Allahu Akbar! Somali Pirates Get the Russian "Yuman Rites" Treatment

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An update from “Voluntary Coast Guards” Dearly Missed

Too bad Al Sharpton was not on board…..

You don’t have to speak Russian to understand this:

Any protests from the ‘Yuman Rites’ wankers or the United Nations?

Other News:

Red Cross aids Taliban

Dhimmitude: it’s a growth industry. “Red Cross aids Afghanistan Taliban,” from UPI, May 26

Hizballah threatens to target “military, civilian and commercial ships” heading to Israel

There you have it: they’ll target civilians, and they have no reservations about saying so. You stay classy, Hizballah. “Hezbollah vows to bomb ships in event of new war with Israel,” by Jocelyne Zablit for Agence France-Presse

After a year in office, Barack Hussein Obama has lost (only) half of his Jewish support.

And you thought Jews were intelligent…?

Moral Total Collapse: Amnesia Intentional in 2009

Analysis of AI’s 2009 Middle East activities reflects a disproportionate and unjustified focus on Israel.

JINO Watch: Rahm Emanuel Heckled by Israelis While Touring Old City of Jerusalem

(JINO stands for Jews in name only)

Gaza flotilla participants linked to terrorism

A group of ‘supply ships’ for Hamas is making its way toward Gaza (Israel has said it will only allow the ships to offload their cargo at Ashdod for inspection and transfer to Gaza over land). Meanwhile, the IDF reports that – surprise – many of the ships’ passengers and supporters are linked to terrorism.

The flotilla is an act of war and should be treated as such. To the extent that it is actually being sponsored by states (hello Turkey), Israel should respond as one responds to provocations by states.

Carl in J’lem

7 thoughts on “Allahu Akbar! Somali Pirates Get the Russian "Yuman Rites" Treatment”

  1. Mohammedans when committing their atrocities and acts of terrorism are frequently heard to cry ‘Allahu Akbar”. Now what the dhimmie STUPID left wing PC MC Islamophile moonbats THINK this means is “God is Great” and of course Mohammedans are very happy to let the moonbats continue in their STUPID IGNORANCE.

    ‘Allah Akbar’ means God is Great but ‘ALLAHU Akbar” is a a horse of a completely different colour it means ‘MY God is the GREATEST’ a significant difference dont you think. A claim such as this reveals a lot about Islam

    1) Its POLYTHEIST nature (as THEIR God being the GREATEST admits the existence of OTHER in their opinion albeit LESSER Gods)

    2) It also reveals the SUPREMACIST nature of Islam as they think THEIR God is the GREATEST God.

    3) It also reveals the competitive will to dominate in Islam too.

    So next time a Mohammedan or moonbat tries to tell you THEIR God is the same as YOUR God and that we all worship the SAME god then ask them ‘Why then do MOHAMMEDANS scream FIVE TIME A DAY from their Mosques that THEIR God is the GREATEST’

  2. Do you think we need to have bilateral navy exercises with Russia to closely watch their ‘sea exercises’?

  3. lol @ “this is a fishing boat”. That video shows though how easily the Jihadist scum can be put down and how quickly law and order could be restored in that area if NATO, UN and whoever else had the balls to enforce it. As for all the Jihadist ‘roaches dying? Don’t they teach them to swim at Jihadi school?

  4. Well,
    These may also be sailors who had been kidnapped by the pirates. The reports say ca. 10 pirates – there are at least 20 men under guard, and the weapons quantity seems sufficient for ca. 10. It seems clear that one group were taken off the ship (but I have to translate Russian for a better picture), and that a smaller group of ca. 10 received some sort of special treatment. Whatever, if the arabs were part of the crew (arabs + pakis actually) then this paints a very interesting picture of the linkage between islamist groups.

  5. The Russians and the Chinese appear to be the only countries who are able to deal swiftly and cleanly with the Jihadists. Retibution is swift. There are no trials and other bullshit where these scums are concerned. If Europe, US and Australia could learn something from the Russians it would be good in the overall interests of the World.

    The Somalis and Jihadists would henceforth stay very clear of Russian interests. They may want to taste the Chinese too. Let us wait and watch.

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