South Park Chickens

Creators Out, But Muhammad Drawing Protest Is On

“Piss Mohammed” is a parody of Andres Serrano’s “Piss Christ” that incorporates the same controversial Danish cartoon.

“Emotionally affected” Molly Norris runs for cover, afraid of her own courage. But the  genie is out of the bottle. Others are taking up the cause. More >>

Tim Blair: There’s a lot of fear around. Even among those who wanted to counter fear.

Andrew Bolt: Bravely trashing only what keeps them safe

This is what decadence looks like: a frantic coarseness that ‘bravely’ trashes its own values and traditions, and then knuckles under swiftly to totalitarianism and brute force.”

And as Eric Hoffer said so well: “People who bite the hand that feeds them also usually lick the boot that kicks them”.

Draw the Curtains

[Mark Steyn]

Well, that didn’t last long. Five days, even lefties were outraged by Comedy Central caving in to angry Muslim intimidation and censoring “South Park”. By way of response, one cartoonist proposed “Everybody Draw Muhammad Day“:

On Friday,  Sarah Norris told a radio talk show host in Seattle that she came up with the idea because “as a cartoonist, I just felt so much passion about what had happened…” noting that “it’s a cartoonist’s job to be non-PC.”

A cartoonist’s gotta do what a cartoonist’s gotta do. But just because it’s her job to be non-PC is no reason not to take a sabbatical:

Her stark website today reads: “”I am NOT involved in “Everybody Draw Mohammd [sic] Day!”

Okay, but did you have to draw yourself wearing a peace sign?

At the end of last year, in National Review, I wrote about a London Times writer’s call for a “secularist and liberal defense of the principles of a pluralist society.” I was skeptical, and I wound up the column with one of those itsy-bitsy nuthin’ foot-of-page-37 stories that crop up somewhere around the western world every day now – something about Jewish teachers getting taunted by, ahem, certain pupils:

Around 2002 she began to encounter explicitly anti-Semitic speech from Muslim students: “Does someone smell a Jew? It stinks here.” “You are not human, you are a Jew.” Had Anglo-Saxon skinheads essayed such jests, Oliver Kamm’s warriors of secular pluralism would have crushed them like bugs. But when the teacher went to the principal, and the school board, and the local “hate-crimes unit,” they all looked the other way and advised her that it would be easier if she retired. Sixty out of 75 French teachers at the school opted to leave: A couple were Jewish, a few more practicing Catholics, and most of the rest were the liberal secularists on whom Oliver Kamm’s defense of the West rests. The francophone children withdrew, too. And now the principal and most of the students and faculty are Muslim.

Maybe it would have wound up like that anyway. But having nothing to stand in your way except liberal progressives certainly accelerated the process. And as it went at one schoolhouse, so will it go on the broader horizon: If you believe in everything, you’re unlikely to stand for something.

So much for the left’s “outrage” over “South Park” and “Everybody Draw Muhammad Day”. Back to “Everybody Have A Decaf Latte Day”.

Tim Blair quotes Ross Douthat:

In a way, the muzzling of “South Park” is no more disquieting than any other example of Western institutions’ cowering before the threat of Islamist violence. It’s no worse than the German opera house that temporarily suspended performances of Mozart’s opera “Idomeneo” because it included a scene featuring Muhammad’s severed head. Or Random House’s decision to cancel the publication of a novel about the prophet’s third wife. Or Yale University Press’s refusal to publish the controversial Danish cartoons … in a book about the Danish cartoon crisis. Or the fact that various Western journalists, intellectuals and politicians — the list includes Oriana Fallaci in Italy, Michel Houellebecq in France, Mark Steyn in Canada and Geert Wilders in the Netherlands — have been hauled before courts and “human rights” tribunals, in supposedly liberal societies, for daring to give offense to Islam.

But there’s still a sense in which the “South Park” case is particularly illuminating. Not because it tells us anything new about the lines that writers and entertainers suddenly aren’t allowed to cross. But because it’s a reminder that Islam is just about the only place where we draw any lines at all.

Because people are physically scared….

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  1. Curious Observer,
    You are right – the problem is that islam does not do this – and that is why this site exists.

  2. Insulting or responding? We need to try and understanding both sides of the argument if we are to progress as an international community. If we do not give radicals the opportunity to hate us, will they?

