All we need is "understanding…"

US: 2000 US actors, intellectuals accuse Obama of ‘war crimes’ for authorizing assassination of radical cleric Anwar al-Awlaki

Islamization Watch

It takes aim especially at Obama’s decision — reported by US officials — to authorize the killing of a radical Islamic cleric and US citizen Anwar al-Awlaki, who is accused of ties to Al-Qaeda in Yemen.Read more…

Woody Allen: “It Would Be Good If Obama Could Be a Dictator for a Few Years”

“…it would be good…if he could be a dictator for a few years because he could do a lot of good things quickly.”

Dictatorship preferred…..

Of course, this comes as a complete shock.  What is it with these leftist loons and their passion for socialist dictators?     Gateway Pundit

Nicking Our Public Discourse

Mark Steyn

What with the Fort Hood mass murderer, the Christmas Pantybomber, and now the Times Square bomber, you may have noticed a little uptick in attempted terrorist attacks on the U.S. mainland in the last few months. More>>

New beginning – same old Religion of Peace.   In the year since  Obama’s pledge for a “new beginning” with the Islamic world, Muslims in America have, 1) Plotted to set off a car bomb in  Illinois, 2) Plotted to blow up a skyscraper in Dallas, 3) Attempted to detonate an airplane over Detroit, 4) Murdered an army recruiter in Arkansas,  5) Planted a  car bomb in Times Square, and 6) Massacred thirteen people in Texas. Thanks to the ROP

Obama’s Invisible Islam

Will we ever be able to win their hearts & minds?

“The United States will not defeat an enemy it is afraid to identify.”/WaPo readers are more intelligent than their editors……/check out the comments>>>

Gateway Pundit

Obama Administration Refuses to Condemn Libya’s Election into the UN Yuman Rites Council

Yuman Rites Expert Gaddafi

It’s an upside down, inside-out, topsy-turvy Obama world…

This week the Libyan regime was elected by a majority of fellow UN members to serve on the United Nations Human Rights Council. The council is made up of 47 States responsible for strengthening the promotion and protection of human rights around the globe. The Obama Administration refused to name names specifically of any concerns they had about the election. They said it would not be helpful to single out any one nation.   Sad and weak.   FOX News reported, via EYE on the UN>>

Jawa Report

San Diego State religious studies department chair trying to rehabilitate Jim Jones (yes, of the Jonestown massacre)

We all know it was the CIA and the Mossad that did it, we just gotta keep an open mind to believe the real truth:

Hey, it was only 918 people who were forced to commit mass suicide by a politically-connected Democratic power player and Marx-spewing Leftist. Daniel Flynn at City Journal takes down Rebecca Moore’s new book, “Understanding Jonestown and Peoples Temple”. Read More “San Diego State religious studies department chair trying to rehabilitate Jim Jones (yes, of the Jonestown massacre)”

Bomb Threat Aboard Cathay Pacific Aircraft to Vancouver

National Defence scrambled two CF-18 fighter jets from CFB Comox after a bomb threat was made aboard a Cathay Pacific flight enroute to a Vancouver airport Saturday afternoon.

Hussein Ibish: Asking why Muslims aren’t condemning terror is like asking a politician if he’s stopped beating his wife

Asking Muslims why they are so quiet about Islamic terrorism is a trap:

Update: Jihadwatch notes that in 2000 Ibish called Hezbollah’s conduct “exemplary”:

“Everywhere Hezbollah fighters, derided by the Israeli and U.S. governments as ‘terrorists,’ conducted themselves in an exemplary manner.”

Islam in Europe:

Munich: Muslim center plans put on hold after allegations of radicalism

5 thoughts on “All we need is "understanding…"”

  1. “All we need is “understanding…”
    by sheikyermami on May 16, 2010

    US: 2000 US actors, intellectuals accuse Obama of ‘war crimes’ for authorizing assassination of radical cleric Anwar al-Awlaki
    Islamization Watch”

    This guy has upset everybody!
    Between them and us, one of us is sure to get the target.

  2. 2,000 pinko liberal emotional cripples stick their heads back under the bed covers and scream “the world is not fair”.Haven’t they heard the saying”evil flourishes when good men do nothing”(paraphrased).What these emotional cripples are doing is worse than doing nothing,they are taking the side of the scum who is trying to kill them and their fellow citizens.
    Don’t these people realise that it is their governments duty to protect its citizens and if that necessitates killing someone who is trying to kill American citizens then so be it.America did not declare this war,it was declared over a thousand years before America existed.
    One thing has been made clear though,the pinko liberal emotional cripples have realised there is a war going on,otherwise they would not term it a war crime to kill the scum.
    During times of war,if an agent of the enemy power is found in mufti in a country they are at war with,they are considered a spy and can be executed (see the geneva convention) I bet the namby pambys didn’t think of that.

