Banning the Burqa to Protect Women

Sultan Knish:

To ban the Burqa is to insist that no totalitarian ideology will impose facelessness on citizens of the nation. To fail to ban it is to abandon republican citizenship for tribal submission.

France and Switzerland are proposing a ban on the Burqa, a garment especially for women that covers the head, the body and even the face, leaving its wearer looking like a klansman who forgot to do his laundry. Belgium and the Netherlands are close to banning the Burqa. Lefty movements have responded typically enough by accusing those in favor of the ban of being bigots, arguing that the ban is counterproductive and that all women who wear Burqas do it by choice– because all historical and global evidence to the contrary, “Muslims wouldn’t dream of forcing the Burqa on anyone“.

But what is really behind the Burqa? Islamists have carefully positioned this as a civil rights issue and their lefty allies are trotting along gamely trying to make the case for them. Meanwhile the Islamists have staged confrontations over women with Burqas going to the bank or trying to vote or getting driver’s licenses. All of this is empty theater, when you consider that the promoters of the Burqa are using it as a tool to prevent women from doing any of these things. If you doubt that, overlay the countries where Burqas are worn most frequently with their approach to women’s rights. Those are countries where women are heavily dependent on male guardians for even basic legal and civil transactions. And that is the real point of the Burqa.

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Spanish city bans Islamic face veils at town hall

“[Spokeswoman Inma] Martos told The Associated Press the idea behind the ban is that such veils are degrading to women.” But it will be predictably spun as “Islamophobic” and, of course, “racist.” “Spanish city bans Islamic veils at the town hall,” from the Associated Press, May 28/JW

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  1. There are not many Muslim women who wear the full burqa, that much is true.

    What is happening though is that Islam iteslf is under attack, and Muslims know it.

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