"They want to finish us off…"

A ‘peaceful’ intifada?

Carl in J’lem:

I saw last week that aides to Arafat’s successor, the Holocaust-denying Mahmoud Abbas, are claiming that they are planning a ‘peaceful’ intifada. You know, the kind where all the ‘Palestinians’ will sit in the streets wearing their keffiyahs and singing Kumbaya. If there is another intifada, it will be violent. There is no such thing as a ‘peaceful’ intifada. The ‘Palestinians’ don’t know how to sing Kumbaya.  Read the whole thing.

In Gaza, life is good, for now

Life is pretty good in Gaza right now believe it or not. Fuel is cheap, cement for building is abundant (don’t believe that nonsense about it not getting in). Yes, things are going great in Gaza. Really.

‘Death to collaborators’

85.6% of Gazans surveyed believe that the death penalty should be implemented against ‘collaborators‘ with Israel and with Fatah.link to Carl

Postcard from North Korea:

“We do not have to talk. We have nuclear weapons.” Read it all. More here.

Cleric on Egypt TV: “Heavy metal is Zionist”

A great clip from MEMRI, transcript here

Israel Finances Gaza’s Economic Boom

Suffering Pal’s? Not here….

Foreign visitors to the Gaza strip, like the UN General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon and the EU Exterior Commissioner Catherine Ashton of late, tearfully present the 1.2 million Palestinian inhabitants in a moving picture of starving and homeless pitiful forms — and the Israeli embargo is to blame for all of this. [more from PI ]

The Middle East’s Biggest Con-Game: Claiming Israel is the Cause of the Region’s Problems

Shocka! Israeli Intellectual Discovers: They Want to Finish Us Off

Yoaz Hendel/Ynet News

Anti-Israel rally on Land Day further shatters local peace dreams

In recent years, Land Day has turned into the official way of shattering the dreams of peace fans in the Middle East. It’s a day where the masks come off, and instead of hummus spiced up with talk about partnership, we discover the rift between the Jewish state and its Arab citizens, or at the least the louder ones amongst them.

Some people wish to delude themselves, as though the bloody conflict around here is a matter of territory – a logical dispute between two peoples over land, construction freezes, and a few east Jerusalem neighborhoods. As if once we embark on negotiations and resolve these differences, we shall see the dawn of a new Middle East here: Arabs and Jews will live alongside each other in their respective tranquil states.

Yet then come the people who are supposed to share this (tranquil) state with us and remind us that they have no intention of this ever happening; they remind us that they root for the people we view as enemies.

It’s important to say this clearly: Those who hold up photographs of Hezbollah leader Nasrallah and of the group’s former military commander Mugniyah in fact hold up their dream of terminating the Jewish state.

Neglect and bias
The displays we saw Tuesday in the Arab rally in Sakhnin, the anti-Israel zeal, the Islamic Movement’s incitement, and mostly the growing lack of solidarity among Arab citizens with their own state have many reasons. All of them, necessarily, have to do with the Jewish establishment.

Based on the familiar blame-the-Jews reflex, we’re supposed to see here now the words neglect, discrimination, and prejudice – the historic story about the sin that gave rise to Land Day.

Well, it’s all true: We neglected the enforcement of the law in Arab communities, we created discrimination when we exempted them of their duties as citizens, and we showed bias for many years
when we allowed their youth to be raised by people who wish to detach them from the state they live in. The contract between the state and its citizens is simple: You get rights and fulfill your duties.

The situation faced by Arab Israelis is no more complex than that of other minorities who did fulfill their duties over the course of history. The people who exempt the Arabs and allow them to engage in “democratic displays” of solidarity with the enemy ultimately hurt their right to live a normal life here, and mostly hurt our shared future in this land.