    No one is defending radical Muslims, but can we honestly side with South Park? That show is not worth defending, Trey and Stone are not worth it. There needs to be intelligent debate between both sides. Simply agitating an entire major religion just seems daft to me.

  3. Can we assist Shem and send some cartoons thereby participating in the “Mo by Cartoon” night. The winners could get a couple of weeks of sensitivity training.

  4. Sheik, that seems like scaremongering to me. Islam is maybe the second biggest religion in the world. If they were as radical as you suggest, no other religion would exist now. Yet we still find Christians in Egypt, Jews in Morroco and even Yemen (one of the oldest communities).

    I guess you will also tell me to fear a two-man run website called Revolution Muslims. Or maybe fear an old man somewhere in a cave in Afghanistan? Wake up, times are changing and we need to start living as an International Community.

  5. Thanks for letting me know that the soldiers of Allah haven’t killed all the Copts in Egypt yet and that there are still a few Jews allowed to live in Morocco.

    The genocide against the Hindus in Pakistan & Bangladesh is still fresh in the minds of some, and the the Armenian genocide is not forgotten.

    I urge you to be a Jew in Yemen, just for a day, to see what its like. I’ll gladly publish your report.

    Yemen’s Last Jews Threatened and Banished

    “respect and courtesy must always be upheld.”

    Really? Where is the respect and courtesy when Muslims are commanded to terrorize unbelievers, to kill them by beheading, to enslave them, rape their women, steal their belongings and sell their children?

    Where is the respect and courtesy when Muslims indoctrinate their children with hatred and celebrate when they blow themselves up for Allah?

    Where is the courtesy & respect in calling us ‘sons of apes & swine’, the vilest of creatures and by calling us ‘kafirs” placing us among feces, cadavers, excrement, alcohol & swine?

    ” times are changing and we need to start living as an International Community.”

    We have lived as an “International community” for centuries. We didn’t need Mohammedans for that.

    What we need is a complete reversal of the invasion, internment and mass deportations and a complete separation from the dar ul Islam.

  6. Curious Observer,
    From my perspective the muslim view point, as illustrated by the posts you refer to, is effectively unwilling to compromise on any thing they want or feel they deserve. To coexist with others you must compromise. If I choose to call a muslim a fool then that is my right – the danger of silencing people is far greater than a bit of name calling. The radicals already hate you – and you change everything in your favor by standing up to them. Regardless of whether you think Sth Park is not worth the time, standing up to the islamists is worth the time. Several cartoonists now live under protection because of these idiotic muslim thugs – and this phenomenon has happened with no other religion. An intelligent debate is possible only if both sides are capable of speaking intelligently – the islamists are not. Either the moderate muslim majority will save their religion be destroying the islamists and deconstructing islam and mohammed, or we will have to destroy the lot. This is the direction that has been forced on us – and you can talk all you like but until the key goals of islam are changed you are wasting time. Remember Chamberlain – by avoiding the relevant issues the people that believed in him made the problems worse and 20 million payed with their lives for this mistake. The islamic problem is significantly larger.

  7. kaw sez:

    ” the moderate muslim majority will save their religion “

    How long you been posting here?

    You still believe in the moderate unicorn and that there is something worth saving in Islam?

  8. Sheik,

    I think Kaw is at least hoping (against hope?) that islam will implode. That does not mean that we should sit back and ignore islam pretending that it will go away, but I would give Kaw the benefit of the doubt.

    Muslims are worth saving, islam isn’t…

  9. Sheik,

    Me, a muslim troll…????

    From now on it will be Aussie-John, white, anglo-saxon, and not ashamed to be a follower of Christ!

  10. John sounds like one of those Christians who choses to listen to what the muslims say and not read for himself the texts, history or laws of islam.

    Curious Observer is of the same sort.

    Both are islam’s useful idiots and don’t have a clue. I am reading ‘The Decline of Eastern Christianity under Islam’ and can tell you that it was the political and religious ‘leaders’ who are more than willing to sell their own out for islam. Idiots defending what they don’t know. And think that a discussion with those who have no intention of changing or tolerating will work.

    Toleration in islam only means doing it until they don’t have to anymore. Until the non-Muslims accept their fate (death or subjugation) or answer the call to islam. And that is usually after the peaceful facade falls off and the violence begins. But our governments and media are more than willing to change the words to suit muslim sensibilities or not report something as being a Jihad attack. We don’t want to offend muslims, heck we all get tired of their whining that they are the victims even though the crimes against them are almost nil to non-existent. Allahu Akbar will be written out of the Jihadi attackers last words.

