Are these people liars as well as racists?

ABC bans whites; claims it’s “equal opportunity”

How can the ABC ban whites from applying for this nice job::

Administrative Assistant
Job No.:491663
Department:ABC International
Work type:Ongoing Full Time
ABC International
$46,638 – $58,368 p.a.

This vacancy is open to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people only, which reflects the objectives of the ABC’s Equity and Diversity Management Plan and the Equal Employment Opportunity (Commonwealth Authorities) Act 1987.

And how can it at the bottom of this very same blacks-only ad make this boast:

The ABC is an equal opportunity employer.

Clearly it’s not. Something must go: either the racist restriction or the boast of being non-racist. Or are these people liars as well as racists?

No wonder so many ABC staff now insist on an Aboriginality that’s hard to detect with the naked eye:

Andrew Bolt has more>>

One thought on “Are these people liars as well as racists?”

  1. We must get rid of this nonsensical idea that only Whites can be racist.

    Rev Jeremiah Wright is a racist (and by implication, so is Obama, as he attended his church for over 20 years), Louis Farakhan is a racist, as is Robert Mugabe, all follows of Hamas and Hezbollah (yes, including all those in the West who do nothing to oppose them!)

    Racism is purely and simply discriminating on the basis of race.

    Jobs and educational opportunities should be open to everyone on the basis of merit.

    If you truly believe in equality, you must believe that opportunities and justice are available to all.

    Sadly, many follow the mantra of social justice, which denies equality to those deemed undeserving, usually Whites and especially Jews.

    ABC is RACIST!
    It really is as simple as that.

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