Australia: Islam spreads fear and hatred in the country

Unfortunately, that’s not how the cowardly, corrupt  elites see it.  For them truth is the the new hate speech, and telling the truth “spreads fear and hatred in the country.”

No. We can’t be seen doing something about Islam, child marriage, female genital mutilation, the burqa, polygamy, systematic  invasion, the crime, the attacks on freedom of speech, blackmail, subversion and infiltration. Doing something about  jihad might make Muslims angry. Therefore its much easier to prosecute and destroy  those who tell the truth.

Move to ban burqa in Australia fails

Just wondering: why do we have to read this in the Times of India?

MELBOURNE: A bill to ban burqa in Australia’s most populous state New South Wales on Thursday fell through as centrist and leftist lawmakers condemned it as racist.

The bill had been moved by the leader of the rightist Christian Democratic Party Fred Nile, who had called for banning burqa citing security reasons and to what he called “set women free from domination of males.”

The legislation had been moved apparently to keep up with the trend in Europe where nations like France and Belgium are heading to ban the burqa, full face covering dress.

Nile’s bill was defeated in the state’s upper house by 26 to 3 votes, with members opposing saying that such a step would spread fear and hatred in the country.

The dhimmies are running scared.  Good night, Australia!

In other news:

The legislation was moved following a nationwide heated debate sparked earlier this month by conservative lawmakers who called for a ban on the burqa, claiming it was emerging as the “preferred disguise of bandits and ne’er-do-wells”.

These comments were apparently prompted by the use of burqa in a daring armed robbery in Sydney. But Prime Minister Kevin Rudd made it clear that enforcing such a ban was not a state policy.

Nile’s Full-face Coverings Prohibition Bill was modelled on legislation recently passed by Belgium Parliament.

He said concealment of a person’s face – male or female – for any purpose, including terrorism, anarchism or discrimination against women, should be banned.

“We must do all we can to protect women, especially Muslim women, from discrimination and oppression so they live an open lifestyle,” Nile said, adding “The wearing of the burqa is a form of oppression which has no place in the 21st century.”

“It also presented a security risk,” he said. Nile introduced a similar bill in 2006 and 2002, prompting widespread condemnation.

Muslims constitute only 1.7 per cent of Australia’s population of 22 million and religious tensions have run high in recent years.

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  1. Who were the other two brave people who voted with Mr Nile? We have to find out who they were and write to them to thank them for trying.

    (When the story first broke about Mr Nile’s plan to ban, I wrote to him and commended him. I had better write again and urge him not to shut up and not to give up).

  2. Agree Dumbledoresarmy,
    We need to find the gutless twits who prevented this legislation from being passed, expose their names to the Australian public, and have them horsewhipped out of parliament.

  3. The true feeling of the Australian is mainly one of tolerance. We all feel we have been tolerant for long enough with Islam. We are incensed by the behaviour of the Muslims, as well as the politians who cave in to their every whim. We all have to go to the end of the queue in all things in our country today. We are supposed to say nothing when they rape our women and be tolorent to their filthy descriptions of us. We cannot have two, three or four wive, we would go to gaol for bigomy – but the Muslim can get away with it and our social security is paying for it out of our hard earned tax dollars. Enough is Enough.

    Ready to open any day soon is the first Hijab Boutique in the Bankstown Centro. We are all furious. Why? because no one asks us. Once again the Australian is the second class citizen the Dhimmi and when we have had enough you will find we are not Dummies. The warnings and the signs are there. Time to kick the lying, thieving bastards out. They have done nothing to enhance our country – unlike the other cultures who have made Australia their home. We have a rich Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian, and all the countries of Europe and Scandinavia and we have never been told what to do and when to do it in our country before. They are abusive and the most intolerant people in our land. They have a special Middle Eastern Crime squad. We have never had a crime squad specifically for any particular race or religion in our history. Push too hard you terrorists and we will push you back even harder. feed up.

  4. The article says that the Muslim represents 1.7% of the population but I can assure you they are responsible for 100% of the problems in our land, and probably 70% of crime in our land as well as that there would be at least half of their crimes not reported because the people concerned fear for their lives, especially women. Many women are bashed and abused on a weekly basis – never reported – to do so could mean death. Read our police reports directly and your will see the level of violence is increasing. We cannot protect yourselves. If you do go to the police, they will get revenge back on you. Believe me I speak from experience.

    And yes, we must out the pollies who would not vote in favour of their country, and we must praise Fred Nile and the other two who voted against it. Alan Jones has now spoken out and we need to support them. I know it is difficult for a victim because we are traumatized but we need to do it for the future generations.

  5. What a load of crap Theres wrote portraying Muslim men as rapists and saying that Muslims can have2, 3, 4 wives jut like that. It’s very amusing to see people from 1st world contries with such ignorance.

  6. No Amandaaah,
    What’s amusing is YOU. Have you been living under a rock?
    You go Therese! You are so right.
    I only have to go to uni and work to see how these muslim men behave. They can’t seem to keep themselves in check. Always trying to force themselves on women and wanting sex. They are always so obsessed with sex. I guess they have to follow in the steps of their prophet.
    I have two friends who use to do english tutoring at the uni I attend. Both were stalked and harrassed by men who were from Saudi Arabia. One guy tried to force one of them to convert to Islam and to marry him. What was even more shocking is that he already has a wife back home. Both were so scared they had to quit their jobs and change their numbers.

  7. Liz Hayes on 60 minutes will be running a muslim thing tomorrow (Sunday) night.

    I hope she will ask the hard questions of the few muslims who will be interviewed, but I doubt it.

    Wait and see?

  8. I lived in Europe for nearly all my life.I,m non-white and a christian.I have had a few muslim friends who were professionals.It was easy for them to talk to me,as I was Asian.On the main they support the terrorist activities,passively and on the sidelines.Its naive on the part of the West to acknowledge,extremism of islam is only designated to the minority of Islam.Maybe this is true.Remember islamist do not tolerate dissent from their fellow muslims,who will not support them in anyway.I believe muslims quietly support the activities of the extremist,That is I think one of the main reason why terrorist can hide amongst the islam community.When confronted by authorities of the host nations,their reply is always what you want to hear.I want people to be cautious,when dealing with muslims,their ideology stands above what the host nation has to offer.

  9. I urgently implore Christians that islam is the devils work. I was bashed verbally abused and tortured by a moderate muslim. he said that Christians deserve to be beheaded and slain and then went on to torment and insult my family. We lived in absolute fear. islam is hell

  10. He held my face into an ashtray full of cigarettes and then hit me repeatedly over several minutes. he called me a Christian slut. I AM NOT A SLUT. he then anal raped me saying I deserved it

  11. I believe as a Christian, dignity. islam does not believe in dignity. it gives submission to a demon who has enslaved millions of women, children and men to tolerate violence, torture and murder. What a hateful demonic cult

  12. Vera,
    Can you list the name of the muslim that abused you – while the law seems to be unwilling to intercede there are other groups that can and will ensure that the muslim perpetratator and its supporters are permanently removed from society. Also, there is no such thing as a moderate muslim.

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