Australia: Turks Furious Over Monument Erected for the Victims of the Assyrian Genocide

“A Muslim could not commit genocide….” — Winds Of Jihad

Around 150 people turned up for a Protest Rally in opposition to the construction of an Islamic school at

Islamic school fight begins

Thanks to Mullah

Gallery: Protest against Islamic school at Cecil Park

PEOPLE power is taking back the streets of Fairfield, with residents organising three big protests in as many weeks.

Last Saturday, more than 150 people protested against plans for an Islamic school in Cecil Park at the Horsley Park showground.

This weekend, members of the Turkish community will rally at Fairfield Council’s administration centre to vent their fury at the monument set to be erected for the victims of the Assyrian genocide.

In a fortnight, the No Schools Cecil Park action group will stage a second rally objecting plans for an Islamic school at the corner of Elizabeth Dr and Duff Rd. Fairfield Advance

One thought on “Australia: Turks Furious Over Monument Erected for the Victims of the Assyrian Genocide”

  1. There are so many genocides that Turks are responsible for. There were the Thracian Greeks, and Greeks in Mainland Turkey (which has long been the Greek Homeland) the Armenian genocide of three million people. Now today it is the Murder of the Kurds in Eastern Turkey. They are only brave when they are 20 to one. Also their abuse of women and children which I have seen myself while living in Turkey. Fathers not allowing their girls to go to school and remaining ignorant for life, their only value their vagina for sale by the father to the highest bidder.

    They are murdering killers and to think we allow them into our homeland. I have been in the presence of Turks on Anzac Day. They laughed their heads off. It is widely recorded in the annals of Gallipoli that five Turks would attack one Digger and repeatedly bayonet him, but when it was only one Turk against one Digger, they would snivel and grovel like the cowards they are.

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