  11. Sheik,
    islam is not worth saving but there may be some hope for the followers. Aussie-John, I just outlined two scenarios of what I think the future holds. Either the people who are in islam clean it up, or the rest of us have to clean them out. And to those that think that throwing islam off our planet is not possible – you are wrong.

  12. R_not,

    Please don’t think of me as a ‘useful idiot’. I believe islam is of satan, and that the koran and what it contains is suitable only for the rubbish bin, but I also believe that muslims can be saved (of course not all will be, but they can be) and this is my hope.

    There are many muslim converts to Christianity, but I don’t believe that we should blindly accept islam into the country in the expectation that some muslims may change. The safety and well being of our families and country men is of course prime importance.

    Jesus did not tolerate satan, nor did he tolerate sinful practices, but he did love the world. This example I must follow.

    Islam is the visible face and physical enactment of spiritual warfare, and it must be fought. I am yet unsure about all the ways to fight it, but this web site is one of them.

  13. Spine in Springfield? (Will Porky Pig join in too? – he has a lot to lose)

    The Simpsons support South Park writers in Mohammed censorship row

    [The opening titles of The Simpsons were altered to acknowledge the controversial decision by channel Comedy Central to change the 201st episode of South Park after the previous edition depicted the prophet disguised in a bear costume. ]

    [“South Park – we’d stand beside you if we weren’t so scared,” Bart Simpson wrote on the blackboard in the opening sequences. ]

  14. The statistics speak for themselves. Islam is the fastest growing, the second largest, and one with the most devout (or “radical”) following in the world. For those who think they can wipe it out, you need to smell the coffee.

    You can call me crazy or whatever, but I don’t think the world should fight because of some cartoonists who want to deliberately agitate an entire world community. They simply are not worth anyone’s time or effort.

    Unlike some of the posters here, I have actually studied Islam at University level. I have a Masters in Theological Studies. I have read the description of Mohammed, it is no where near depicted correctly by South Park. The South Park depiction looks more like a Sikh or Hindu than it does an Arab.

    For one, Mohammed would always wear white. Second, his skin colour was supposedly whiter than milk. Thirdly, his turban was mostly white. For those who care to read:

  15. * For those who think they can wipe it out, you need to smell the coffee.

    How did the prophet Ezekiel take his coffee?
    Pretty strong, if Ezekiel 38 & 39 are anything to go by.

    * I have a Masters in Theological Studies.

    Do you know God, through the one mediator between God and man; Jesus Christ? If not, your Masters is of no value in the next life.

  16. I am not hear to tell you what God to believe in. I am advising to stick to truth and stop falling in to Zionist propaganda. Study, read and learn. Success is in education, not in polemics.

    We are all the children of Adam and Even, and as one son of Adam to another, I am advising sincerely from my heart: We will all die one day and face our judgement, let us be just in our criticism and be factual.

    In peace.

  17. Depicting Muhammad as a cultist Sikh or an elephant worshipping Hindu is not intelligent debate. It makes people like Trey and Stone look like fools and ignorants. Atleast get the drawing right!

    God is our judge (something both Trey and Stone do not believe in). Why defend an Atheist against a fellow Theist? We must be just and see God in all things.

  18. Curious,

    As soon as you mentioned ‘Zionist plot’ you let the cat out of the bag. There is no ‘Zionist plot’!!

    The Jews are God’s chosen, and any nation who curses Israel is, will be or has been cursed. Any nation that blesses Israel is blessed.

    Genesis 12 :2 “I will make you into a great nation
    and I will bless you;
    I will make your name great,
    and you will be a blessing. 3 I will bless those who bless you,
    and whoever curses you I will curse;
    and all peoples on earth
    will be blessed through you.”

    I suggest you learn from history, not from some made up tripe taught to you by some bigoted mullah.

  19. Observer sez:

    ” I am advising to stick to truth and stop falling in to Zionist propaganda. Study, read and learn. Success is in education, not in polemics.”

    Agreed. We are here to learn. Please advise what you consider ‘Zionist propaganda’.

    This is an educational website. We read, we write and we learn. (Something a majority of Mohammedans are missing out on)

    You have come to the right place!

