Youtube vs Counterjihad

Rescuing the Vlad Tepes Videos

Gates of Vienna

As most of you know, over the last year or so Vlad Tepes has become the mainstay of our video operation. Vlad does most of the capturing, editing, titling, and uploading of video used here. His contribution has been invaluable.

Recent circumstances indicate that Youtube is moving towards deleting Vlad’s channel, possibly because of accusations that he promotes “hate speech”. The situation is so ominous that Vlad has posted a “mirror me” appeal to fellow Youtubers, urging them to capture and upload his important videos to their own channels:

Barenaked seems to experience the same problem,  the vid’s are blocked:  ABN: Bringing you the leading ISLAMIC TERROR NEWS of the day that you won’t get anywhere else

Here on WoJ we have had some problems with this video which we uploaded on several sites, only to see it removed again and again. You can still listen to the song, here: My Allah Is Better, but the vid was real cool…..

So what made Youtube decide to come down hard on Vlad Tepes at this particular moment?

One possibility is the abridged version of Col. Allen West’s speech at FDI in February. That clip has recently gone viral, and is being viewed roughly 30,000 times every day.

Col. West is a threat to the powers that be, especially CAIR and its Islam-appeasing fellow travelers. He speaks the hard truth about Islam, and is immune to having the “racist” card played against him. Stopping a popular video that exposes the danger of Islam is undoubtedly a top priority for the Muslim Brotherhood in the USA.

The usual strategy is for Muslims to pass the word among themselves on forums and other websites, advising readers to complain to Youtube that certain videos are “racist” or exhibit “hate speech”. Youtube then removes those videos, and sometimes shuts down the channel.

Is that what’s happening to Vlad? It’s too early to tell.

But mirroring important videos from his channel is a good idea in any case. We can’t have too many copies of them. The more there are of us, the harder we are to silence.