UK: Mosque Trip & Muslim Clothing "Compulsory"

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Verse 2:256 of the Qur’an“There’s no compulsion in religion” takes another twist in Nullabors England:

Ellesmere Port mother’s anger after daughter told trip to mosque is ‘compulsory’

A MOTHER is keeping her daughter off school after refusing to give her permission to take part in a trip to a Liverpool mosque.

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Michelle Davis, of Bodiam Court, Ellesmere Port, claims she was left with no choice but to keep 14-year-old daughter Amy Owen at home after Ellesmere Port Catholic High School’s headteacher Peter Lee tried to encourage the pupil into participating.

Miss Davies said: “I objected to Amy being made to dress like a Muslim girl, the original letter from the school gave a dress code for the visit, including long skirts, leggings or tights and covering up her head.

“She’s been brought up in the Catholic faith and religion. Amy is not a Muslim and shouldn’t be told to dress like one.”

Miss Davies handed in a letter setting out reasons why she wouldn’t be attending and the school asked if it was a problem with payment.

She said: “I asked them not to patronise me, it’s £3 to cover the cost of the bus.”

Despite requesting that any further communication about the proposed Year 9 trip, part of the students’ religious education class, be conducted strictly between her and Mr Lee, Miss Davies was upset to hear that Amy had been pulled out of her lessons and told the mosque excursion was ‘compulsory’.

Miss Davies, who knows a number of other parents who have refused permission, also received a letter from Mr Lee, further insisting that Amy attend.

She said: “At the end of the letter, underlined, it says: ‘I must require your child to participate in this trip’.

“This is an infringement of her human rights.”

In a written statement, Mr Lee refused to comment on the compulsory nature of the trip, but did say: “In keeping with accepted good practice and the school’s status as a humanities college we are pleased to provide students with an experience of a visit to a mosque and the chance to talk to and question a representative of the community which it serves.”

Miss Davies added: “I’m all for her being educated in all areas of religion but she’s not Muslim and she shouldn’t have to dress like one.

“I can guarantee that if there were ten Muslim girls coming to our school it would adhere to what they wanted, because that’s their faith, their religion, their dress code.”

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  1. The beast shall hate the whore – these non-muslim institutions are playing with fire, and will get burned – literally.

  2. Dhumme Dhimmi,
    Although I am far from home there are some indications that things are moving in this direction in SA and Vic. I will did out the references and post when I get time.

  3. Thanks kaw! I would appreciate that. Stephanie or Cassandra have sent some things in. We do not get to hear about them.
    I do ask my kids and they have had one incursion, which was ‘balanced’ by having a Catholic, a Jew and a muslim come along for ‘interfaith’ schmuuzzzzies.

  4. An incident like this happened at my son’s secondary school a few years back..A history class went on avisit to the mosque..The girls were told to cover their heads..Soon after an irate father went to the media and complained..the headmaster was furious that he went straight to the Sunday became a big issue..The mosque called in the African American terrorist to be their spokeperson..At that time he was banned from entering Aussie but was flying in and out of NZ as he wished..He is so arrogant. A female teacher had asked why they had to cover their heads..he was so rude to her and said that she had deliberately asked a provocative question..he seemed unable to speak to a woman respectfully.
    I haven’t heard of any other school mosque visits. I really admired the father for going straight to the media.

  5. “I can guarantee that if there were ten Muslim girls coming to our school it would adhere to what they wanted, because that’s their faith, their religion, their dress code.”

    She is right, can you image them visiting a house of friends and being asked to a) show their faces and b) shake hands with (shudder) men?

  6. This is a clear violation of human rights.
    I wonder how was their teacher being coaxed into this, was he brainwashed? as no decent thinking teacher would do this.

    Perhaps Mr Lee would be happy to lead the muslim students to the church!

  7. If my daughter wants to visit a mosque, she’ll have to wait until she’s 18. There is no way I would let her go on such a school trip, I would rather be taken to court.

