewood and another to lead prayer. Then I would burn the houses of men who did not present themselves at the compulsory prayer and prostration.”

A night of arson across Bradford hit a top curry restaurant, trapping eight workers. And another attack wiped out a hair and beauty business that took ten years to build up – in just ten minutes.

Telegraph & Argus

There is more, you know there’s always more…..

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  1. * electronically tagged for selling a goldfish

    What would they do to people recruiting a mentally challenged youth to islam & to blow up a restaurant for allah? The recruiters would have “human rights” to consider …

    Monty Python & Basil Fawlty had nothing on Britain today…

  2. * (UK) 4 Asylum Seekers Arrested for Sex Assault on 13-Year-Old…

    Good thing they only raped her and didn’t sell her a guppy!

  3. Sick UK
    by sheikyermami on April 3, 2010

    Taxpayers Give £140 Million to Self-Defeating Government “Anti-Islamist” Programme

    This is the same program mentioned on that SBS Generation Jihad show last week!

    Sick UK!

  4. Sick UK
    by sheikyermami on April 3, 2010

    Taxpayers Give £140 Million to Self-Defeating Government “Anti-Islamist” Programme

    …”Why a Labour regime supposedly committed to encouraging integration should be rewarding people intent on doing exactly the opposite, remains something of a mystery, unless — of course — it is their votes, rather than their integration, that it seeks to buy…”

    It’s their votes!

    Sick UK!

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