Today's Jihad Roundup

From the RoP:

Hindu Temple Vandalized, Religious Festival Attacked by Bengal Islamists.

How dare these filthy cow-worshippers celebrate their  religious holidays!

20-25 Hindu Girls Abducted Each Month, Forcibly Converted…

The Muslims are only saving them from unbelief and hellfire. What’s wrong with that?

London Students Refuse to Pray in Multi-Faith Room…

Wanna bet that the university caves in sooner  than later? Even the Queen grants her Muslim employee a prayer room… better get with the program, people!

ACLU to Protect Muslims from FBI Questioning…

At this point in time, the ACLU employs very few non- Muslims…

Somali Pirates Experience “Backlash”

Five suspected Somali pirates were taken into custody Thursday after firing at a U.S. Navy battleship deep in the Indian Ocean, hundreds of miles off the East African coast. (Cool. But why invite them in and take ’em home?  Why not feed  ’em to the sharks?)  FOX News

Progressive Enlightenment: ‘Why Can’t We Just Sit Down with bin Laden and Say ‘Hey Man…’

That’ll do it! My, why didn’t anyone think of that before…?

MPAC Equates ‘Christian’ Plot to Moscow Terror…

Watch out for those Christian fundamentalists!

Swiss Imam: “Non-Muslims Lower Than Animals”

Imam Youssef Ibram.

How radical are Swiss Muslim Clerics?

Very radical, according to this report  from Swiss TV SF:

The imam (pictured above) calls for stoning of adulterous women  and instantly does the victimization song & dance when questioned.

Its all  a “witch-hunt” and anyhow, the sharia doesn’t apply in Switzerland…

Swiss authorities have no plans to make a  move  against the notorious hate preacher…. BLICK has more (in German)

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  1. Non muslims lower than animals, eh? what does that make muslims, animals, pigs, dogs, camels and apes? Thank God for the wisdom that He has given us to recognize the evil that is mohammedism. Islam was derived from pigs and apes as it was their religion. The arabs have now made it their very own religion.

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