Australia: No Islamic Terrorist Left Behind

(Musel-) Man with al-Qaida links wins appeal to stay in Australia

Fatah al Islam: nothing to do with Islam……

Its complicated, you see. Its ‘tricky’, sez Monash university terrorism expert Prof Greg Barton. ‘He may have been coerced’, you see.  He may have been a completely innocent terrorist…..

By Padraic Murphy/HERALD SUN

A (MUSEL-) MAN suspected of being a member of an al-Qaida-backed organisation may be granted asylum in Australia

The Refugee Review Tribunal has overturned a Department of Immigration decision to kick the man out of the country even though he has been linked to Fatah al-Islam.

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The tribunal believes the Palestinian man risks being hounded by authorities should he be returned to Lebanon.

He grew up in refugee camps in Lebanon, and said “it was dangerous to refuse to join or to appear not to support” FAI.

Tribunal documents say FAI is a “militant Islamist . . . Sunni jihadist group with alleged connection to Syrian military intelligence and to al-Qaida- inspired groups”.

The man worked for another suspected member of Fatah al-Islam, a terrorist group responsible for attacks in the Middle East and Europe, and his house was used as a base to launch attacks in Lebanon in 2007.

The tribunal has recommended the man be granted a protection visa because he has a “well-founded fear of persecution based on his imputed political opinion”.

The man, who is in his 20s, grew up in Lebanon and travelled to Australia on a student visa in April 2008.

The tribunal heard he is suspected by Lebanese authorities of being a member of FAI, and his brothers have allegedly been tortured by security forces in the country.

“In these circumstances, it cannot discount as remote or far fetched the possibility that he would be of adverse interest to the Lebanese security authorities, as a suspected member or supporter of FAI, should he return to Lebanon, and that he would, as a consequence, be arrested and detained, possibly for a lengthy period, without charge.

“The tribunal therefore finds that such harm amounts to persecution.

“The tribunal is satisfied that this persecution would be directed against the applicant because of a political opinion imputed to him, namely support for or membership of FAI.

“The tribunal is satisfied that the measures likely to be taken against the applicant are not justified by the fact that FAI is a designated terrorist organisation, which engages in acts of violence against the Lebanese state.”

Monash university terrorism expert Prof Greg Barton supported the decision because the man may have been coerced into joining FAI, but said he would be monitored by intelligence agencies.

“It’s a tricky issue. It’s certainly reasonable to ask whether he poses a security risk. But at the same time we need to offer protection to those who need it,” he said.

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