"Australian Ignorance About Islam Needs Fixing"

“Cultural misconceptions taskforce” established!

Taskforce to tackle abuse of Muslim women

Adelaide Now/thanks to Mullah

Lauren Nowak, the writer of this article, is gushing all over and praises this groveling  display of dhimmitude as if it was a revelation from the profit himself:

State Multicultural Affairs Minister Grace Portolesi committed to establishing the taskforce – comprising Muslim women, Multicultural SA, police, equal opportunity and government representatives – after meeting Muslim leaders this week.

WELCOME MOVE: Raja Nur Zahirah and Razlin Abd Rashid at Adelaide University yesterday.

Tension directed towards the Muslim community was caused by “fear of the unknown”.

“The sad thing is that people will go to such extremes to be abusive . . .  (but) there is a lot of fear in the Muslim community of going to the police (for help),” she said.

” . . . we want to fix the ignorance about Muslims,  “We want to let Muslim women know about the protections that are available,” she said, adding that those she had met were keen to work with authorities to find solutions.

Any protections for us available, multiculti minister?

“Their young Australian children who are Muslim are growing up with this idea that they’re unwelcome.

Gee. I can’t think of any reason for that now, can you?

“We need to let them know they are being listened to.”

Is anyone listening to us?

Chosing the Shrouds of “Modesty:”

Mrs Assaher wears a niqab, much the same as a burqa, which covers her face except for her eyes, but explained this was her choice.

Not wearing the shrouds of modesty kills.

“We feel it is more protection for us, the aim of covering the woman is to protect them from the men looking at her,” she said.

“The rest of the community thinks that the man makes his wife cover her face, but it is not the case.”

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2 thoughts on “"Australian Ignorance About Islam Needs Fixing"”

  1. If I not mistaken Raja Nur Zahirah and Razlin Abd Rashid at Adelaide University are from Malaysia. This is the same country that confiscated and destroyed thousands of Malay Bibles for having the word Allah. Infidels in Malaysia are not allowed to use the word Allah in place of God.

  2. Malaysia ia lso the country that knocks over Hindu temples because they never got planning permission over 100 years ago.

    Mlaysia is also the country that hosted the OIC where that arch hypocrtie and al round scum bag Mahathir gave the main address where in he called Jews are apes and monkees and fight theiri wars by proxy etc… all the adoring masses of stupid muslimanists.

    As for Australian being more tolertant of the silly littlel scarfs anit mught have some credibilty if the places this dopey people came from burkas showe even and ounce of tolerance to wards christians and other religions.

    Try holding church service in Saudi Arabia and see how you get on, or make some inquiries as to howthe Coptics in Egypt are surviving

    Churchill was right

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