"Unknown Quantity"

Swiss Law Puts Muslims Above the Law

Swiss Muslims can insult unbelievers.

Unbelievers cannot insult Muslims because they are “a particular religious group” , even though they  don’t need to be ethnic or a race…..

Die “Tiere” fügen sich/PI

Cursed be those who judge with ignorance and cowardice:

Basel, Switzerland: Proceedings were launched against a Swiss imam for  a sermon/kuthba in which he called unbelievers,  those who don’t believe in Allah and his prophet the “vilest of creatures, lower than vermin”, standard Mohammedan fare, as you can see here:

Those who reject (Truth), among the People of the Book and among the Polytheists, will be in Hell-Fire, to dwell therein (for aye). They are the worst of creatures. (98:6)

the vilest of animals in Allah’s sight are those who disbelieve, then they would not believe. (8:55)

Verse 7:176 compares unbelievers to “panting dogs” with regard to their idiocy and worthlessness.  Verse 7:179 says they are like “cattle” only wors

Verse 5:60 even says that Allah transformed Jews of the past into apes and pigs.  Verse 2:65 echoes the theme.

A hadith says that Muhammad believed rats to be “mutated Jews” (Bukhari 54:524, also confirmed by Sahih Muslim 7135 and 7136).

Verses 46:29-35 even say that unbelieving men are worse than demons who believe in Muhammad.

Here’s the judgement in German, I try my best to translate:

Damit dieser Tatbestand erfüllt ist, muß sich die Herabsetzung oder die Diskriminierung gegen eine bestimmte oder zumindest bestimmbare Rasse, Ethnie oder Religion richten. Diejenigen Menschen, die Allah nicht anerkennen, stellen indessen keine eigene – vom Schutzbereich der Strafnorm erfaßte – Rasse, Ethnie oder Religionsgemeinschaft dar; vielmehr handelt es sich um die unbestimmte Gesamtheit aller Anders- und Nichtgläubigen.

Das bedeutet: Würde ich den Spieß umdrehen und behaupten: “Alle Menschen, die an Allah glauben, sind weniger wert als Tiere”, dann ginge es mir an den Kragen. Denn dies wäre ja eine Herabsetzung “einer bestimmten oder zumindest bestimmbaren Rasse, Ethnie oder Religion”.

Judgement (my translation in English)

To fulfil the conditions for hate speech the  attacks must be directed against a specific race, ethnical group or religion.  The people who don’t recognize Allah are not a protected group because they are not a race, ethnical group or a religious congregation. It is rather directed towards an unknown quantity of  other- and non believers.

So that means if you would turn it around and make the claim that “Everyone who believes in Allah are lower than animals, vermin..” then you can be booked for hate speech. Because you are attacking one specific group that  belongs to one particular religion, (even though they are not necessarily ethnic or a race)

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  1. Does that mean that it is “open season” on Atheists?

    Actually, there is enough in the Koran which refers directly to the People of The Book and the Jews. Someone just chose the least illegal sentences, since they are not stupid and the effect (inciting to riot) is the same in the end.

  2. The judge make than correect ruleing I know many Christian Religious leader who talk about unbeliever going to burn in hell even it they belong to than different christian sect. I believe than canadian court rule than certain drug testing kit use by police to test for drug cannot be use as it gave than false reading of heron 80% of the time than other correct ruleing.

  3. Everyone knows that all muslim men are misogynists and that muhammed is a false prophet.Also,the poltically incorrect term”FAGGOT” comes to mind as well.Muslim men squat to take a leak,so that is a great indicator that they like it up the ass.Too late for all muslims following that lying,pig lover mohammed.Does “Thou shall not kill” ring a bell for you idiots???Let me school you…It is one of the 10 commandments that the pig mohammed lied to all muslims.If your God has stated that it is ok to kill unbelievers,then your God is the devil.All non-muslimse know how stupid muslims really are.That’s why we do not associate with you lying,smelly sacks of sh.t!!!

  4. Then Let see if unchristian can sue christian for saying they are going to hellfire.It work both way that why the Judge ruleing is correct. It must be direct at than specic person or group which isnot too large.

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