  20. Curious Observer.
    Mohammedism grows because of uncontrolled birth rate – there are VERY FEW conversions to islam. And if seriously think that it cannot be wiped out then you need to smell the coffee – the growth mechanism of islam points to a mechanism of shutting it down. In ten years, if certain programs are started and actively maintained, then islam will cease to exist in the west. In fifty years, it will then be possible to terminate islam in Africa, and South East Asia will then follow. If you cannot recognize the real danger of censorship made on behalf of islam, irrespective of your dislike for South Park, then you should perhaps stay in the ivory tower. I find your phrase “Zionist propoganda” rather disturbing and I now demand that you explain this.

  21. Aussie, there is no cat or is there a bag. I have never confirmed or denied anything about my faith. The point is that there is intelligent debate, justice and god-wariness. These are things Atheists lack, like Trey and Stone. It something classical theists (Christians, Jews, Muslims) must abide by.

    Atleast people of faith can debate with some etiquette and righteousness. It is because we know we will be held responsible for our actions and judged accordingly afront of our Lord.

    Hinduism is the only religion which is multiplying due to uncontrolled birth rates. Do some statistical searches. This is not the case with Islam. The greatest tragedy in some debates is where people confuse Islam (belief in One God) with Hinduism (Worship of rats, monkeys and elephants).

    However, this is not the debate here. The point is whether Islam can suddenly be wiped out. That is a logically implausible notion, I am sorry to say this but it is a reality. Even American media acknowledges the conversion rates.

    Zionism and “Jewish” control over the media is something well-known and acknowledged by numerous academics around the world. It would be silly and unrealistic to deny this. Norman Finkelstein, Noam Chomsky are only but a few who rigorously support this view. I suggest you Youtube or Google them.

  22. “In fifty years, it will then be possible to terminate islam in Africa, and South East Asia will then follow.”

    Islam is only widespread in North Africa. I would not count South Africa as mostly Muslim, especially South-west where you find people of no religion at all or nude bush-tribes. Indonesia is the biggest populated Muslim country in the world, followed by some South-Asian countries.

    About 15% of the Muslim world is Arab. All other races are conversions in to Islam. This statistic alone throws the entire notion of “uncontrollable birth rates” out the window. Even the top Muslim clerics in the USA are Caucasian white men converts to Islam. Google Hamza Yusuf, a very high Muslim authority in the West.

  23. I’d rather listen to a Jew (-ish Nobel Price winner) in the media any day than a muslim blathering on about how mini-skirts create earthquakes and how all infidels should be killed.

    You can’t blame the media for wanting to have someone there with something interesting to say.

  24. Observer, you obviously know nothing of Hinduism. Your crass prejudices and stereotyping are plain ignorant.

    It is Mohammedanism that multiplies rapidly through massive overbreeding. The best example you can find in the so-called ‘refugee camps’ where the Pali Arabs have multiplied 7 to 8 times since 1948.

    But you are right:

    this is not the debate here. The point is whether Islam can suddenly be wiped out. That is a logically implausible notion, I am sorry to say this but it is a reality.

    Islam can be destroyed by ridicule. Gradually and surely. If Muslims are treated with ridicule and disdain the system will collapse. If the mass media would lounge a concerted campaign exposing the cult of the meshugga profit millions and millions of muslims would leave instantly, without regrets.

    “Zionism and “Jewish” control over the media is something well-known and acknowledged by numerous academics around the world. It would be silly and unrealistic to deny this. Norman Finkelstein, Noam Chomsky are only but a few who rigorously support this view…”

    I asked for you definition of Zionism, not for your unfounded prejudice. (‘everybody knows’ is just silly) Why don’t you give us a list of the worlds biggest media moguls in the world and name the ‘Zionists” you claim to know among them?

    Norman Finkelstein & Noam Chomsky are Jew-hating lunatics who are not even allowed to come to Israel anymore. Nobody except a few raving moonbats from the far left takes them seriously.

    The rest of your drivel is irrelevant. The Jihad in Africa is well documented on this blog, feel free to do your searches.

    Conversions take place in prisons. Because Islam is a criminal cult, it attracts mainly criminals. We are well aware of that. What else is new?

  25. * Zionism and “Jewish” control over the media is something well-known and acknowledged by numerous academics around the world.

    Were you taught this in your theological studies, Curious, or is it all your own work? From which university did you get your Masters in Theological Studies?

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