  3. Hollywoodland land is full of left wing PC, MC , Islamophile, moonbats and GAYS , LESBIANS and DON’T REALLY KNOWS, who are so stupid they dont know or rather CHOOSE not to know what Islam has in store for them . So why expect anything rational from them.

  4. “…it would be good…if he could be a dictator for a few years because he could do a lot of good things quickly.”

    I really thought that his movie “Bananas” was a spoof on Banana Republic Dictators. Now I’m not so sure.

  5. A twitter thread with Hussein Ibish

    Hussein Ibish’s writings indicate that he is one of the more moderate Palestinian Arab voices. But his Twitter reaction to my piece on his article about a book on costumes in Palestine was anything but moderate:

    No ‘moderate’ to see here, just another unhinged headbanger:

    This fool @elderofziyon complains before 20s no one called themselves “Palestinians.” Who called themselves “Israelis” before 40s? Moronic!

    We then had this exchange:
    elderofziyon says:
    @Ibishblog Apparently, you never heard of the Jewish people.

    Ibishblog says:
    @elderofziyon Are you deliberately obtuse? Jewish & Arab identities old, but the Israeli & Palestinian identity are both new. At same time.

    elderofziyon says:
    @Ibishblog You are claiming a centuries-old, specifically Palestinian culture in your article. Are you now backtracking and saying it’s Arab?

    Ibishblog says:
    @elderofziyon You completely misread my article, which clearly says contemporary Palestinian national identity is 20th century phenomenon.
    @elderofziyon In fact, I can only think you didn’t really read my article carefully at all, or are incapable of reading nuances carefully.

    elderofziyon says:
    @Ibishblog How did I misread “an ancient and unbroken Palestinian history and culture really does exist.”? Is 20th century “ancient”?

    Ibishblog says:
    @elderofziyon Yes, by pulling that sentence out of it’s much broader, more nuanced context, you are misreading everything. Deliberately so.

    elderofziyon says:
    @Ibishblog Wow.Let’s keep it simple:Do you claim there is an”ancient and unbroken Palestinian history and culture”? Not Arab – Palestinian.

    Ibishblog says:
    @elderofziyon There is an ancient & unbroken Palestinian history & culture, but like Israel’s its particularist nationalism is 20th century.

    elderofziyon says:
    @Ibishblog You are, as you admit, putting a political patina on an artificially, arbitrarily defined South Syria culture after the fact.
    Ibish is making a number of fundamental errors, and he seems to be doing it knowingly.

    To claim, as he does, that “there is an ancient and unbroken Palestinian history and culture” that predates anyone self-identifying as “Palestinian” is akin to calling pre-Abrahamic culture of Ur “Jewish.” Is Canaanite culture “Palestinian?” How about Philistine culture? Or Byzantine?

    As I wrote, and as he he did not disprove, the idea that there was a pan-Palestinian Arab culture that somehow fits roughly along the boundaries of Mandate Palestine that were drawn by the British is simply not true. It is a retroactive, modern, political attempt to find commonality among Arabs who did not feel that commonality themselves.

    It is also interesting that he did not admit that his quote of Golda Meir was wrong.

    But perhaps the biggest lie Ibish is pushing is that modern Israeli nationalism is distinct from Jewish peoplehood. Of course Zionism is a relatively modern concept, as is nationalism altogether, but the Jewish people are a nation and have been identified as such – both from within and from without – for millennia. Jews have been “making aliya” for centuries. The Biblical term for the Jewish people is “the children of Israel.” That’s what the Koran calls them as well. Christian sources called Jews “Israelites” as recently as the early twentieth century. Ibish, like most Palestinian Arab historical revisionists, tries to make an artificial distinction between Herzlian Zionism and the proto-Zionism of Rabbi Judah HaLevi, the Shelah and the disciples of the Vilna Gaon, all who moved to Israel.

    Ibish’s attempt to distinguish between modern Zionism and the ancient aspiration of Jews to return to Zion and modern Zionism is, at its root, an attempt to deny Jewish history – something that he railed against in another tweet at the same time (“This negation of each other’s histories and narratives is sick and disgusting!”)

    Denying history is indeed disgusting. Correcting a false narrative is, however, obligatory.

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