  8. With Fabian Socialist rule in Britain, it’s more than likely their long term planning comng to the fore.
    After all, a founder member of the Fabians’ George Bernard Shaw Wrote this….

    Sir Bernard Shaw in The Genuine Islam, Singapore, Vol. 1, No. 8, 1936:

    “If any religion had the chance of ruling over England, nay Europe within the next hundred years, it would be Islam.”

    Coincidence, with what we see happening in Europe and the UK?

  9. “If any religion had the chance of ruling over England, nay Europe within the next hundred years, it would be Islam.” Sir Bernard Shaw

    Thanks for reminding me of that, Sally!

  10. Sheesh. A CATHOLIC school?? This parent is paying big money for private schooling and has to put up with mushheaded ideas like this? Sister Mary Agnes would have rapped his knuckles big time if she were still around to keep moral order.

    Sigh. That was back when men were men and nuns meant business. We are NOT living in better times.

  11. “If any religion had the chance of ruling over Englang, nah Europe in the net 100 yrs, it would be Islam”,
    That’s why we have seen the rise of the English defence league in this country. If the threat of radical Islam trying taking over European countries was a weather warning, it would be at iminent. Islam is a cancer on the world, a virus, that spreads at a phenominal rate, and the only cure is agresive confrontation.

  12. Why is everyone so surprised that a Catholic school is doing this. Remember that one of their foremost universities, The Australian Catholic University in Melbourne, has set up a Muslim/Catholic interfaith centre, named after jihadi Fetullah Gulen.

    Why are some Catholics so hooked on Islam? Doesn’t make sense to me.
    I thought they were supposed to be Christians, and Islam wants to destroy Christianity (and every other religion).

    Incidentally, the Jewish schools, presumably not wanting to be seen as “prejudiced” or, heaven forbid, Islamophobic, are also welcoming Muslims into their schools as part of the interfaith fraudfest.

    We must stop this da’wa with Muslims. Let’s instead do interfaith with those who share our Golden Rule – Hindus and Buddhists.
    Islam does not treat humanity as equal, does not believe in the Golden Rule. Infidels must occupy an inferior place, if allowed to live at all.

  13. Cassandra, could you please post that Catholic / muslim interfaith link again. I now remember it was you who posted it last time.

    Sheik, I would like to suggest another feature in your upgrade.
    Any ‘Search’ for a Poster doesn’t work because it doesn’t look for clues in the ‘Comments’ field.

    ‘binging’ might work but it is like looking for the proverbial……

  14. Why are some Catholics so hooked on Islam?

    Good question, Cassandra.

    I’ve been watching this tragedy unfold since the late seventies.

    My theory is that they are puzzled by the clout and the power these Islamic headbangers wield over their followers.

    The Catholics have lost it, the churches are empty, the young people stay away. It seems that the preacher class craves power, influence and respect, which they don’t get from the uninterested Christian youth. They are impressed and puzzled why the Islamics can do it and they themselves can’t.

    Have you seen this article here?

  15. * Why are some Catholics so hooked on Islam?

    On the one hand, Catholicism claims that there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church …

    [Indeed we declare, say, pronounce, and define that it is altogether necessary to salvation for every human creature to be subject to the Roman Pontiff.] Unam Sanctam — Papal Bull of Pope Boniface VIII

    On the other hand, it claims that islam is an alternate route …

    [Catechism of the Catholic Church, Simplified

    Muslims (841)

    God’s plan of salvation includes those who acknowledge the Creator. Among these, in the first place, are the Muslims who profess the faith of Abraham and believe in one merciful God as mankind’s judge on the Last Day.]

    There is no Biblical basis for a claim that God’s plan of salvation includes islam, which specifically rejects the sonship, deity, and crucifixion of Jesus Christ – the very foundation of Christianity.

    muslims have been dudded and deluded, together with Catholics or anyone else that believes that islam is an alternate route to salvation.

    It is not, and never will be, no matter how much blood is shed by those who assert it as fact.

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