Thousands attend ‘Land Day’ ceremony / Sharon Roffe-Ofir

Arab protestors attend special ceremony in Sakhnin, cry out: ‘Barak, how many children have you killed today?’ MKs present complain of Israel’s ‘racist policies’, say they won’t stop fighting for ‘stolen land’  Full Story

6 thoughts on “"They want to finish us off…"”

  1. stupid Israeli, stone against missile & tanks and you call them terrorists give the land back to those people may GOD curse on those who stole things

    1. When the Muzlims sacked and conquered territories, such as Constantinople, North Africa, Spain and southwest Asia , they didn’t have to apologize and most certainly wouldn’t dream of actually returning the land to the former Non-Muzlim owner.
      But Israel, a miniscule little country must return lands she won in a defensive war when she was attacked by surrounding A-rabs!?

      Israel has only ever fought defensive wars. Defensive. Defending herself.

      Over and over Israelis have fought, for their very lives, and for the life of their people and Nation. Incidentally this State was supposed to provide a haven for Jews in a world that had just disposed of six million of them.

      But while wer’e on the topic of “re-gifting” and returning things..howza bout Izlam return Iraq, Turkey, Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Morrocco, and the 2/3 of the Christian world it dominated and subjugated.

      Oh and this just in:..The Romans and Byzantines want their Empires back too k?

      But don’t hold your breath sweet friends ..Hagia Sophia will not exactly be converted back to a church anytime soon.

      Hagia Sophia

  2. If the israeli’s were stupid they would not have survived.
    if they were real criminals there would not be any palestinians left
    by now. the only little piece of land that palestinians can claim is Gaza,
    the rest was in israel’s possession thousand of years ago.
    Blame the arab friends who never intended to solve the palestinian
    problem. (who never wanted to create a palestinian state anyway).
    Although in a way they tried; Jordan killed of more palestinians in the
    black september event than Israel in the period 1948-2007.
    Yhvh condemns those who steal, but can forgive them, if they repent.
    but allah (inspite of the words in the quran) won’t forgive.
    “Todas naciones hablan mal de las otras y todas tienen razon”
    (all nations speak bad of the other nations and they are all right).
    All humans are sinners and need salvation through Yehoshua ha
    Moshiach, but the ones who don’t want to accept will die in their sins.
    Allah, Buddha and Brahman can’t help you.
    Real Renewal comes through YHWH Ruach from the inside, the “outward reform” of all political, ideological, religious and
    societal systems can not bring PEACE.

  3. Yes, now we are talking about returning land;
    when will turkey, iran and iraq give the kurds independence?
    Israel fought 2 defensive wars (being attacked) and 2 offensive wars
    (for being threatened to be attacked) against its neighbours.
    Jews never received restitution for all the money, goods, posessions & lands they owned in the arab states were they lived after they were expelled from there during the wars. and most of all they have no right
    to return there, so pali’s should not get the right to live in Israel or…
    would they be so benevolent to accept jews in their pali-state?
    Doesn’t look like it, does it?
    russians, chinese and mongols can also claim “lost properties”.
    let’s start claiming right to freedom of religion in arab countries.

  4. Jews lived in the land of Israel thousands of years before Islam came on the scene, and for 600 years before Islam, Jews were pining for their lost home of Jerusalem. At the time Jesus, a Jew, lived in the Holy Land, Islam hadn’t been invented. Which brings me to the only possible solution to the Middle East conflict, which is not about territory, but all about JIHAD: de-Islamise the Middle East.

    Islam steals others’ land and plagiarises their religious practices, and then consigns these others to the darkness, never to be mentioned again.

    Why are decent intelligent people letting them get away with it?

  5. “why are decent intelligent people letting them get away with it?”
    Many people are asking this question too !
    when i read the translations of the quran, the apologetics of islam
    and their world vision and the agenda of the ahmidayah movement
    in 1993, i concluded that the western world would not be so stupid to
    give in to the ultimate plans of many muslims to take over the world
    and so on. 10-15 years later i realized that the west had given in too
    much already, why? ; political correctness, money, corruption and
    most of all leaving Yahweh!

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