Swedish University Cancels Lars Vilks Lecture

“Muslim Students Protested”

Artist Lars Vilks was invited by Jönköping University to speak about freedom of speech. But the seminar was canceled for security reasons.

“I’ve understood that Muslim students protested,” says Lars Vilks.  / Islam in Europe

“Battle for freedom of the Muslims” comes to Spain

Via T&P and El Mundo,

The Muslim Federation in Spain announced they will turn to the Constitutional Court regarding the decision of a Madrid school to expel a hijab-wearing student.     “There is no negotiation because we are talking about a basic right. This is a battle for freedom of the Muslims and the Spanish people in general. We can not live in a state that violates human rights for free. We are undertaking this battle until the end of the Constitutional Court”he said. (more)


Three hundred people demonstrated in Brussels Saturday against headscarves in schools (NL) and government services. The protesters ask the French Community of Belgium to soon approve a decree banning the headscarves.  Via Islamization Watch, a CNN report on the proposed full-veil ban in Belgium:

Norway: Mullah Krekar issues death threats for Koran burning

….it’s completely legal to kill him, regardless of where he did this, whether the Koran was burned in Oslo in the infidel’s home or in an Islamic home ruled by the Khalif. Both places he must be killed,” it says in the audio clip.

The male voice, appearing with the profile name N. Krekar, then asks if there is someone brave enough to kill.

The voice calls on all Muslims, Pakistanis or Somalians, to kill because of the Koran-burning. Dagbladet heard the audio-clip in its entirety, and had it translated by several independent translators. Death threats for Koran burning

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  1. Beware of Canada’s political lefties, especially the NDP and the great lefty newspaper, the Toronto Star. Ontario, perhaps the world’s home to lefty culture, provides full pardons to dangerous offenders, after they’ve served their time and have gone five years without being arrested. Karla Holmoka, a psychopathic sadist, who assisted rapping and killing two school girls, is illegible for a full pardon-her criminal records will be destroyed.

    The Canadian left is more pro Islam than Israel, and this is clearly the case with the NDP, who are supported by the Canadian Islamic Conference. Toronto Star lefty columnist Thomas Walkom, provided a number of supportive articles for the Toronto 18-this was an Islamic group who came close to blowing up the CN Tower, and planned to invade the parliament buildings, capture the Prime Minister and cut his head off.

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